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How do I change the top and bottom background image? I can do it easily in the HTML “colors.css” version but I’m not having much luck with the WordPress version.


BTW, I want to use a different image for both the top and bottom. I have a large image on top but it also repeats on the bottom half… Not good: http://thechappellgroup.com/wp2/

can i video be played from the slider? thanks

Hi Guys, I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. Can you tell me if it supports videos in he portfolio area. IF so are they self hosted or do I have to use youtube or something similar ?

Also Can I change the size of the videos when clicked on

Please let me know – Many thanks


Hi, at the moment portfolio page doesn’t support video, but you can put the video in the portfolio detail page. thanks

Hi there. I bought the theme and love it. But the way I have the Portfolio set up (5 columns is the best for what I need). If one post’s title is too long the rest of the items in the portfolio get shifted and mixed up / put in weird alignment.

Is there anyway to make it so the Title of a post can be shortened in the portfolio if it goes over a certain length? (like how the text box does) or any other way to fix?

Thanks love the theme!

Hi, I’m try to setup, but I’ve got a problem with “Home Main Top” widget… As you show on documentation, I setted up different Front Page, but when I choose on Sidebars FrontPage, does not works! It works as I aspected only on blog page…

Ps: I installed directly your theme, without Father Theme, after than I can see it was uploaded and loaded in right way.. ;) Thanks a lot! ;)

I have a problem. Its repit 4 times the main page. Where is the wrong? this is my page www.jlopezfilms.es Thanks


Please reply me, it´s urgent

Hello, I am really unhappy with this theme. Hard to use although I have made 15+ sites, not at all straight forward. Bugs all over the place. I am not one to leave bad feedback so I shall not reduce your stars at this point. But please do issue a refund. Worst theme I have worked with!! :depressed:

I purchased this theme last week for my company website (www.jericholanepictures.com).

I have tried editing the Page Description to something bespoke (there is currently your placeholder text: “This can be your tagline or something you want. Whatever you want!”) but it refuses to save any changes and always reverts back to your placeholder text.

My webmaster tells me that he thinks your theme is not compatible with the current version of Wordpress.

Can you advise what is to be done to rectify this situation as it is causing me professional embarrassment as well as having cost me time and money to implement?

Many thanks,


Is this template compatible with the latest version of Wordpress (3.8)?

Short codes are not working… http://doublebelonging.com/services/


Hi, you was uploaded the wrong xml file… please download the xml and reupload from http://www.templatesquare.com/xml/goodways-xml.zip

The new version of this theme don’t have included shortcode and you can use shortcode plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/

We just update the theme with new xml…


Are you able to play video within the site? i.e on the “our movies” gallery on the preview?

Hello I entend to buy this theme. Is it WPML compatible and Last Wordpress Compatible (3.9) ?

Thanks a lot


Yes, its compatible with latest wordpress 3.9 version and WMPL… thanks

fred1107 Purchased

The installation is not working for me (“miss style.css”) Thanks for the help…

How can i access your other page layout templates in wordpress? I’d like a similar set up as your screenshot but am clueless how to start.