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Hello, could you send me plz the 2 plugins required to use the theme? My wp setup doesn’t allow me to install plugins through uploading files or automatic installing; I need to manually upload them. My mail is thx in advance!

Sure, it is already in. Please go to the “framework\plugins” directory and you’ll find plugin archives.

Thanks a million

I found that both plugins are in the /framework/plugins folder, but they require some sort of activation… could you guide me plz so I can install them manually? (by putting them in the /plugins folder of wp-content and activating them)

You can see here installation guide:
You should install theme manually just like regular wp plugins. Go to the Plugins=>Add New=>Upload and “Choose a file”.
Video tip:

All the best!

I opted for manually install the plugins in the corresponding folder and it worked :)

Well done, you look realized your issues before i answer you :)

I have the same problem as choorel in the page 5, the callout appears behind the slider; I tried to use the .home-callout { margin-top: -80px; z-index:5000; }

But it didn’t work. I checked your demo site but you only used the margin-top and the slider is behind the callout. So I don’t think the problem is the z-index. Could you check it plz? pass: ..getecsa

I checked your site and everything looks fine. This is the capture from your site,
Can you check again after cleared cache of your browser?


OK, I found the problem. In case someone else need it, what you did in your demo site is to add

.ls-inner { z-index: 0 !important; }

In the theme settings -> custom css… that along with the .home-callout fix, did the trick

I’m sorry for wasting your time, themeforest should add an option to reply our own comments so I wouldn’t create more threads ;) best regards

I have a new problem with this, plz check In the first slider I can’t click on “conoce mas” because its z-index :( any idea?

I found a solution. Instead of modifying .ls-inner, I typed .tt-callout {z-index: 3 !important;}

hello, i dont understand how it is made this page specifically the part under the slider and above the 3 columns. the part with the text Our mission is ….. if i insert callout item (without box) it is not full width like in your example but something boxed even if template setting is fullwidht im not sure what item insert in page builder to make the same look of your page can you help me pls? ty

This is a teaser text field,



Other thing… how i can right align the title in column items? i tried in custom css box inserting h3 {text-align:right} but it doesnt work…

Interesting, can I see your site?
May be you need to send your site login details via mail too

sorry themeton, it was my dumb fault i had mistyped class) it works perfect now. ty

Okay, good luck buddy

and the last thing…i hope…is how to choose if having link url in column service item or not sometimes i dont need to have url but i dont understand how to not having it.

Here is the update


Perfect, ty

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the twitter widget? Mine isn’t working :( pass: ..getecsa

Have you used custom twitter plugin there?
May our php library is obsolete or problems that used for twitter. Tnx

But it’s working on your demo site :(

Hey i was wondering if you could update for the specified image sizes? im at a 97% on gtmetrix and the image sizes are the only thing holding me back from a 98% :) thanks!

or if you could tell me how its done in the header.php file that would be better since i did some edits.. Thanks.

Typically setting width and height restricted makes very bad situation. Every people wants to upload different logo images.

So you can see “print_logo” function on header.php file. Which exists on 150 of “framework/inc_content.php” file. Please update image tag with proper width and height arguments as
style="width:120px;height:60px" ...


Its just the blog icon size, and logo size.

Blog icons are printing as background images. So do we need to set background size property? If it is,
.entry-format-icon span { background-size: 30px 30px }

hmmm idk why i cant get it to work.. its alright like your saying the size doesn’t make a difference and hinders changes

Hi, i am looking to include a google map into one of the pages, is there an easy way to do this?

Thanks, Chris

Please just add map embed (iframe) on column element. Need to put it on HTML view of content editor.


How do I get the social media icons to show on the top bar like on the live demo?

Hello, here is the answer on FAQ page. Thanks

I found somewhere on the web that page builder doesn’t work properly, drag&drop functionality. But i have seen on your videos that it works, so does it have to do anything with type of browser or something else ? I am interested in buying your theme, but i have to make sure it all works :)

It works perfectly on wp3.5.1. May there was an earlier versions. Thanks

Could you help me plz? I’m creating my slider, and apparently I did all required steps to create this screen: (this is from the LayerSlider editor preview window) but I’m getting this on my page: (you can check it on plz heelp me!

edit: found the bug, I was using font-family: “Lucida Sans”; in the custom style layer setting, and that value should be put in the input box.

Sounds fine for me :)

Have you considered to create a logo option for lower screen sizes? I want to use a bigger logo with “normal” screen sizes and a smaller one on mobile devices. Some themes have this option.

I’ll be waiting your solution ;)

Please check your email and do the updates. Thanks

thank you! it worked but now it happens another problem, plz check your mail again.

How can I insert flickr galleru shortcode? (there inst sample ind demo!) I istert my id but doesent work.

Probably you need to use flickr shortcode plugin for that. Thanks


how does one change the footer set up. Whilst I love the theme , forcing the structure of the bottom footer to be copyright on left, and the footer menu on the right, is inflexible. Most themes are not so rigid. And not proving background colour options for the footer is not so good either.

Can you advise:

i) how to change the footer background colour.

ii) how to change the bottom footer. I do not want a menu in the right hand side, I want to put an image there, and I want to change the background colour.

hey love your work and look forward to hearing from you.

Please use this simple style on your Custom CSS field

/* Footer background */
#footer { background-color: #yourcolor }
/* Footer bottom */
#bottom { background-color: #yourcolor }


hey thanks!!

Hi, this is a great theme! One question. Whats the fastest way that I can get the “call out” to open the assigned link in an external window?

Have you selected “Link target” option with Blank? Which means open your content in new tab.


I notice that the Symbol Icon under the Column Service is displaying well on your demo on IE whereas mine came out as boxes as well as the go to the top button. How to fix that?

Interesting. Can you add this code on your header.php file and try again?


The code is already there in the header.php. I have deleted and copy and paste from the link given but still not loading.

Have you cleared cache of your browser? Now I see icons well but in a square on IE7 & 8.