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Awesome work, best of sales mate!

Tristan Gerrard..

Thaaaanksss :)

Good looking theme! Congrats!

What separates this from your Emerald theme?


I answer for reviewers when after rejected my files.
My file has many potentials and I’ve updated this code, this function, I just made code revolution … da da da.
Then reviewer answers me simply,
we sell only themes and design. We don’t sell here framework or code.

Design is a big key in here.

Thank you really much :)

Thanks for the reply. Although I like this theme (and your Emerald) the page speed has kept me from purchasing. Let me know once you have a showcase up! Thanks.


on the portfolio items i saw there is an option to go to a page, or to get the image in a lightbox. Is there also a setting to turn 1 of the 2 off, so when clicking on the image that the only option is lightbox


There don’t have a prepared option for that. But simply we can hide link button from there :) I’ll help you when you got the theme.


I love your Wp theme can , what the name of css responsive frame work are you used …....

I was used Skeleton and Bootstrap before, tried both. Those seems little bit heavy and massy. Now I’m using own grid css but it has same principle with those.


Great work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks mate!

Great, Good luck :)

Looks wonderful, good luck with sales :)

Looks amazing! The greyed out logos on the home page (wordpress, drupal, joomla, etc) ... does this functionality come with the theme? is it a shortcode or something? thanks – I’m sure this theme will do well.

Hope this video helps you to understand everything. Don’t pay attention on sound, looks forgot to turn of the mic.



Nice theme. I am having trouble finding the layered png file which is supposed to be included? Can you tell me where that is in the download?


Are you talking about psd files?
Please download the theme right now. I included it recently. :)

Hi, Yes I was looking for the source file for the design. There was a ‘layered PNG file’ listed as the included file so I thought maybe you had designed it in Fireworks :) The PSD will do! Thanks.

Love the responsive navigation… so much better than the select boxes others are using..

what method are you guys using?

First it duplicated by javascript when page loading.
Then styles just like this. And switcheswith main navigation when accessing on smaller devices or resizing browser resolution.

That means this is just a combination of duplicated html (ul, li + a link) and css & js style


Great theme! Does it come with Layered PSD’s like your Emerald theme does? Also is it possible to put multiple pictures on portfolio project page description page?


Yeah it has PSD files.
You can add unlimited image in portfolio description section on content. There only shows featured image on portfolio page


Hi, Theme looks really nice. Can the header area be made a little smaller. Seems pretty high with a lot of unused space. Would like to be able to shrink it down some.

thx bill


Of course it’s possible if you have small knowledge of HTML/CSS :) If you can’t we wil help you.


I like these design touches too much !!

Good Luck :)

So far I really like this theme except for the problem I am having with the page builder. After I add a few elements everything just goes screwy. It starts to create empty boxes and I can no longer drag the elements around to re-position them. I took a screenshot that you can see here

I have recently used your other theme Emerald and did not have this issue. One thing that I did notice with the other theme though was sometimes when I would go back and forth between column elements it would write over what I already had existing. Not sure if that is going to be the same with this one since I haven’t even been able to create anything with it yet because of my first problem.

I am using Chrome and I also tested in Firefox and was having the same issues. I have no plugins installed other than the slider and themeforest plugin. Thanks for any feedback you can give me.

Thank you noticing me that.

Please send me your site address and credentials via mail. I wanna see it myself. And find the solution of this problem.


Thanks for the quick reply and the solution. Everything seems to be running well now.

I am having the same issue as torvadesigns and have sent you an email on your contact page.

Cheers, Patrick

Hi there. Thank you but 2 column portfolio still an issue.

Only on Firefox it seems. I’m on a Mac.

Yeah it is on only FF.
Can you clear cache of your browser and try again? I think your browser caching old stylesheet file there.


Excellent Work !!

Hi there, Having some trouble with the home page layer slider. How do you stop layers from resizing to screen size? I don’t want it to stretch so large. Also, when set to responsive, it automatically makes it full width. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Did you set slider size when you creating it? (Full-width slider)
What is your site address?


Yes I set layer size, but stretches full width when responsive is on.

May I misunderstood,

What is your problem exactly?


How can I change the font color in the main navigation? which row in the css?

Kind regards

Please just use the following style on Custom CSS field of skin tab
#menu ul li a, #menu ul li.sfHover ul li a, #menu ul ul li a{ color:RED } 

Using custom css is really efficient to keep it further updates :)


Is there a trick to putting in a footer? The option is not available in the page builder and the widgets contain reference only to footer sidebars – what is a footer sidebar? And where is the option for footers?

Your documentation is pathetic. I do not want to have to scroll through videos and listen to information that I do not need in order to try and find what I am looking for.

Please provide documentation in written form either as a pdf or html. Many of your links in the theme documentation do not work.

I need footers or I have wasted $45, I cannot guess how to insert them. The theme looks lovely but the documentation is incredibly sloppy for an “elite developer”.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Please go to the Footer tab of Theme Options panel. And select proper type of footer. Then add your widgets on Appearance=>Widgets section.

Okay, I’ll add text documentation there.


Some of my themes have similar options and configs. Then I decided to combine them and I want to make guide library there. But now there don’t have enough content.

Your thought is valuable for us. I’ll give you a detailed guide (pdf or html) soon.


Thank you for your timely response.

Part of the problem may be that it is difficult to distinguish the radio yes/no buttons in the theme options. Perhaps you might consider leaving out the color green and make them simple radio yes/ no click buttons.

My last question is how to embed an image into the sidebars or footers. Usually there is a image widget but I can use html code if I must. It would be most helpful if you would include a simple image widget.

Thanks again for your quick response…

I’ve included those images in simple html tag with text widget
(<img src="" />). Also you can add there another tags or iframe embed.