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Themeton is there any option so the search of the theme not only search for posts,, but for pages, portfolio etc… ?? Some other themes have that option, can I do that with this theme ? thanks in advance :)


You’ll find exclude filter at very bottom of functions.php file.
Lets extend post_type variable with array similar in this discuss.
$query->set('post_type', array('post','page','portfolio'));


Awsome :) and one last question and I’m out to sleep :) em… is it possible to have full width portfolio page? and is it possible to have the page builder in the portfolio page ???? that’s all :) and again thanks for the awsome support :)

It is a Page builder sir. It doesn’t aspect on any custom post types now. But you can create your portfolio items as page if it is require layout in it.


I don’t need any support, just wanted to comment that I have bought a lot of WP themes and this is the best one I have bought to date. Well organized, well documented and supported (nice videos!) the PSD’s are great and the Page Builder and Brandable Theme settings panel is outstanding. Seriously, very nice work, it is a pleasure to use this theme. Will definitely recommend other clients choose it and will be back to purchase again. THANK YOU!

Wow, what an encouragement :) I wanna include it on my profile page ;) Really appreciated!

Hi I would like to purchase your theme but first I need to know if I can embed the slider as shortcode or at least insert it wherever I want with your page builder. Is this possible?

I need to be able put the slider inside the column shortcode on an internal page..

Please watch this sidebar video and you can understand what sidebar position is unrestricted.


Hi, I think you misunderstood me. I was asking about the SLIDER, not the sidebar. I need to know if I can put a SLIDER anywhere I want (Currently, on your theme there is only one big one on the homepage). Many other themes have this feature available as shortcode or as part of the pagebuilder.


Yes possible. Page builder has a slider element and you can show preferred Layer slider on anywhere and custom width.

Here is an example of sliders in body section. Thanks

Hi, I am interested in this theme and have some questions before the purchase.

1) Is there a demo xml that can be imported to setup a demo site exacty as yours? 2) Can the service columns on the homepage be adjuste to 3 or 2 instead of 4 as your demo? 3) Can the image dimension of the recent work be adjusted?


Of course, there have an option for that :)

thanks for quick response and just wonder if it is ok for you to setup such a demo site for the light color? I am sorry for such requirements but I have to choose a theme that really meet our requirements or we may waste the money just like our previous purchases.

Color options of the theme,

Here you can see colored examples. ,


Hi, I am interested in this theme and have some questions before the purchase.

1) Is there a demo xml that can be imported to setup a demo site exacty as yours? 2) Can the service columns on the homepage be adjuste to 3 or 2 instead of 4 as your demo? 3) Can the image dimension of the recent work be adjusted?


[double post]

How would I go about adding the page-builder facility to the portfolio pages? I would like to add a callout to some of my portfolio items and I don’t think I can currently do that without the page builder?

Hey there,

Could you tell me which piece of code I would modify to ensure that the link opens in a new window, rather than the same window please?

Thanks a lot. Andrew

Where do you want to add this changes?
The “target” attribute of “a” tag helps you to control this.
<a target="_blank" href="..."></a>

More about target attr,


Hi, I wrote this reply on the wrong comment thread here on Themeforest. I should have gone on another comment you answered.

The piece of code that I want to open in another tab is this…

<?php echo __("Services Used:","themeton")." "; $service_used = get_field("service_used"); $service_url = get_field("service_url"); echo '<a href="' . $service_url . '"> ' . $service_used . '</a>' ;?>

Hello, I have problems with one link social networks. I put only my ID, I could not visualize feed. Please help me?

Thank you, you are very kind, here is the URL:

My guess was right. There privileged theme button styles. Please add following styles on your Custom CSS field of admin panel you’ll see similar this,

#mc_embed_signup .button {
  padding: 0 22px !important;
  background: none !important;
  background-color: #aaa !important;


Thank you very much friend, you’re the best!. Will add the code. Best wishes!

The more I work in this theme, the more in love I am with it! Amazing work! I am struggling with two small items.

1. I wanted the div for “content” to have a white background. I was able to achieve this and it looks awesome on an inside page, but the “content” div also is showing on my home page under the callout box. Is there a way I can “comment out” this for the home page within the template PHP file for the home page? Any other suggestion? Here is the link to see an inside page:

2. How do I get rid of the footer navigation? I looked all through the settings and cannot find a way to just not use it.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

I tried this previously. It makes the entire content area, including the sidebar (right) white. I need the sidebar to stay clear. The style for this is working on the blog page as seen here:

I just need it to carry throughout the site pages. Like this one:

I figured it out. Here is the css I edited:

.col.eight {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;

.with-sidebar .row {
    margin-left: 1%;

Thank you for your effort :)

One more question in regards to the UL submenu class. I modified the “submenu” class for my sidebar navigation to indent child pages. Where can I find the class that puts the underline / rule under the text? I would like to remove it for the submenu class. See here for an example:

Thanks so much!

Awesome. That worked. But now how to I make the active style NOT apply to the submenu items. See here:


PS: Click on “Save Changes” button of Theme options panel after changed styles.php file. This php file generates admin panel styles to options.css file and it aspects on your site.


Incredible! Thank you so much!!

Is it possible to make the Icon on the Column Service have the same link attached to it that the service title has just below it? So the bit that turns blue when you hover over it is a link basically.

