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I want to purchased this theme if compatible for following requirement

Objective: It will be a tech-support type website that will concentrate to provide online study facility for students. Description: The website will work like platform where student can meet tutors via paid live chat and get their help from tutors anytime anywhere.

For Tutors, 1. If a new tutor want to login to website then he/she has to sign up as a tutor, where he has to upload picture and other details and select his mastered subject.

2. Then after they are divided into categories as per their selected subjects. Like maths , English, etc.

3. Their online status will be shown to visitors.

4. Website will see tutors as two different types like New tutor and Experienced tutor.

5. Website will limit tutors to set their fees below certain amount until they become Experienced.

6. Tutors will decide their fees that will be appearing with their online status.

7. New tutors will get their good remarks given by students after each successful session.

8. After getting good remarks for 5 times their status will be changed Experienced Tutor. Where there is no limit to set their fees.

9. To bypass this, tutors can upload their documents and working status to directly jump to Experience tutor category.

For Students,

10. Students will sign up and select specific subject tutors from categories.

11. Students can read detail about tutors like their records of helping students through this website.

12. If the selected tutor is online then facilities like live chat, video chat and file transfer facilities will be there.

13. If the student select a tutor is not online then email or facebook/twitter notification will be sent to tutors that someone has tried to reach to them.

14. The student can only access these facilities after submitting fees to tutors via net-banking or through credit cards.

15. After each successful session students will have to give remarks to tutors.

16. The website will hold the fees until student complete the session and give positive remarks to tutor. Then after website will transfer fees to tutors account.

17. If the student is not satisfy after getting help from tutor then he can apply for refund, where the refund process will be initiated and chat history will be checked by website operators to solve their case in 15 working days.

Must have requirements:

• User to User live chat with audio video and file exchange facility.

• Users database record, and Chat history records.

• Making tutors to fall them in different categories like New and Experienced.

• Limiting new type category tutors to set their charges below certain amount.

• Allowing Experienced tutors to set their charges without any limit.

• User history will be automatically updated as per their working.

• A payment gateway to take transfer money from students to tutors.


Sorry this theme doesn’t have those requirements :(

Thanks for interest by the way :)

Hi there, is this theme responsive? In the demo it seems like it’s not. Thanks


Nope, sorry it’s not :(

Thanks for interest by the way :)


The visual editor disapeared from my website – http://water-research.info/

Any ideas how to fix this?

Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through http://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : http://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

are you planning to release a new version (new framework, responsive,...) of this theme in the near future?

oh, thanks.. well… maybe i wasn’t too precise about a “new version”... will there be a new theme that is like grand college? i know there is a learning-theme, but what about a real school/college/university theme? like the new version you published for “green earth” that is now more or less replaced by “green nature”?


It new version of framework which will apply to new upcoming themes not for existing ones.(We can’t do that because it’s like create every theme again from scratch…)

Well, you might say that(Green earth, Green Nature) but we don’t have plan for education theme yet..


michi_w Purchased

very sad to hear that you are not planning a makeover. :-(

Hi , Can i easily create a child theme with Boostrap to support responsive ?


Sorry but that requires a lot of customization :(

Thanks for interest by the way :)