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I had an issue a few months ago where going to edit a ‘page’ it wasn’t possible because when you clicked on the ‘gear’ to edit that area the screen went grey and you couldn’t click on anything. I noticed you said we should put a file up you updated.. but doing that I get this…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function tt_get_field() in /home/jgrahamp/public_html/wp-content/themes/Gravity/framework/pagebuilder/init.php on line 227

Hello lochie,

How did you updated it there? I suspect you miss some files when you updating files manually. So please try there with pure theme installation. Also make sure your trying theme is latest version of the theme

Thanks a lot

Yeah I remember added prefix (tt_*) on this function because get_field conflicts a form plugin. That file has changes and it calls new function but main function doesn’t exist there and seems function file (framework/inc_content.php) didn’t updated. Thats why I suspect you missing something there

Thanks again

I have the latest version how can i upgrade my site.

Here is the update instruction on documentation,

Thanks a lot

Hi I’m getting a fatal error on your demo site:

Thank you for the message.

We’ve updated version of the Revolution slider. Looks there have a problem. So I will fix it and let you know :)

3.7.1. page builder doesn’t work. you can drag and drop but can’t change the parameters

Looks you are not working with latest version of the theme. Please update the theme there and try again. If it doesn’t help you, you can try again without additional plugins there. And also you can send me a ticket with your site information,

Best wishes, TT

How do I enable to google map on the contact page?

Also, when viewing clicking to preview an image or gallery, how can I get the images to pop-up in a traditional lightbox (with the site still viewable behind the image), rather than the lightbox that becomes a viewer and overtakes the screen? Make sense?

Nevermind the second question. I figured it out. How do I get the featured image on the single portfolio page to open on click into lightbox without having those icons?

Please look at the Contact2 of the demo site. I just added map embed on my content and used it on page builder + half width.

I’ve answered on your another comment about icons and hope that makes sense now.

Best wishes, TT

I had a difficult problem to fix due to reasons not having to due with the Gravity theme and BJ from Themeton went out of his way to help out. Thanks BJ?

Can the homepage have a sidebar? Thanks

Yes. You can build any custom page with sidebar and select it as Front of your site on Setting => Readings.

Thanks a lot

I assume it is compatible with IE 11 also and works with the latest Wordpress version?

Wondering about “3.8 compatibility” and future update ?

What is the problem that you face? I checked it with 3.8 and no problem here. Please update your theme and notice what exactly the problem there. Thanks

Hi there, I love this theme, we are using it here: but my main issue is that the logo takes up a lot of the space on screen, if the menu started to the right of it that would save a lot of space issues, I already adjusted the CSS fort the padding but its not enough lol

Please help!

Hello, I think you wanna decrease header height. Please watch it and let me know you wanna this there.

Thanks a lot

Hello friend, Any idea when you may get an update to 3.9 wordpres?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

Please update your theme tomorrow. I just updated the theme and hope review process takes few hours. Thanks

Since the latest update (3.9 Wordpress, 2.3 Theme) I can’t edit any of the links for images in Page Builder Columns. I use Firefox but have also tried Safari with the same result.

I have broken links on my Home page so this is really bad for us I urgently need to be able to put new links in.

Had to make changes so have removed the ‘column’ elements and replace them for a ‘content’ element as I’m able to edit that as it’s part of Wordpress. This issue needs resolving urgently.

hey man, can u tell me how to make header smaller… width is okay but height is too big.. ? do you have any custom css fix for that?

Support forum

Dear Customers,

I wanna let you know that we’ve developed new support forum for you. We will provide quick and relevant solutions on this forum. Please register here with your purchase code and send us your questions further.

We’ve tried freshdesk and vanilla systems previously for supporting system. But those wasn’t complete to manage and had some lacks for our needs. And now I hope this dedicated forum solves us all those problems.

PS: Your ordered issues will be answered asap.

Thanks for your patient and see you there. Best regards ThemeTon

Hi there we have a site that was working and when we updated wordpress to the latest version it now flags up an issue with: Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /home/linweb25/d/ on line 20

(Its really killing me to get it working without any issues!). Our website it

Many thanks! We love the theme and the builder ;)

thanks, I’ve tried logging on the support forum you have, its hard to get emailed back after signup?

I think I gave you the wrong link:

Answered on your forum page. Hope you’ve got the solution there. Thanks

Hi there, cant get our site to stop throwing errors after the latest wordpress install – it says: Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in (OURSITE INFO HERE) ...user/htdocs/wp-content/themes/Gravity/footer.php on line 20

Can you help?

Recently I’ve answered on your another comment. Please follow the suggestion there. Also you can send me your site address with your login details if you wanna get updates by me.

Thanks a lot

thanks man,

I am trying to update to the new version of the theme but all I get is a grey screen on the Envato toolkit page where I update. My API key is valid and up to date.

I am trying to update because after updating to WP3.9.1 I lost the ability to use the visual editor.

Any help would be greatly received.

Please clear cache of your browser and check again. And send us your site address on site with login details

Thanks a lot

I cannot register on the themeton site because it doesn’t recognise the purchase code I have from themeforest. Do you have an email I can send the details to?

Hi, I updated the issue with the latest version of the theme and I have gone select slideshow options. All options are on blank.

How it is resolved.

Thank you.

What is your LS version? I checked it on my local with latest 5+ version and works fine. Please update there your slider and check again. If it doesn’t help, please send me your details on site


Hi, it is safe to update to wordpress 4.0?

I’ve checked PageBuilder and works fine except some css arranges. You can update and check. Let me know if there have serious problems

Thanks a lot

what you mean for css arranges?

Changed lightbox container on jQuery UI library and looks there need little bit glitches on css. And help and exit buttons (right top) need to reposition



yannh Purchased

Hi, how long before an update to wordpress 4.0 ? Thank you for your work :)

I’ve updated the theme recently and now it’s on review queue and hope reviewer approve in a few hours. Please stay tuned and update there 2.4.3 version. This version has small editor updates on 4.0. And if you face more issues, please let me know