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Thank you for your timely response.

Part of the problem may be that it is difficult to distinguish the radio yes/no buttons in the theme options. Perhaps you might consider leaving out the color green and make them simple radio yes/ no click buttons.

My last question is how to embed an image into the sidebars or footers. Usually there is a image widget but I can use html code if I must. It would be most helpful if you would include a simple image widget.

Thanks again for your quick response…

Is it possible to put an image in the entire header area where the logo is currently located? I am wanting to place a graphic image all the way across the page

You can upload big image there instead of logo. There don’t have size restriction. But you can upload up to 1190px width images there, overflowing container doesn’t look good. Also if you like, you can set width restriction on smaller resolutions. Here is the simple record with added big logo at top,


I needed to create text beside the logo and could only re-edit the logo to include the text. It worked however, it does not wrap responsively on iPhones:

I would enjoy a better solution though that retained the theme’s responsiveness. Otherwise, the template looks awesome on all mobile devices.


Thank you for your trouble in handing me some css to accommodate the logo. The logo is actually only the seal however there was no easy way to add the h1 title beside the logo (or did I actually miss something?) so I created a larger frame to make that work. It is better SEO to use text rather than an image to show the Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija title.

I am in the Philippines were the internet is appallingly slow. It makes the viewing of videos practically impossible.

Just to alert you, I am having serious problems with the page builder. I have not been successful in adding content with columns underneath regardless of which browser I use.

I really appreciate your responsive support. Many thanks…

Please just remove the logo image from Theme Options panel then you’ll site name (which you included in Settings=>SiteTitle) with H1 tag instead of logo.

Can you check what is there have some javascript problem?


Great. Never thought of that. Will do on Monday when I have access to a computer. Bit tricky trying to edit on an iPad. I’ll also upload the new version and check the javascript. Thank you for your attention and support…


There is an issue of the slider and the main menu.With the slider, the main menu is not visible properly.guess it should be z-index issue. please help with this

Thank you

What is your theme version? I think fixed it in v1.1.
But it is fine, please just add following style on “Custom CSS” field
.ls-inner { z-index: 1 !important; }
then your menu show on front of slider.


Hello, for a long time I buy themes from ThemeForest and never seen one so complete. Congratulations on a great job! So I’m with some bugs in Gravity, see website:

1) In my Slideshow, the bar that shows how many slides there (with small balls), has a breakdown. It has an area that should not have.

2) If you stop the mouse over the menu “Coaching” you will see that the SubMenu not appear. If you go to any page and move the mouse up this menu, you will see that the SubMenu appears normally. Because it just does not work at Home?

3) See I decrease the height of the header over the Logo. How do I reduce the height of the header between the logo and the menu?

4) At the end of Home, are the testimonials. Customer names do not appear, only the picture. How to fix this?

The principle was that. Thank you!

3. There looks menu and search bar has top margin. Following style helps you decrease this space.

#menu, .search_header { margin-top: 20px}


Wow, seriously that you took the trouble to record a video for me? Thank you! All my problems have been resolved. See: From now on, always give preference to the themes of you. A hug.

Thank you, please rate the theme with 5 stars :)

OK thanks for such a great theme. Care to share how to reduce the width of the header…it is a little too deep…

Please add following style on Custom CSS field which exists on Skin tab of Theme Options panel.
@media (min-width: 979px) {
    #header .container { width:940px }
Now this sets 940px on header area only above 979px width. Also you can customize it for your need


Hi Themeton – purchased this theme a couple days ago and I love it! Easy installation, everything works as described. A really great theme all around.

Is it possible to get an XML of the layer slider as used in the demo? Not sure if this is possible, but I haven’t used layer slider before and would probably find it easier editing your original slides than setting up my own.

Kind Regards.

Sure, Please watch this video tutorial and you can understand what you need to do there.

Thanks :)

Hi there – I see no mention in the theme description in regards to SEO. Has this theme being designed with SEO in mind or optimized for SEO in any way?


Yeah it is designed proper for SEO. Site title for H1, post title h2, widget title h3, etc. Also this theme compatible with seo plugins such as Yoast, All in one.


Hello First of all, thank you for the outstanding work ! :)

I have two questions :

I see in the backoffice this message :
The following plugin needs to be updated to its latest version to ensure maximum compatibility with this theme: Envato WordPress Toolkit.

But i don’t understand the procedure for this .

The second problem’s, i don’t possibility change colors in Skin Options. I change value in General Color or Header background color and after “Save all change”. The color is unchanged.

- Please just click on dismiss button. I’ve updated this plugin to latest version but it keeps showing everytime. I don’t know why it is, and trying to find solution. I’ll find the solution and will update the theme.

- Every custom changes of skin is creates stylesheet file. Please check the “resources/css/options.css” file there. And if there doesn’t exists, you should create “options.css” file manually and set some permission on it. 777 or 755. Then save the admin panel again. Hope this work there now


Ok, thanks :)

Hi, I just bought and installed this theme, and I can’t get the theme colours to work. I go to Dashboard > Theme Settings > Skin Options > General Colour and change it to another colour then save changes but that has no effect.

