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Klassniy shablon! Good luck with sales!


:) Spasibo!

Problem with widescreen monitor


Hi pirapol,

Thanks for your feedback.

I have fixed the issue already, and have just submitted the fixed files to themeforest. Should be approved soon. To those who bought, send me a message through my themeforest profile, so i can provide updated css files.

Best regards, Dmytro


The update has just been approved. :)

Excellent design.


Thanks M2A :) I am glad you like it.

M2A Purchased

Just baught it ! Will contact you if any help is needed.

vry6 Purchased

love it

Preview link dead

Not Found

The requested URL /preview/grace-theme/index.html was not found on this server.


I will restore it

preview not working again


Thanks for the comment. Preview is back now.

miszisz Purchased

Hello, I just bought the theme and love it. But encountered an issue in IE9 . Could you take a look and give me some clue how to solve it. The middle gray area is hidden in IE, but visible in any other browser. Thanks lot! link


Hi, thanks for purchase. I checked it on IE, and the middle gray area looks in place, in both, the theme demo and your modification. Did you already solve it? You may also need to adjust the height of the div#slideshow container to your needs; in your case it should be something, like 430px.

Regards, dm3studio

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Dobrii den planiruu kupit etot shablon. Simpati4nii design i khorosho oformlen, no reshil sna4ala uznat est li podderjka eshe u etogo shablona na slu4ai esli vozniknut trudnosti S uvajeniem Vakhtang

Dear customers. We kindly notify you that, unfortunately, this template will be discontinued on 16 August 2014. It was up for sale on themeforest for almost 4 years and therefore, became quite outdated. We will remove this item from themeforest, but will continue to offer support through the profile page contact form.

Thank you very much for using this template.

Kind Regards,
IncredibleBytes team