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I have upgraded the theme as you requested but when you go onto the gallery, clicking on thumbnails does not load the image, this is how your demo works but it clearly is a fault/poor design as everyone clicks on thumbnails to load them up.

It works fine in light box mode too but we don’t want to use that

I have disabled the plugins and it still does not work. Like I said in my email the problem is on your own demo too so it is clearly something wrong with the theme!!!

Your latest update seems to have fixed the problem. Thanyou

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Hi I can seem to install this theme. It’s straight forward and I have installed quite a few of them and this is the only one I have had issues with. Any ideas? I followed the instructions, pretty much the same installation has the others, when that didn’t work I had to FTP the files over instead into the themes folder. Tedious process to say the least. Could something be wrong with my site, should I have it reset?

Most likely you are trying to upload the whole archive you downloaded from the ThemeForest, see if this helps:

Hi guys, If anyone encunters problems with columns like I had and need a bit more page building without shortcodes. Here is a great plugin that woks pretty well on this template. I tested it and it’s awesome!!! So I share. To the Dev, you should definitly add it to your template. Would increase its comfort to use. :)

there is a free version of PIXGRIDDER also

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Hi, I purchased Grandis yesterday, but it seems to have a limited release compared to that seen in the demo! The page builder does not work and do not have access even to some shortcodes. Furthermore, it seems that I have purchased version 1.1.1 instead of the latest 1.1.2. Why? Perhaps it is for this reason that my Grandis is so limited?

There is no limited version. About the version, this means that you downloaded the old version while the new one came out. As for the page builder - Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.


I change the template for my site and the problem is the site is too slow to load. pls check this url:


You might want to take a look at this:

tnx. :)

No Problem! :)
Would you mind also rating our theme on themeforest?
That would be great help to us! :)

Hello, Can we enter TAGS in portfolio items and then view them in a tag based archive page?

Unfortunately currently it is not possible, but we will consider adding this in future updates.

I purchased this theme with big expectations but it has simply sucked. I have purchased many themes and built many websites. The first thing that has caused me hours or trial and error is trying to get a photo uploaded to the slider without it looking like garbage because it is so blurry?

The second I am trying to use the drag and drop (image and text) plugin and putting it into my homepage and it is simply not showing up.

ORANGE THEME does not provide email support so ORANGE THEME please help me here?

Yes, we are discontinuing our email support, instead we are now migrating our support to forum.

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on our themeforest profile. You can disregard the AutoReply message.


The subtitle on my Gallery Page does not seem to be working. When I include a subtitle and update the page, the subtitle added just disappears and no subtitle is reflected on the updated webpage itself. Pls advise.


Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile. You can disregard the AutoReply message.

The Demo looks brilliant. It is not possible to get something like the demo with the demo-data. Can you show me how?

It is not possible to create a child theme for the theme. Please deliver a child theme with every premium theme. Please show me how to add CSS that can survive an update.

Portfolio can only be used in your templates, no where else. Can you show me how?

The visual composer seems to be close to useless, it does not support your features, like Team, Portfolio, you have not added extensions for your own features. The so called drag and drop page editor does not work with visual composer. No drag and drop,. Most features are hard coded and seem to be controlled in old fashion menus from the control panel. Not in the element itself.

The settings can not be stored. What happens if I want to clone the page?

And the license for the theme is GPL. Why Do I pay?

Is this really a premium theme – or just showing beautiful photos in the demo?

You theme is not ugly and has some thing, but it does not help to create a flexible website in short time.

It eats my time.

1. You can create a child theme using this guide:

2. Sorry I didn’t quite get the problem with the Portfolio, could you describe the problem a bit more?

3. Make sure that you that you have no errors in your firebug console, it is possible that something is blocking the drag&drop.

I did many child themes, but other theme authors provide child thems with the theme – saves time.

I am stil not able to see any child css change happens. Are you sure it works with child themes?

Could create us an acount in your wp-admin and email the credentials to us so we can investigate this problem?
You can do that by using form on our themeforest profile. You can disregard the AutoReply message.

Pages based on your so called “dynamic drag& drop” template can not be copied. The drag & drop part and all the setup is not copied. this eats up my time.

Thank you for your feedback, we will take a look at it, hopefully we’ll fix that in upcoming updates.

WP 3.8 Please explain how to manage the the portfolio-slider and article-slider, that are rendered in file portfolio-single-style-1.php?

In the demo data there are sliders (apples, coffee etc) in every portfolio item, but no chance to delete or change them.

That can be managed by using the “Set Featured Image” area, all the images that are in the “Uploaded to this post” will be displayed in the slider.


First of all thank you for making this template and making it easier for me to create a website :)

I have a question about the footer part. Is there a fast way that i can make it show all the 4 footer widgets when i look at the site on a mobile phone?

Thanks in advance

Try modifying this: 1. “css/responsive/phonevertical.css” on line 608:
.footer .wrapper > div {
display: block!important;
width: 100%;
2. “css/responsive/phonevertical.css” on line 613:
.footer .wrapper > div:nth-child(1), .footer .wrapper > div.first {
display: block;

The same goes for “css/responsive/phonehorizontal.css”, find these files and change exactly the same classes as described above.

Hi, I am not being able to access the Grandis Management area within wordpress. I need to add my logo, but when I click on it, the first screen comes and then after couple of seconds, it hangs. Then nothing works, no button works at all. You have to refresh or close the browser to take everything back. I tried many times and same problem. I also update both wordpress and Grandis to latest version but no luck. I also removed the entire wordpress website and re-installed everything but same problem. Please advise asap or refund me the money so I can go with another theme. Thanks.

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hello! I need urgent help! How do I use or duplicate the gallery module as I customized the link below to be used both in the area of ??”Imprensa” and “Mostra”. Look at the specific example of a solution or path until tomorrow, but I’m a dead man! : (

link site -

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Could you describe the problem a bit more?

Hi, I need the gallery module that is being used in Portfolio work equal to the areas of “Imprensa” and “Mostras”, but with different category.

Look the site


If I understood you correctly, it already is offering all the features as those two sections – you are able to click and enlarge the images.

Isn’t that!

I need to duplicate the module Gallery and he has the ability to configure other different categories. for example:

- Portfolio (All Items / Residencial / Comercial / IncorporaĆ§Ć£o) - Imprensa (All Items / Digital / Convecional) - Mostras (All Items / 2012 / 2013) So imagine duplicate this page with Gallery plugin

However, with the possibility of different filters in the gallery. Get it?

Unfortunately by default such feature is not available. We can add it for you, but it will be formed as a custom work for which we do charge for.

Please contact us via email for further information.
You can do that by using form our themeforest profile.

Support, i cannot find my purchase code. I need some support but i cannot registerd on support website because it require a purchase code. How can you see there isn’t any “License certificate” on my download page


i’ve found it! it’s inside the “download button”.

How do I change the size font of the menu? I went through Grandis Management tab and changed the size, but know thing happened.

Try modifying “css/main-stylesheet.css” file on line 395 (.header .menu li > a), change the font-size property.


We have a client who needs to be able to update all information and make changes using WordPress, not using code. Right now I am implementing bullets, bold text, tables, etc in accordions and tabs using code. This is working for us but is not ideal for our client who is not familiar with code. Is there an accordion/tab that comes in as html WYSIWYG? Any help is gratefully appreciated!!

There are shortcode buttons in wp editor: