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Hello, great theme! I am having trouble with the portfolio page however. Once you click an item it goes to that specific page and the first thing you see is a that image blown up. How can I change the size of that image accross all of my portfolio items? Or, how do I get rid of it?

Thank you in advance!

Okay, I think this is asked frequently. And I just added the remove solution on FAQ page. Also I just updated the theme with new option to remove this and you can get it on next update.


Do i take those lines out? It doesnt say what to do really…Delete, move??? thanks

Just delete it. Thanks

is it possible to stop the carrousel moving to left when mouse over themeton??? thanks in advance :)

Yeah possible,

Please update the single line on javascript file. Go to the line 261 of “resources/js/scripts.js” file and you’ll find scroll: 1, Update it with following
scroll: { pauseOnHover: true },

Also here you can see carousel documentation. :)


awsome temeton as always life saver :) I did look before to ask you to find out the documentation, but I used to put only PauseOnHover: true, not the scroll : { pauseOnHover: true}, but didn’t work :) thanks Themeton

I see there are some small bugs on the Smartphone version. Can I disable the responsive design?

Have you turned OFF responsive option on Theme Options panel? Tnx

Probably an easy question, but I can’t get my social icons to show in the header. Any idea? I put in my Facebook profile ID and my twitter account name. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please go to the Theme Options panel and you’ll see socials tab. You should put your account information there and go to the Appearance=>Widgets section. Then put “ThemeTon Socials widget” to header area. That’s it :)


Ah, that would be it! Didn’t realize I had to apply in widget section. One more question:

When I add a team member, I don’t see their picture. It has all the other information though. I uploaded the image to the ‘Media’ and then copy and pasted the link.

Thank you for the assistance.

Just select those images as featured. Here you can see it in action,

If you have another question, you should search from Hope you can find some of answers there easy :)


Presale Question: Does your page builder’s text module have an HTML editor similar to Visual Composer or Ether Content Builder? This function is extremely valuable to my clients who don’t know how to code.

Thank you

Wonderful. Its been difficult to find themes with this function. I’ve bookmarked for purchase.

Thanks :)

When I add a team member, I don’t see their picture. It has all the other information though. I uploaded the image to the ‘Media’ and then copy and pasted the link.

Thank you for the assistance.

Having some problems with the theme… When i add content via drag and drop and then update the pages i already had with the content. (just adding service collums at the top ( x x x ) the i added the content and made it full width. When i update though it all disappears and left with just with the content box. how do i make the drag and drop content stay on the page without having to create all new pages??

Please help me, maybe im just doing something stupid idk… thanks.

Your situation unclear for me. Can you explain me again?
Also can you check if there have javascript problems?

It would be easy to understand you problem if you send me your site address and some information.


I’m having this problem when activating the theme. Use Windows hosting. – Erro de banco de dados do WordPress Table ‘neospark.wp_layerslider’ doesn’t exist para a consulta SELECT * FROM wp_layerslider WHERE flag_hidden = ‘0’ AND flag_deleted = ‘0’


Where can I start looking for the solution? Thank you.

Looks there missing custom table of Layer slider.
Can you reactivate the LayerSlider and try to create table by plugin?



Nice theme… wanted to ask if it was possible to have on the team Page to have a small area to write about the person and than a link to read more on the bio of the person?


Recently I updated team image with link for one of my customer. When you click on image it goes to open single page with team member’s content. Hope your request similar to this



Thanks for the reply…

Yes it is similar to this request but I want to display a brief description and a button with a read more link would be better.

Would this come as standard with the package?


There don’t have right now. Looks we need to add excerpt field for your test and include there read more button. If you purchase it, I’ll update and give you those


is there a possible solution for having the next or back arrows or something inside a post so I can go seee the next post or the past one ??? like the one you having with the portfolio arrows when u are inside a portfolio page you have the arrows to move next portfolio or past portfolio item. Thanks in advance Themeton :)

I think so. which page and which part?
IE on page content
#main .container {display:none;}
Add this into document ready section.
jQuery('#main .container').fadeIn();

Can I add your site address on Showcase section of item page?

Thanks a lot

document ready section do you mean I put that on script.php ???

Oh you need to put your custom scripts in this line (209) of the resources/js/scripts.js file



Overall I love your theme, it’s one of the best I’ve purchased in a long time.

I didn’t realize when I bought it that the Post Carousel you have both as a shortcode and as part of the page builder doesn’t pull video (it will pull the text but not the video itself into the carousel – it only pulls featured images). I didn’t realize this because on your demo site, there is no video post example, only regular posts.

