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Love this theme! Good work. Quick question, my menu drop downs are currently being hidden by the slider. I noticed in the FAQ here on Envato that someone else mentioned it, and you said to update to V1 and it would fix the problem.

I purchased and downloaded the theme today, so presumably im using the latest version. The changelog.txt file shows that the most recent update was V1.1 on 03.13.2013.

Could you tell me how I can go about fixing this please?

Hi, thanks for the reply, but as I mentioned in a comment further down, I have made sure that ’.ls-inner { z-index: 1 !important; }’ is in the style.css file (it is, on line 1256), but the problem persists.

Hi, I checked your site. And added this style on CustomCSS field and submenu works fine now. (delete the sub contact page).


Thanks a lot for that. I added the style to the actual style.css files, so I presumed thats where it should of gone. Thanks anyways though. Appreciate the help.

Hi, I have the same problem

I’m having major issues with the sliders and another question, how can I change the slug for portfolio, if I want to rename that to something else??? for example:>portfolio<-/product1/ to thanks in advance

Please go to the “framework\post-type” directory and you’ll see initial files of post type there. Slug text exists on line 35.


thanks :)

I also want to create header bg transparent so it will show the #main background on tha back fixed and the #bottom too, but when I set #header backbround:none it always appear a white on the back and not transparent, same with the footer #bottom css, thanks :)

Hey, I just bought the Gravity theme and have teh same issue – the slider is hiding the drop down menus…

I know you found the solution there. But I wanna answer here again for purpose of may some of another customers reading this.

There have a small z index issue and I added the solution on FAQ page :)

Hey, forget that last comment I posted. Just found the answer on your support page.

If anyone is looking for the answer, you need to put this in your css file:

.ls-inner { z-index: 1 !important; }

I think you can drop it in your custom CSS section. I just edited the style.css file – it’s at about line 1262. The !important tag was missing.

Work great now!


Have a nice day.

@Sweck – I have that in my CSS file already, but menus are still hiding behind the slider. Hopefully the designer can get back to us with a fix soon.

Well, the .ls-inner { z-index: 1 !important; } was already in the stylesheet to begin with, I didn’t need to add it. It was already there. So the cache isn’t the problem.

Even so, I cleared the cache and problem persists. I’ve tried it on Chrome, Firefox and Safari using a Mac.

I’ve sent you an email with a username and password for my site too.

I answered there. Thanks

@themeton how about trying helping people who haven’t fix their issues yet, like me and many others instead just saying :) have a nice day to a guy who allready know how to fix it, or commenting the other guy who found the solution allready too??

I bought this theme yesterday and I haven’t had any help here ….. sucks

you working on it???

I just finished forum comments. Got your mail and I’m on it now..

Sent a reply!


Another quick question. I noticed you’ve already explained how to remove the responsiveness of the theme, thats great. What id like to know is, is there a way to disable the responsiveness JUST for mobile devices?

Best Andrew

Please just update the line #9 of header.php file.


Hey there – followed your instructions, it worked flawlessly. Thank you very much for your help sir.

I just noticed one other side effect – on mobile devices the hidden-desktop thing shows up beside the menu. Is there a way to disable that just on mobile devices too?

I followed your video and added .hidden-desktop {display:none} to the custom css in the theme panel, but it still shows up.

I just suggest you to clear cache of your mobile browser. I checked your site on iPhone and don’t find any mobile menu there.


Is it possible to change how long the testimonials are displayed for before scrolling to the next one on the home page? I can’t find an option anywhere in the control panel. At the moment its going too fast to be read.

One of customer found the solution here. This one is on Emerald, just jump to line 285 of scripts.js file


Perfect. Thank you.

Hello, this is a great theme! I am having an issue with Portfolio section. It seems to me that each Portofolio item should link out to the client page that we worked on. But it just goes to a page with the featured image expanded. How do I change this to link out to the actual client page or is there a way to control the image and make sure that it does not blur out and become huge. Thanks

Hi there,

1. Page links to plugin
2. Remove lines 13-30 of single-portfolio.php file.


How would I go about including the Gallery Image in the actual blog post if a gallery post is selected? For example, right now If I add a gallery blog post, the gallery image I choose shows up on the blog category page, however it doesn’t show up on the actual blog post when you open it up.

