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Hi Stammi,

This really is a great template – thank you. I looked at every single theme on TF (literally) and yours came out a clear winner. Good work!

I am intending to use this for a system that requires quote a lot of info within a single page and the tabs work well to split up the content and give some structure. My problem is that I have to design the system for normal aspect ration monitors (4:3) and I need more tabs than I have room for.

This means that when there’s no more room, the tabs wrap around and look incorrect. I have had this problem before with my own admin templates and switched them to vertical tabs which provide a lot more room when a large number of tabs are required (Magento Commerce uses vertical tabs and is a great example of what I’m describing).

I checked your template and couldn’t find a set of vertical tabs that were ready to go, but I did stumble upon this:


Could you tell me if it’s possible to get the vertical tabs integrated into your admin template without hours and hours of work (I suspect it is if you know which files to adjust). This would prove a massive help to me and I’m sure would be a massive selling point to others.

Thanks! Clive

I really need to replace the field “number of records” button to add a record. It’s urgent. Can anyone help me?

Do you have any instructions / requirements of how to set up this site, I can’t find an index page in the HTML , i know this is a basic question but am stuck here


You can either start with the login.html, dashboard.html or the _empty.html. :)

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This is really great, But It breaks in IE 8 .. If Author can help.


Hello RED001 ,

can you provide me with more informations please? :)
Tell me, what elements are breaking and I will fix it!

~ Stammi.

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I will let you know some Issues, But the menus are not working with ipad and iphone even its HTML5 , Can you please fix for IOS and mobile devices ?

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Hi, thank you for great template. I emailed you with attachment showing issue. Template navigation menu broke when launched to share server. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Hi man, nice job, but i have a problem, how can i update a select text if i changeit with javascript, for example i do this $(’#item’).val(‘3’) and when but the front text didn’t change… any update text function or something like that ??

Hi! I’m having some problems, i think I checked everything but for some reason, when i submit the form I dont get any post values.

<form id=”validate-form” class=”block-content form” action=”add_salon.php” method=”post”>

That is my form tag. When I do a print_r($_POST); in add_salon.php I dont get anything, even though I filled up the info. Is this only me or has it happened before? Thanks!


Hello Raymond,

this problem occurs only to you… ;)
Only for testing: Try to change the id from “validate-form” to “add-salon”.

~ Stammi.

Hello, is there rich text editor in template, can I customize it for asp.net c#. please confirm as Im willing to purchase it

thank you


Hello ahussain,

sorry, but there is no rich text editor included. But you can nearly use any JavaScript-editor and include it on your own. :)

If asp.net c# supports HTML , CSS and JS, it should be fine but I did not test it.

~ Stammi.

Hey Stammi,

Lovely template! :) I have a couple of issues going on: - I tried to add a lightbox using fancybox (fancybox.net) but I guess the jquery crashes and nothing happens. - My client needs the sidebar to collapse, and again, tried a javascript and nothing happens. - Most urgent of all, select boxes occupy 100% of td, or any space given, although I already commented the

input, textarea, select { /* width: 100%;*/ }


Please hellppppp!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi man, nice job, but i have a problem, how can i update a select text if i changeit with javascript, for example i do this $(’#selectItem’).val(‘3’) but the front text didn’t change… any update text function or something like that ??

Do you have , an extra documentation ??

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Please have a look at reply,,

When we provide an action for forms they do not kick off the script that is to run our queries to update the database. It just closes the form and removes the formfrom the screen.

Any ideas?

Great template – Thanks!

Do you have a static html layout of DataTables?

Many thanks Stuart

Hi Stammi Great template, I’m loving it so far. I’m using it with Codeigniter and it was really easy to split out the header and footer into seperate views. I had the js problem on the left-hand menu in ie8 but fixed as per your instructions, also seems fine on FF so far. So excited to build the back end tomorrow. Thanks! Sammi :)

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can someone tell me what exactly these themes are for? do you copy and paste the code in a existing web page after you create it on this template? or am I WAY off from the right answer. Thanks for the help.

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IE8 Problem I deleted line 86 on common.js as suggested and that works well. Contents works well on localhost, however, when contents are moved to shared server I have issue with IE8 . On the shared server, the sidebar does not float to the left on IE8 . This problem does not occur on any other browsers such as chrome and/or safari.

Again, on localhost, the sidebar in IE8 works fine. What am I missing? Thanks for the help.

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Quick question – is there an easy way we can hide the menu (toggle, likely by clicking a button (possibly located right beside your info modal “i” icon) and have the main content fill the rest of the area when the menu is hidden? I love this template, but I have users who still have to use 800×600 screens (blech!) and the menu takes up quite a bit of real estate.

Thanks :) Kori

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IE8 Problem Solution The .htaccess downloaded at http://html5boilerplate.com/ worked for me.


Sorry, I’m currently a bit busy doing a lot of stuff with my family… ;)

I’m glad you found a solution! :)

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Same problem like you Voleona. I downloaded the pack boilerplate. You just set up the. Htaccess? It does not work for me.

Sup!, g day!, i have a problem

when i use this class in tag for span for the icon do work good, “i-24-inbox”

but no with all, if i use this: “i-24-layer”, dont work or this “i-24-inbox-slide”, how i can solve this problem, for use all the icons?


Hello ally_zaky,

just add the specific class in icons.css. There are also enough examples in the file. :)

~ Stammi.