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He man.

You Rock.



Thanks man, I appreciate your comment! :)

what admin backends would you suggest :)

drchav Purchased

its a great theme, very clean and beautifull, a horizontal menu would be great for me :D


Thanks, I see what I can do. ;-)

Great theme! Any chance for horizontal menu soon? :)


I have it on my plans, but I can’t say when I finish this. It will probably take a bit.

Thank you. :)

byter10 Purchased

Along the lines of supporting the different browsers, I noticed that all the text in the theme is bold when viewing in Safari 5.1. Any suggestions on how to clean it up for that browser?


Thank you for reporting this issue.
I will take a look into this and will fix this in my next update. :)

25motion Purchased

Yeah! Purchaser Number 100! Thanks for this great template! :)


Hehe, thank you very much hintringerfilm! :)

Can’t login to the demo. What is the user/pass?


Just use any combination. ;-)

Hey, in the footer you could use some plugin like topLink (http://davidwalsh.name/jquery-top-link) to make it disappear when your on top or dont have scroll at all. One thing i noticed on top of that is that when you have a long menu, like in the demo, using the submenu may cause the last item to be blocked by the footer.

Rather that, congratz on this awesome template, already using it :)


Thank you fanzorena!

You’re right with the navigation. Never noticed it before.
I will fix that in the next update, thanks again. :)

opassley Purchased

Luving this template. Best I have seen so far. Bought it and intent to impress. I would love for wider browser compatibility though. Looks wack in anything below iE8.

Any plans to address this. Some persons cannot upgrade their machine’s IE version for several reasons. I’d love support for even IE7 .


Thank you for the kind words. :)

Yes, the IE7 … ;) I have it on my ToDo-list, but I can’t give you a specific date, when I will update it. However I have it definately on my plans. :)

I will be back in the office on 6 September. I will answer your questions, when I am back or if I have a Internet connection on vacation.

Thank you for your patience.

hikalkan Purchased

I purchased it! Very good work. Thanks.


Thank you! :)

WB Purchased

I literally spent about 3, almost 4 hours researching all the admin templates on this site. For the money it looks like this one is the best in my opinion. I too would like to see a horizontal menu but I can’t have all the perfect options to suit my needs.

The search function on the tables and great looking form fields.

Eager to implement this….downloanding now!


P.S. What really made my decision was the contact list feature.


Thanks WB. :)

WB Purchased

Hey dude,

Some images are missing from your download file. There is no onebit folder with images for the list_shortcut page. I download them from your site but not sure what else I am missing. Guess I will find out.

So far so good on implementation..


Sorry, Grape doesn’t comes with the iconset “Onebit”. If you need it, just write me a quick message over my profile page.

andpal75 Purchased

Hi Stammi,

Very nice template – just bought it. I hope you will add support for IE7 . Also, how do I force a menu to be open when loading the page? Lets say I have a super menu with 5 sub menus. When the user clicks on one of the 5 sub menus, I want the super menu to stay open so that all 5 sub menus are still visible when the page loads. Thus the user feels he stays the same place in the application.

Regards, Anders


Hello Anders,

simply add the class “expand” to the <li /> which should be opened.

You can see an example in the files list_block.html, list_contact.html and list_shortcut.html.

And thanks for the compliment. :)

Sehr gut ;)


Ich danke dir! :)

an example of a form with fieldsets and tabs would be nice


You can see examples of a form with fieldsets in forms.html and tabs in tabs.html.

If you mean a combination of forms with fieldsets and tabs together, I will see what I can do. :)

... and a photo gallery


Added on ToDo-list, thanks. :)

sxc1 Purchased

Great Template :)

One possible implementation you could possibly add to this template would be a collapsible sidebar similar to the one at: http://devheart.org/articles/jquery-collapsible-sidebar-layout/


Definitely a brilliant idea, thanks man! :)

Excelente!!! Que buen trabajo.

Has pensado agregarle una herramienta para Calendario?

Suerte y mucho éxito!!!


Hey SysBytes,

I translated your text with the Google Translator, because I don’t speak spanish. ;)

Yes, I will add the calendar to my ToDo-list, but I can’t say, when I have finished this.

Thank you! :)

melrish Purchased


Nice templates. I bought it and starting to use it. However i just want to know how to control the pagination of the table?

Regards, Melrish


Hello melrish,

thank you for the kind words. I refer to the documentation of the DataTables:


If you need a more detailed help, just write me a quick Email.

~ Stammi.