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I want to say this is another theme of yours that is great. I’ve used Huge before and it was just so easy.

I am trying to configure GoodWork, using the Agency layout, but two things are eluding me.

1) The top of the Live Preview has the social icons, phone number, etc. I can not see where to add that to this theme.

2) I added in the footer widgets for columns 1-4, but they do not display on any page or post. I’ve never had that happen before on any theme.

I have imported the entire demo. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated! I’m a Huge fan! :-)




1. Those are shortcodes.. Make sure that you go through the manual to learn about the available shortcodes. The ones which are only available in the Visual Composer can be taken from the classic page editor (you basically create the shortcode using the visual builder, then turn into the classic text mode and take the text version of it).

2. Make sure that you customize your footer options. You need to go in the theme customizer and change the number of columns, enable/disable the footers, etc.. Save the settings, play with them, and it’ll work.

If you have other issues regarding the theme, please post on the dedicated support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Regards, Ruben.