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Grace is a beautiful and clean html/css template. The package includes five color schemes, 2 types of slideshows on the front page, twitter widget that displays your latest tweets and working PHP contact form that sends your guests` messages to your email.


  • version 1.6
    - Few improvements
    - Important modifications and fixes to:
    — scripts/contact/functions.php
    — scripts/contact/process.php
    — js/custom.js
    — Please replace these files with the new versions from the updated package
    — Also refer to Updates section in the documentation
  • version 1.5
    Many cosmetic changes, new contact form, updated portfolio script


  • 2 types of front page slideshows
  • Custom jQuery plugins/scripts to provide tabs, slideshows, form validation, twitter widget and functional portfolio gallery
  • Slideshow with 5 transitions that you can fit on every page and to any image size
  • PrettyPhoto – jQuery gallery plugin
  • jQuery enhanced drop down menu
  • Functional Portfolio gallery with video and flash Support, grid and list views.
  • Working PHP contact form, which sends contact messages to a specified email
  • Clean and organized CSS files
  • Easy to follow and full of information HTML documentation with code examples
  • Organized PSD files for easy modification
  • Premade classes to support columns of different sizes
  • Styled comments

Theme includes the following pages

  • index.html
  • index2.html
  • index3.html
  • about.html
  • services.html
  • portfolio.html
  • blog.html
  • single.html
  • columns.html
  • contact.html