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nice template,

Thanks a lot jogres :)

Looks great!! Welcome and good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot shakespeareThemes ;)

Cool item! and welcome to Forest ;) GLWS

Thanks a lot leamino ;)

Very nice & clean . glws

Thanks a lot manuelvega

Looks great, but this is Proxima font, which is not free, are you aware of that? You can’t simply redistribute it to all the customers

Hi, It will not be included in the download file

Changed to Google font in a latest update

Looks very nice, welcome to Forest :)

Thanks a lot zeljic :)

Hi ThemePalette,

I suddenly needed a coming soon page – I thought why not support a newcomer here, so I purchased your item.

I miss the php file behind the subscription form. For me “Validated subscriber form” means a seamlessly working php file for handling the emails. It is the first time I don’t find the php in a template which includes an interactive form for subscription requests in the design.

Did I misunderstand something? Please advise.

Thanks and best regards, fbyte

Hi ThemePalette, thanks for your quick reply!

Well, although I saw in the “files included” section there is no php file mentioned, however somehow it was obvious for me, a php file for managing the mails will be surely provided. It happened several times before, that authors did not mention this type of php file, they just put it into the download set. (I have bought quite a few items here, you know)

Anyway, let’s agree it was my overlooking, no argue. :) I don’t expect you have a ready made php file for this item (as you mentioned it’s beyond…) and seeing the price of this item I don’t plan to have one prepared for me on a freelance basis… :) But…before looking for an other similar item here I look forward to your reply,,,positively. :)

Have a nice day, fbyte

Hi fbyte, If you could drop us a mail at: briefly explaining what you are looking for, We will look into the matter and have a solution for you, Thank you,

Thanks for your kind proposal, I will do so.

hi: is the subscription form a working form?

Hi joomlo, it is a validated form. You have to integrate it with your php file, or use some mail client like mailchimp, etc.

I really like this template and I found much more potentials in it than in a regular coming soon page. This template can be used excellently for special sales purposes like a limited time offer (with a slideshow about the offer/product) and collecting inquiries – for example.

The customer support is outstanding as well.

I know it is a cheap thing here but was one of my best investments here at Envato’s. :)

Cheers, fbyte

Thanks fbyte, for your kind words :)

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Hi webosk, If you want we can do it as a customization for you!

Hi, please, I am very grateful!!!!

Hi, please drop us a mail at: explaining briefly what exactly you want.

Hi there! I am really interested in buying the template but before that, I would like to ask if you’d be so kind to assist in a few tweaks after purchasing it. If you can, I’ll make a purchase!

1) I need the thumbnail images removed 2) For the text “we are almost ready, subscribe…” to be shifted downwards leaving a space at the top for … 3) I need an image placeholder for a logo there. Preferably 215px by 235px.

If you can kindly help me out on these, I would make a purchase!


Hi, You can buy it send send a copy to Thank you,