Is there some piece of code i could put into whichever file so that it if there is no featured image, but there is a video, it will pull the video? I really need a solution for this :-(

I can’t just create featured images for the video posts, because when they click on the lightbox in the carousel, it just shows the image and not the video which defeats the entire point of using the carousel (which is an awesome feature that I really wish I could use!).


Hi there,

I know there don’t have video on carousel. Carousel can show 2,3 and 4 columns and stretched by browser width. But iframe/object have a problem of responsive. I’ve tried many things for it but still doesn’t find. So I’ll try it again and let you know


Hmm. The interesting thing is that let’s say when I use the Blog style 4 (where it shows the 2 columns newspaper style) it does pull the featured video title and excerpt, and the iframe adjusts perfectly fine no matter how you adjust the browser. I just thought it was a matter of using that same code and adding it into the carousel somehow.

Love the theme, and its coming along nicely!

I have a question about the callout that is overlapping the slider on your demo home page. I have added the custom class and css to my callout:

.home-callout { margin-top: -80px; }

But the problem is that the callout goes behind the slider instead of in front. I have scoured the code and I cant figure out how to bring it forward. Can you tell me how to do that?

Thank You!

You should try with following style
.home-callout { margin-top: -80px; z-index:5000; }
If it doesn’t help, you should send me your site address.


It didnt work, for some reason it falls behind the slider. I have to leave it unchanged for now, but I will send you the address so you can see it. Thank you!

I got your email and checked your site. Looks there have everything fine. So if isn’t, please let me know.


hi i am having trouble with Ubermenu and the slider. The sub-menu is hidden by the slider.

Any thoughts?

PS thanks for the template.

Hi, answering so late. sorry for that. Have you solved your menu issue there? Please send me your site address, i wanna inspect and try to help

Regards ThemeTon

worked it out. Used the update.

Another question if I may, is there is an easy way to add a top menu?

Where it should be place?
Do you have an experience of html and css?

I was looking to put it upper right. I am a non expert so my skills at css and html are copy and paste!

Is this fine it locates on Top widget area?
Have you created a menu on Appearance=>Menus section?
Please add “Custom Menu” widget with your new menu on Top Sidebar area


This is by far the best theme i have ever gotten. The only thing i am having an issue with is specifying the image size.

Thank you for purchase. So can you tell me where you need to set image size? Portfolio or blog, where it needs to set?


Just did some testing with gtmetrix and i have a 95 – 96 % score, just need the image sizes, for a lot more then portfolio.. Should i use the child themes to edit?

Theme prints those image without specific size. Including logo, testimonials avatar …
Is there need to set specific size?


Hi Drag and drop function not working what might be the reason.Please tell me..

Is you wp version latest?
I think there have some javascript problem.
Please create a ticket on support forum.


The mobile menu does not work on our Android smartphones (LG Optimus, tried it with the original theme as well). Tests using the notebook or desktop computers are ok. Is this a known bug and is there any fix for it?

What is your browser bro?
I tested it on android phones (Galaxy S and Note) and no problem. Even on Chrome and regular browsers.

So I don’t exactly know how to test it … :impatient: ?


Firefox + Android 4.0.3 – thanks ;)


Can a video be a portfolio item? all i see in your demo is only images, i wounder if a video can be a portfolio as well?


Hey themeton, any news on the update? Thanks.

Hey themeton, any news on the update? I really need to know hoe to move foreword . Thanks.


Video explain:

Thank a lot

Hey themeton, great theme. However, I am having a couple of issues – please see below:

1. I keep getting this error/warning message regarding the Envato plugin. It appears every time I add/edit a plugin, page, menu, post etc. and sometimes stops pages from loading.

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/####/public_html/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php on line 1731

2. I have set up a page to display the Team shortcode, but if I set the count to more than 2 the page either does not load anymore, or it loads but is very incomplete and doesn’t display the team items. I need the count to be at least 8 per page.

See this page for an example:

3. This isn’t an issue, more of a question. Am I able to get the Image Slider shortcode to auto-scroll? If so, how?

I’m using WP 3.5.1 and these are the only issues I have come across so far. Your earliest reply is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hey, thanks for the very prompt reply!

1. No problem, I will email my host to turn off safe mode.

2. That’s my point. As soon as I set the count value over 2, the content disappears and the page ends up like that. If you go to this page – – I am also using the team shortcode here, but as you can see it is displaying 2x images only. As soon as I set the count to 3 or more, the page will end up like that one I showed you earlier.. What do you think it is?

3. Thanks, worked perfectly.

1. I created a ticket on forum and hope someone answer there too.

2. I don’t have exact solution. Can you send me your site login details via email?

3. Glad with it :)


Thanks for that. I have sent you the log in details via your profile page.