Am I missing something??

This looks common issue. Please read the solution from FAQ page. Thanks

I just bought Gravity and I am excited to install it. But when I tried to upload it to my word press themes it is having an error. Is there better way to install it? I need to get this up for a new business. Thanks!

You have 2 options to install it. Here is the tip of ftp installation.


Thank you I installed it! Is there a way to hide the page titles? Every page has the Home/Sample Pages/Contact on it.

I’m wondering why asking 4 different people just about page title hiding in this theme. Is there have a problem with that?

Typically page title (title area) reversed with slideshow if you selected at top slider on your page. Btw I’ve added the manual solution on FAQ page.


Nice theme…

It says Compatible with Facebook!, do you have a link, so I can see how it looks on facebook. I’m only going to use on FB, so it would be kinda nice to see how it looks…


This theme has potential to show facebook comment. That’s why there selected compatible. Okay I got an idea to add facebook template on my next themes

Thank you for interesting :)

ok thanks for your reply… It’s just because it’s showing here on Themeforest under facebook templates!, and it would have been a nice template for FB :-)

Is there a way to disable the responsiveness? I have seen other themes include an option in the theme settings but I am unable to find one on yours. How would you recommend disabling it?


.hidden-desktop { display:none }


Awesome! Thanks for the video response.

A couple of quick questions…

1) How do I remove the Page Title (and path) from displaying in this theme. Took a quick look but can’t work out which lines to remove from page.php

2) I’ve set my theme to ‘boxed’ but would like to constrain it at a maximum dimension… I’ve tested in a couple of different browsers and it appears to blow out completely if you have a wide-screen. Is there an easy way to set a maximum limit beyond which the page template won’t continue to grow ‘responsively’?

Great theme. Thanks, Nick

Hello Nick,

Removing title:
Removing responsive,
Note: I’ll add new option for turning of responsive very soon.


Perfect. Thanks so much for that. Very clear and easy to follow. You’ve done a fantastic job on the theme and the options available. Kudos.

Just to clarify the ‘turning off responsive’ question… I would love a responsive theme, but I would like it to be constrained to a maximum width. Turning off responsive has achieved this but I’ve also lost the beautiful element responsiveness your theme is really great at. Maybe for future versions you could look at the option of constraining the theme width when the box option is checked. I thought it would behave like this but on my browsers it just seems to expand to fit the pixels of the screen and allow only a small buffer on each edge…?

hello mate, great theme, was wondering how could i get the footer to stick to the bottom of the screen? if my content is short the footer sits in the middle of the page? could you help me please?


Very unusual request :)

I think there don’t have a solution for that. Every corporate themes don’t have this possibility. But I have simple and tricky idea which is adding multiple Line breaks (equivalent <br />) at bottom of content.


also would like to know answer to above q, about how to hide page title from site, cheers

I think answered it on another comment. Also you can get the solution from FAQ page. Thanks

thank you very much for posting the video! amazing support. very happy, ps i added the breaks to push the footter down, cheers for everything

I’m happy too :) Please rate our theme with 5 stars.

Hello Themeton

2 fast questions:

a) i have version 1.1 but if i dont insert this .ls-inner { z-index: 1 !important; } sub menu is under the slider. I think fix has bug…

b) i have demo slider, the one you have in the demo (it works perfect with firefox, but with safari everytime slide change there is a little bug as you can see from the video

pls let me know

a. Is there your options saved? Okay I update the theme today. Please update your theme tomorrow and check again

b. Can you send me your site address via mail?


Hello Themeton

a) ok i will wit for tomorrow (there will be version 1.2?) b) i have just sent to you the url address

Hello, How do I add all the items as seen on the display page to my own one?

Thank you, Marcus

Hi Marcus,

Please visit this doc link and watch Importing dummy data and Selecting home page and including Layer slider data posts.

Regards TT

Hello Themeton, i have other things to ask while i wait for your mail answer)

1) it is possible to give a link to every member of the team page? In back office you can add social links for every member of team but not an external link. How to change this?

2) i have some problem with protected pages. i set password etc but they dont work… articles works not the pages… check on the same url i gave you earlier

pls let me know check

Well, i tried on different computers, cleared cache and i dont see what you have. I dont have link of image field even if i create a new one. i have sent you credentials by email for access to backoffice.

Interesting. Please upload those files to your main theme. Also this update integrated on next update. Thanks

ok, first i wait to check it with the credentials i sent to you, so you can also chek protected pages problem


I just bought this theme yesterday and I was trying to set the site as you have in Demo page but Im having errors, I highlighted in the picture, the info box is not as yours over the slider, is down the slider and I can’t click the button cuz is something above the info box, and the slider is not working properly, as you can see is showing some icons there, and not the arrows for the slider, I’m in a hurry to finish this, so I appreciate if you anwser quick :) thanks!!!!
.home-callout { margin-top: -80px; }

Thanks :)