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Hi was hoping you could help me out with the answer abut changing the footer set up. Thank you

Looks this is a very obsolete answer. But I answered there. Thanks

hi one more thing. my site is being developed at

You will see the custom menu has borders around it. I am using mega menu, but only the header menu is megafied.

Is there a way to stop this border?

thanks for your heko

I saw there you added so many styles related mega menu. Border bottom will disappear If you use following style there
#megaMenu ul ul.sub-menu-1 > > a { border-bottom: none !important }

Thanks a lot

Hi i am getting this error trying to import old posts from my old option-tree framework blog:

Failed to import “Media”: Invalid post type option-tree

Any ideas how to import the XML?

thank you

Theme doesn’t have option-tree. Are you talking about theme options panel?

sorry to confuse. My old blog site, did have option-tree. When I try to import the posts into the gravity theme, via Import XML, i get the “Failed to import “Media”: Invalid post type option-tree error.

Hope you activated Gravity theme instead of old one.
I don’t have any guess, can you remove old theme entirely from themes section?


Hi. Is there a way to have a light header and menu instead of dark? Something that comes pre-built maybe and configurable.

Admin panel has an option to change that color.


hello themeton remember that you help me hide the carousel and show it when the jquery was loaded, is there any way I can do that with the whole index page?? so when people visit site doesnt show nothing until is completely loaded??? thanks in advance :)

Is your content broken when before they load finish?
I have no idea about it. Probably we need to use some plugin for this. Hope you like this,


I couldn’t find a shortcode for vertical tabs :(

It is a page property of page builder element.


I’m using now, but I want to change a carousel our client and post to slide 5 items/times. Can you help me?

What is your site address? I need to know certainly what it the blog mean.

Typically carousel element initialing from 237-280 lines of “resources/js/scripts.js” file


It’s my site: I want to get scroll automatic the logos and the “tt-post-carousel”. Please help me! Thanks!

I found it! Thanks you so much!

Hi tis me again.

I am trying to put the custom menu in the top widget area. However, i do not want to have any underlines, and for the menu to be horizontal, not vertical.

Is there something I should be doing?

thanks for all your help

sorry to see

Every custom changes require additional work :)
#footer h3.widget-title { color: #000 }

I don’t know there have another issues related that.


hey thanks. Loving your work more and more! But it is not just widget titles. The color of the title for my tt-tabs tab-vertical is still #ffffff. Any ideas to have this change back to #000 thanks ..

I think you had selected white color on tab element. But now you look selected black color there :)

Also I saw very little issue on your right top nav. You look made simple mistake on your custom css, If you change/fix this your top menu looks little better



Im having problems with some image quality on blog post entries. Does Gravity Theme compress images when they are uploaded in some way?

For example, please see this image URL, it all looks pretty sharp. Take note of the logo:

But then that same image being used in a blog post, doesn’t appear so sharp. Again take particular note to the logo.

Hope you can help me out?

Best, MetalPotato

The image size I uploaded was 985px x 618px. Its a standard post with a featured image.

I’ve created you a new user, will email it to you now.


Thanks got an user :)

I just removed gallery image and leave with featured image. Now please check your image and i think it looks better now.


Is there a way to call one specific testimonial and display it using the shortcodes?

Looks don’t have. Testimonial element for combination of posts. But why you can use simple column element with with quote tag text.


I just looked to try and add a column using a shortcode, (its in a portfolio item, not on a page with the pageviewer), and it only lets me select the number of columns I want to insert, not a quote.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi, I would like to display a website in French but the date stamps on posts are in English (especially months). How can I change the time stamp con posts from English to French?

Thank you in advance for your help. Mat

Very first, is your site language French ?
This is a result of “date” (wp core) function. So if you want to show it on different format please just generate your custom one instead of it. This function exists on framework/inc_content.php (line 70).

T hanks a million

Add another set of columns to the footer, so we could say have one large footer box occupying 40% of the left, and 2 smaller boxes on the right each accounting for 30% of the space?

Answered on your another comment. Thanks

Is anyone else having problem with twitter widget? I’m unable to use it :(

Please just use any custom/advanced twitter plugin on your site.
I think has many advanced and quality plugins there.