I am pretty sure I’ve added the post correctly, but unfortunately the image isn’t showing up on the blog page. You’re welcome to log in with the details I sent you the other day to have a look. The blog post in question is called: Welcome to – Website Design Company Plymouth

I just turned “Featured section” option ON from Additional options of Theme options panel. Check the post now


Oh that was simple. Thank you kindly, sir.

Hello Themeton there are any news on protected pages? thank you

Not yer sir. But I’ll find and give you the solution. Thanks

ok. I’ will wait

...also, there is a way to not having:

by: xxxx On: xxxx Comments: xxxx

on posts?

Open up the loop.php file and remove lines 37-45 called meta-container. Thanks

It doesnt work as you have told me.

i have removed from 104 to 108 in loop.php and it worked but when i click on read more button and i see the full post i have also by: xxx category:xxx author: xxx

Also, how can change these on gravitychild?

Nevermind. I have solved this. i have also changed single.php and moved loop.php and single.php in gravity.

where can I change the Related post Text below the portfolio single page??

You can use a translation for it.
Also directly framework/inc_content.php file and line 643.


ho and another question, is something I think you have missed to fix, when you add a carrousel shortcode , when you click to see the image with the lightbox, the image is really small it doesnt show you the big picture in the lightbox, any fix for that :) ???? thanks in advance themeton ;)

in your Item Details changelog is appearing :

--------------— CHANGE LOG

= V1.3 – 03.29.2013 = ADDED : Team member link on images FIXED : Carousel zoom image with full size FIXED : Slider and Sub menu issue

This mean the theme has been updated for me to download? and why it doesn’t show which files are the ones that are updated it only says why it was updated :o

Yeah please download now. And open up the changelog.txt file then you will see modified files list in this file not on item profile.


awsome :) just updated, thanks themeton ;) you rock!!!

I am attempting to set up my site with this theme based on the PSD file included named “Gravity-Home.psd” and cannot seem to figure where the settings are. I want the nav bar to be thin, like in the PSD file, and the top “header” to have a transparent background. So the nav is floating, using the “boxed” setting. Can you point me in the right direction?

It was a plan for this theme. But converting process and result looks little bit different. That’s why I was don’t want to include psd files into the download, but customers requested me psd files and I included it.

So there don’t have an option for that and some sections are different now.

But I have a css method to achieve similar to this.
1. Close the search bar from options panel.
2. Use following style on Custom CSS field
#header { background-color:transparent; }
#menu { background-color:#1b1b1b; }


Awesome! Worked like a charm. Thanks so much! Incredible theme too!

Hey, Im having some problems with the borders on some tabs I’ve inserted. Please have a look at this page:

You’ll notice that the right hand border from the tabs are missing, and also the bottom border of the tab which says ‘How It Works’.

Any ideas?

Ohh i see. About border bottom li:last-child{border-bottom:1px solid #e4e4e4}
If you add following, active tab doesn’t show right border. But there have 1px issue on very last tab title :P .tab-content {margin-left:170px}


Last question today. Is there a way to make the the responsive layout a maximum of 960px? Right now the content extends right out to about 1170px, id like to reduce that size slightly. Didn’t want to change any of the CSS until you confirm exactly which bit to play with.

Thanks mate.

Please remove lines 32-45 of “resources/css/responsive.css” file. Those lines control your site width on bigger (>1300) screen.


Thank you kindly sir.

Agh, I thought that was the last question, but THIS one will be the last, I promise. On the pricing tables, is there a way to remove the plan option altogether. I know you can put in there your own wording, but id rather remove it to make the top box of the pricing tables a little thinner.

Why don’t u leave empty Plan field?

Okay. We have a chance to achieve this following 2 methods except empty
1. Disabling visibility with css.
.tt-price-header p {display:none}

2. Or removing print section with editing php files (hard coding)
Remove the line 123 of “framework\pagebuilder\items\pricing_table\init.php” file.

Hope first one is easier than second and I recommend you. Thanks

As usual your support has been fantastic. Thank you very much.

Hello Themeton, Team problem is fixed)

i still need help for protected page((( pls let me know.

Found the solution. Please update this file into your theme. Will be included this update on next version.

Thank you for your patient :)

Perfect! thank you for your help!! 5 star how it is possible to be informed when the template is upadated?

You should check Envato Toolkit plugin page on your dashboard. Or visit item profile page and check update date at right side.

Also I’ll update change log and date of update on item description.

Thanks :)