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AWESOME !!!! Thx

Yeah, it’s takes more time than we expect.

Yup thats how it is. :) Can’t wait to get the new version from you! So far the theme is an amazing masterpiece!. Good job :)

Coming soon!

Hello, still working on my masterpiece (using your brilliant template :)...

Where it says “Blog” on the blog front page (right under it is says “Put your stories here”), how do I change it to say something else? So, instead of it saying Blog it would say “Warrior Section” or whatever.

I’ve been scouring the template files but can’t find it. Could you give me a hint?

Many thanks!

Support for all our themes is conducted through the ticket system at Simply click on theme support here – or email your issue to ask at
Kind regards, PixelSaw team.

Hello, I have submitted a support ticket but have received no response? Thanks Tom

Thank you for your purchasing our theme. Did you receive an notification about your ticket?

Kind regards, PixelSaw team.


Can you please add your issue to ask at

Kind regards, PixelSaw team.

Still no update on the buddypress upgrades/tweaks to this this?

Currently working on new features. We’ll feedback you when new version will be available for downloading.

Kind regards, PixelSaw team.

Any estimated date on when its available for downloading?

New release estimated on coming Wednesday. Thank you for your patience, PixelSaw team.

Hi thx for the new release of version 1.0.9. Just downloaded and installed the theme.

It did fix some of my earlier issues that i had. But there are still some issues that i’m still having problem with. Shortcodes for lines won’t show at all and post numbering/next/prev are still missing. What i’m doing wrong?

overall nice release. good job!!

Also, somehow the posts still jumps out of place at frontpage. Do you have any suggestions to get around this big issue?

Hi there, I purchased the theme some time ago but I have a problem.

On frontpage, at the What’s On section there are 6 posts, the most recent ones, right?

Now, on your demo, you are using the exact same text, but try to test it using different test, use for example longer words. Th second row posts will be pushed down one square and it looks horrible.

Any fix?

Working on fixes.
Thank you for your patience.

Hello there!

Great theme. However what I can’t figure out is how to display a pagination on the blog page. If I use the theme as-is, there are many posts that my readers can’t even get to without searching.


Can you please provide demo link to ask [at] Thank you for your patience.

just FYI: something is causing your demo to scroll horizontally see here:

Thank you!

Is version Version 1.0.9 still the newest release?

Problem on accordion inside tab…seems doesn’t work. I opened ticket on your site some days ago…but no reply… :-( And also line!!!!

some problem of vagabondguy!!! Please solve it. It’ seems a problem of page-inner padding-left:30px; But I fail to remove it!!!! :-(

We’re interested in purchasing this theme. Does it have Google Font integration? If not, that’s fine. I know I can just update the style.css file with what’s needed. Thanks.

Hey there, do you know why the page images don’t display in Facebook’s opengraph stuff? If you try sharing how can we get the page’s content image showing up in the FB image selector? Google+ works fine :) Any advice would be much appreciated, I saw some og: stuff in your header.php but I’d prefer not to call a single image but have them all show in the selector. But they don’t :( Thanks!

hi guys. sorry but I cannot seem to get the ‘registration’ and ‘activation’ page online.

do i need to do something like create a page or something? i could see registration.php and activation.php.

Hope someone who has already gotten his site online could help me out here.


Nobody seem to be responding or offering support for this theme?

Where is the creator of the theme? Missing in action?

I emailed Envato to get a refund because this theme is SUPER buggy and also they have yet to respond.

What is happening here? Oh my GOD! $40 gone to waste!

Where is the file that has the default text? I need to change it to brazilian portuguese. I found the date file (locale.php). But I couldn’t find where it gets “Read More”, “Archive”, “Archive for the ’$CategoryName’ Category”

Your Demo is down