Which one did you use on ??

This is one is a just twitter widget. But sometimes it doesn’t work for a while. If it doesn’t work there, you should use any custom twitter widget on your site.

Thanks man

I’ll retype my comment from above, as the first part of it didn’t add.

I was asking, is there anyway of adding a 5th footer layout to the theme admin options panel? I really just want three columns, but not all the same size.

Im after the first column to take up 40% of the footer, with the other two columns on the right taking up 30% of the space each. Is that possible? That or Im happy to follow your instructions on how to modify one of the current footer layouts?

Hi there,

I don’t know what you add those 3 columns. But here I have simple 6 column usage on another theme. And usage is similar this.

Also you can add there pure html code.


Thanks sir.

Is there an easy way to make sure that all of the column service boxes on the home page are the same height? Although I’ve made sure the same number of characters appears in the descriptions, the boxes all line up in Chrome, but if I look at the same page in Firefox, the boxes are odd sizes.

Can we fix the height of the boxes manually?

That means your service content are different size. But you should use similar style for your site if you pursuing to restrict them
.home .tt-cs-container {
Of course you can change value of height there

Thank you!

How can I stop the responsiveness at say, 700px wide? So the site doesn’t go any smaller than 700px?

It is not really hard. Please just remove relevant styles from “resources/css/responsive.css” file. You should find small resolution styles similar @media (max-width:480px) { ... } from the file.


Or even better, rather than restricting the width to 700px, could I define the width of the home boxes for each responsive width-change of the site?

For example, this code but for the several different widths the site wrapper displays at as a browser width is changed?

.home .tt-cs-container { height:120px; overflow:hidden; }


As I described on previous comment, you should add this style on relevant style sections. Such as
@media (max-width:767px){
   .home .tt-cs-container{height:120px;overflow:hidden;}
@media (min-width:768px) and (max-width:979px){
   .home .tt-cs-container{height:140px;overflow:hidden;}
Also you can set specific size on different resolutions as I set 120 and 140 on this custom style


Worked perfectly. Thank you Themeton.

This is going to be one of the last questions I ask, as Im conscious that you have helped me an awful lot this last few weeks, and please know that I REALLY appreciate it!!

On Portfolio pages, the main 1170px image at the top, I don’t want it to be set by the Wordpress Featured Image. I’d like to upload the image I want to use, copy it’s URL, and paste that into a new box in the Portfolio Settings.

The reason for this is I want to use two different images for each portfolio item. I’d like to use one image for the portfolio previews in the carasel and portfolio pagebuilder, and a different image which will be 1170px on the full portfolio page.

I’ve created a new box in /framework/post-type/Portfolio.php using the following code:

 'imageurl' => Array('type' => 'text', 'description' => __('Portfolio Image URL', 'themeton'), 'title' => __('Portfolio Image URL', 'themeton')),

Could you tell me what I’d change in the code in single-portfolio.php to use the image set in the next box I’ve created from the above code please?

 <?php  if (has_post_thumbnail($post->ID)) {
                        $lrg_img = wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID), 'full');
                        $image_width = 1170;

                        $image_height = get_field("image_height")!="" ? get_field("image_height") : (intval(get_settings_value("portfolio_height"))*2);

                        $url = aq_resize($lrg_img[0],$image_width,$image_height, true);
                        $thumb =         

 '<div class="tt-element hover-content">
<img src="'.$url.'" alt="" />
</div>';  echo $thumb; } ?>

Thanks very much.


Have you updated the theme with latest version? Looks your send code different than latest updated files. But it is okay, please watch this and inject following code into your single-portfolio.php file.
    if(isset(get_field("imageurl")) && get_field("imageurl") != "")
        $lrg_img[0] = get_field("imageurl");

Thanks a lot

Thank you.

Please don’t worry about wasting your time with my last post (the one about single-portfolio.php and the two seperate images. I’ve decided to modify the single-portfolio.php template, and have removed the image code, and will now manually enter the second image directly into the post. I would have deleted my above message, but there doesn’t seem to have an option to delete comments.