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I liked your theme, and I’m interested in buying it ONLY for the Blog part of our website, and use a Blog template of this theme. We already have a custom responsive theme for the rest of the website. But before that can you please confirm if your theme is fully compatible to be integrated with Concerete5’s popular add-on called ProBlog. If you can please confirm, I will like to buy asap.


Very nice Good luck!;


I’m interested in buying this theme, but I’ve had problems before with buying a theme and not being able to upload a logo properly. Is it possible to add a logo without it affecting the navigation bar? Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon,


jcushman Purchased

Hey BeConcrete,

The same thing has happened to my site (the icons for the socials not showing up). I read that another user had the same issue. Did you figure out what the issue was/is or is there a fix?


uebyou Purchased

Hello Be Concrete,

This theme is reallly nice and for me, one of the best i ever see.

I have a problem with the blog and i need your support.

When I try and post a comment on a blog post I get this:

mysqlt error: [1054: Unknown column ‘user_website’ in ‘field list’] in EXECUTE VALUES (‘183’, ‘168’, 0, ‘TEst’, ‘tesrg@dsa.com’, ‘fdsfs’, ‘gfdggf’, 1)”)

Any ideas how to fix? I assume that something didnt upload properly but that error code does not help me.

Thanks in advance,

Luis Pinto