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Nice work nuvio. Welcome to Themeforest.

Very nice, would be excellent to have a Live Preview to work with.

you have a demo?

Absolutely lovely.

Keep the designs like this and im sure you will be a top author!



awesome work man… very clean design

Good work! Welcome to Themeforest!

excellent work, excellent colors…

Thanks! :)

Bookmarked , excellent theme…any possibility of releasing it in wordpress ? if yes ,then i purchase that….:)


Thank you! I´m looking for a good WordPress coder now. I think it will be very hard to port this template into WordPress…stay tune! ;-)

Is mostly everything styled on this theme?

For example if i just drop an input form into the content area, is it styled already, or will I have to edit lots of CSS ?

I find this problem with a lot of themes (including my own heehe)


It should be easy (I hope). Check the source code of this page http://templates.nuvio.cz/gr8/subpage.html. There are prepared styles for headlines, tables, ordered lists, definition lists and forms. Of course, some changes may be necessary but I did everything to make it as simple as possible.

What’s all included in the download, is it just the index page and one sub page per color variation?

Yeah just index page :(

Subpage is also included.

preview is not working.

ive bookmarked this template but cant see it now

ALSO u got one similar software theme But i cant see that … will u please add it again or show me some demo link of it as i need one for script selling site

avip Purchased


I just purchased this theme and need to edit some items, I have Photoshop CS2 9 .0.2 and having issues opening up your PSD .

I’m guessing it was made with a higher version? Could you send me a zip file with compatible PSD files via yousendit.com?

I know it’s a hassle but would be much appreciated :) Link from yousendit.com can be emailed to avitalp at rogers.com

Thanks very much!

Still I’m getting http://www.nuvio.cz/404.php

Any suggestions?

Preview is not working again… can you fix it? Thanks