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Great Work , Good Luck with sales :)


Thanks dude :)

Greetings. Any chance that this template will become responsive in the near future. May be looking at re-designing one of my clients website. God Bless and have a great day.


Thanks Deacon59. We haven’t planed for responsive version, sure will conceder in the near future.

+1 for responsive. In fact, I assumed it was given the mobile in the mockup, but when viewed on my iPhone it leaves a lot to be desired.

Please let me know once it’s responsive — your sales will skyrocket.


we will plan for responsive ASAP. Mobile mockup is for preview dude.

does this comes with a .po file to be easy to translate in another language?. Looking good anyway. good luck.


Hi Filisencus, thank you for the nice words.

Yes, the theme is ready for translation and the item has been updated to include .pot / .po files. If you buy the theme, you’ll get a notification as soon as the update becomes available.

Shall I send you a message when the TF item gets updated ?


thanks for the e-mail


Bookmarked already. Let’s hope for good sales for you

Can you change the colors and background images? Does this come with psd files? I just need to know because I can’t use a pizza theme. Thanks,


we can help you on customization kfleenor, Yes it comes with PSD files. Thanks.

Hello, Looking into purchasing this theme for a client, but they had a few concerns:

1. Can we remove the image of the pizza at the top of the layout?

2. Are the colors customizable? There was mainly an issue with the tan background.

3. I did not notice, how much can you move and reposition elements on the page? I have a feeling this will be their next question.




The image of the pizza at the top of the layout and colors can be customized by changing the accompanying CSS.

You can move and reposition various elements like items on the homepage below the slider and above the food menu.. You can add or remove any number of items there and move them around freely.

Similarly, you can add/remove/move about the elements in the footer, and in the sidebars (general sidebar, specials sidebar, contact page sidebar and the top of the contact page where we display the map on our demo) ..

If you want us to create a custom theme for you, based on Grab, please drop us an email with your specific requirements for a quote.

Thank you for your interest in Grab WP Theme. Our accompanying documentation would be very helpful to help you set up the theme. If there’s anything else we could help you with, please let us know.


I had a few questions about your WordPress Theme:

1) Can we remove the “Make A Reservation” link? 2) What are the dimensions for the logo? 3) Can “Opening Hours” be changed to “Hours of Operation”?

Thanks! Nikolas



You can easily remove the “Make a Reservation” link or put any other page as a link in its place. This can be done by removing or changing the menu item in the 2nd menu location (Dashboard > Appearance > Menus > Theme Location)

Dimensions for logo are 213px x 105px.

Yes, the Opening Hours can be changed to anything you’d like – just place a text widget where you need it and keep the widget title as “Hours of Operation” ..

Thank you for your interest in Grab. You’ll find accompanying documentation very useful. Please let us know if there’s anything else you’d need to know.

How do I change the logo that currently says “Grab Tasty & Quality” in the upper left hand corner?


Hello. You can change Line 174 in style.css and make the background to point to an image of your choice.

How do I enable comments?


Hi inexistentman, to enable comments goto Dashboard > Settings > Discussion .. There, place a check mark against “Allow people to post comments on new articles” setting..

This setting may be overridden for individual posts (Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Quick Edit on any post and place a check mark against “Allow Comments”)


Ok, but I want to enable comments for custom taxonomies, or “Food Items” posts. Thanks.

Please, how do I replace the names in post URL, like ”/meals/”, ”/food_items/” to other names? Thanks!


Hi inexistant, these names cannot be changed in the post URL, the theme needs to be customized for that. We can do that for you at a great price, please drop us an email with your requirements.

is there a demo file to upload to get some of the same set up you have on the live demo? for example, how did you set up the reservations feature? a plug in or is it a theme feature? thank you


Hello Patrick, we are using a customized version of Booking Calendar plugin for the reservation page. We do not have a demo file to create a demo site.

Wondering When trying to download the zipped file to my installed theme there is an error.

When trying to unzip the folder to get to the theme folder there is missing files?

Can you help me in figuring out how to upload your them to wordpress?



Dear Bob,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. We have verified that the ZIP file contains all the theme files. Please unzip the file in a new empty folder and then upload the theme folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content > themes directory..

You would be able to see Grab theme from Dashboard > Appearance > Themes menu then.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Very frustrated by this theme! Cannot make it look like the demo at all. Where is the XML file to import? This leaves a lot to be desired. Small header image too! Way to small in height. Someone help immediately before my client becomes irate!


Hi arimaccabi,

I hope you understand that we provide only the theme. You can download sample/demo content from WordPress itself: https://wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com/demo/theme-unit-test-data.xml

Could you please be more clear about the problem with the header image? Your header image should not be any smaller than the header image in use on our demo site because we are using the same theme package.


gravel22 Purchased

Thank you my website is now finished and this theme looks excellent. Really easy to understand and work with. The theme is lightweight and waht I mean is that the website is fast and loads fast. A lot of wordpress theme suck big time at loading times.

I’ve rated 4 stars because that if you want the reservation page/plugin you need to pay around 40$ to get it work. I think it should be included in the theme.

For the contact page I suggest you guys write down in the documentation exactly how to get it as your demo. I had difficulties to get it to work but their team help me via email and I am very satisfied.

The last thing would be a responsive theme. It almost work on my iphone, only the slider is a little buggy.

The website is almost done and I love the theme look my project here :




Thank you for your positive feedback, gravel22, and also for the heads up regarding the Contact Page documentation.

We enjoyed working with you. We are glad you could set up your theme the way you wanted. Please feel free to write to us if there is anything else you need help with.

Responsive theme is in the pipeline. We’d let you know when it’s out.


newapps Purchased

Failed to install the theme

PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Help me please

newapps Purchased

help me?


Hi newapps,

We have thoroughly tested the food items page for Grab theme and it works as expected on our demo: http://abhinavsood.com/labs/grab/food-items/ Would you mind sharing a link to your theme installation so we inspect your problem?

Hello, I buy your theme is and I contact you by email, I had no response from you.

I try to import the xml file with the user themedemo, but it strikes me failed.

Can you please help me?

thank you

Hello, there’s a glitch with the theme. The slider doesn’t work for the child theme, only for the parent. Any thoughts on why? I tried copying the functions.php file to the child theme folder, however this caused an “internal error.”


Dear gustavo-hdz,

Can you please change Line #321 and #322 of the original theme’s function.php? Please change get_stylesheet_directory_uri() to get_template_directory_uri() .. The slider should work.

Also, do not copy the functions.php file to child theme folder. Simply create a blank functions.php file and write your new functions there.

We will update the theme bundle soon. Thank you for the heads up.

Are there any plans to update the template WordPress 3.9?


Hello! We are doing analysis and testing with WordPress 3.9 and we’ll share as soon as we have an update :) Thank you for your interest.

Hi, will this theme be comptible with the latest version of Wordpress (so after 4.0) ?



Spooksdenimes, yes! its compatible with latest version of Wordpress,

Hello, I’m having trouble with widgets in the footer, they all appear below the footer copyright notice, and all layered on top of each other, floating to the left hand side. Ive have tried this both on an online host, and on my own machine using WAMP server, with the same results. any help gretly appreciated, thanks.

ghoffmann Purchased

Thankyou guys for the fast and friendly resolution to my problem!