Please watch this,

File : framework\pagebuilder\items\column_service\init.php
Line : 147
$html .= '<a href="'.$link_url.'" target="'.$link_target.'" style="color:'.$link_color.';" onmouseover="\''.$link_hover_color.'\'" onmouseout="\''.$link_color.'\'">'.'<i class="icon ' . find_xml_value($item, 'column_service_element') . '" style="font-size: '.$size.'px;width: '.$size.'px;height: '.$size.'px;color: '. find_xml_value($item, 'symbol_color_value') .';border-color: '. find_xml_value($item, 'symbol_color_value') .';" />'.'</a>';
Also it will have included next update of the theme :)


Awesome. Thanks very much.

I came across a new problem I am having now that is also showing up on the demo site on Themeforest. My Most Recent News area in the footer, the headlines are getting cut off in IE 8. I see this also happening on the demo site. Hopefully there is a fix for this already. Here is my site – see the issue in the footer on IE 8.
You look added some custom styles on your site. And this issue comes from
.tt-recent-posts-widget div.recent-content {
    float: right;
    margin-left: -5px;
    margin-top: -42px;

I don’t know what is the purpose of it. But you need to remove or specify css selector.


Ok. I removed the style and it looks fine on my Mac. Unfortunately I wont have access to a PC until Monday. Can you let me know if the Most Recent News in the footer is getting cut off now?

Now looks fine, Thanks

So I purchased this theme and I must say I’m loving it. Thanks for creating such a beautiful theme. :) I have a question and a feature request if possible though.

1. How do I make my logo auto adjust based on screen resolution? I see this vid ( you posted in the comments, but that doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

2. Is it possible to make the filter on the portfolio have sub/child menus? I have a ton of products that I’d like the client to be able to filter down at least 3 levels. For Eg:

Level 1: All, Cars, Bikes, Boats (Client clicks cars then Level 2 menu appears just below) Level 2: All, Nissan, BMW, Merc (Client clicks BMW then Level 3 menu appears just below) Level 3: All, 1 series, 3 series, 5 series

Thanks again for all the hard work.

1. Custom style creates a file there. May there doesn’t created custom.css file or your browser caching old file. Please check this Answer and clear cache or your browser.

If all those doesn’t help, you should send me your site address and I wanna try to help you

2. I saw one of my customer changed this to similar what you want. You can find site example in this discuss. If you want this, I can ask to this customer and how did this …


Thanks for the quick reply.

1. My custom.css is definitely created and working properly as I’ve made other adjustments to the site already. I’ll install a 2nd clean test site and try again. Will let you know how it goes.

2. Yea that is pretty much want I want. Although it doesn’t seem like his second level nav works (at least on my browser). Would you please try and find out how he achieved that? I’ve love to get that working on my site.


Okay. I just asked about customization. Hope he answer me there :)

Quick question how can I have the portfolio page fullwidth instead having the sidebar with the “category, date etc…” thanks :)

Hi there,

Is there a way to have portfolio items open in pop up window only and NO link to description page?? Just want viewer to see larger image ONLY.

Many thanks, Patrick

Do you want to show only lightbox link on portfolio item?
.tt-portfolio a.hover-permalink { display: none }
This simple style allows you to hide permlink icon there.


ok nevermind I figured out, I have another question themeton :) is it possible to auto slide the latest portfolio slider??? in homepage ???


Sure. Please go to the line 258 of “resources/js/scripts.js” file. Then you’ll see carousel initialing section. Lets set “auto” argument with true.


life saver :) thanks ;)

Hi, Can I create (or edit) service icons? I need my personal icon that I can’t found on the default list? How can I do it?


Column service element includes FontAwesome icons. Those are stretchable and can fill custom color. If you want to use custom icon or image there please just make this with simple column to similar column services. Kind of making column service manually :)


Hi, I it possible to make the column services display in the colour (hover) state then turn to the original state when rolled over? i.e. coloured boxes with white icons which then turn to white boxes with coloured icons when the mouse hovers over each box.

Many thanks

Thanks themeton, this works perfectly however I would like to have different colours for the different services. Is it possible to make the colour change to the Title Link Hover Colour / Symbol Colour specified when setting up the Column Service?

Thanks Again

You can add specific class on you column services and bind your custom styles with it. Duplicate above style 3 times with classes and set colors.

.CUSTOM-CLASS .tt-column_service:hover i.icon{
  color: #14a145 !important;
  border-color: #14a145 !important;

Thats exactly what I was looking for thank you!!


Can you help me with what font you used for your logo on the gravity wordpress theme? thanks.

Regular text and headings front are styled “Open Sans” font. I think logo font is “Gotham Bold”.


Is it possible to add social media icons? I would really like two for Mixcloud and Soundcloud. I thought of modifying two I don’t use into them but I can’t figure it out. Is this possible and how?

I would also like to move the search from that is now in the main navigation menu to the right of the social media icons that are displayed in the top right. Is this possible? I tried moving it in the header.php file but that messed everything up.

Thanks for the quick support!

I tried adding the following code to the CSS Editor but I get an empty square at the top left (see:

.ul.sociallinkswidget li.mixcloud a { background-image: url(; }

ul.sociallinkswidget li.mixcloud a:hover,#sidebar ul.sociallinkswidget li.mixcloudk a:hover,#header ul.sociallinkswidget li.mixcloud a:hover { background-image: url(; }

sidebar ul.sociallinkswidget li.mixcloudk a,#header ul.sociallinkswidget li.mixcloud a {

background-image: url(; }

It is working. Thanks!

Hi I have just purchased this theme, but the homepage slider is missing. How do I get it?

You can find “Slider ?” option on Page settings box. If you turn this option ON you’ll see created sliders list on Layer slider.

Also you can use any slider on page builder with element or shortcode.