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Hi Themeton,

I’ve been having an awful lot of problems with Themeforest comments lately, not sure if some has come through or some has not. Here are some support questions i’d really like to get your feedback on, if at all possible?

1. How can I remove the overlay with the two black + and link out buttons on carousel / portfolio images please? I don’t want the overlay. I just want them image to link to the portfolio post.

2. How can I stop the animation of the portfolio when the page first loads, where the portfolio items spread out from the left side of the page to the right?

3. Column Service boxes, how can I get them to remain the exact same height at all times, even when responsiveness happens when resizing the browser? I’ve already ensured Im using the exact same number of words / characters in the boxes.

4. You said something about using a column box with a quote, when I asked if there was a way of posting one specific testimonial on a page. I looked in the shortcodes and I see no such option. I am trying to post a testimonial on portfolio pages. How can I either choose a testimonial to post on the page, or insert a quote somehow?

5. Still having problems with image quality blurring. The images Im inserting are larger than would ever be displayed on the website, so I know the images aren’t being stretched. As requested, I’ve emailed you login details.

Please disregard all past support request comments on here. I only require help with the above questions now if possible.

Lastly, thank you SO MUCH for all your help. This is by far the best theme I have ever purchased, and the support you’ve given me has been utterly outstanding, and I want you to know that I really do appreciate it. Thank you, Themeton.


One last thing, whatever you did to remove the hover on the portfolio items, could you do the exact same thing on blog posts with featured images please? See this blog post for example, still has the fading on it when you hover.

I just removed overlay event from javascript file. Hope now removed those effect on every places. If there have another one let me know.


Thank you very much sir. Much appreciated.

Hi, I am facing a paging issue on my blog. When clicking “Page 2” instead of loading page 2, the website only reloads the current page. Any suggestion? Thanks for your help

Take a look here:


Do you have a solution?

I don’t see there any pagination. Also I just see only 10 posts there. Typically wp paged with 10 posts. Is there have more than 10 posts right now? Also can I see the page that has pagination?



could you take a look at the page below from an iPhone or iPad please? for some reason the text is jumping all over the place. it was also doing this on the home page until i removed the testimonials from page builder. this page doesn’t have testimonials but still is playing up.

also could you please check my support Emil from a few days ago above this one? the modified file you sent me was identical to the one i have, so made no difference.

Thank you for the video. I’m wondering why it is glitching always. Can you clear cache of your browser and try again?

I checked your site on iPhone 4 safari and chrome and both of they had no problem.

Sorry for my so general answer. I really don’t see this problem on my mobile



The problem now seems to have sorted itself. Im still waiting for a reply regarding my other problem, mentioned in the last two emails on this thread, and further up this page. Could you please help?!?

Okay, sure

Hi, please tell me how to change the width of sub-menu? Tks!

#menu ul li:hover ul, #menu ul li.sfHover ul {
  width:240px !important;
Please use this simple style on Custom CSS field. Now width is 190px wide.


Are we having the Twitter issue now? since Twitter will update his API from VC1 to 1.1 ??? cuz now my latest tweets are not working :/ neither in your demo pages

Hello, I also think it is about api. Can you use advanced twitter plugin on your site instead of existing one.

I think custom plugin is an easy and more reliable. Thanks

lol so you are not going to update the twitter API to your theme since is not working now ?

This quick note is to show my gratitude to themeton for the five-star service quality!! thx a lot!!

What is your wordpress version ? Please update it and I hope it will work then. Thanks


I am trying to make just the h1 title tag font “Clicker Script”. I place this in the custom CSS box on admin panel, but it does not change the h1 title tag at the top of the page. Any help would be great! Thank you.

Please make sure your browser isn’t caching old styles. And add css importance or more deep selector on H1 tags.

h1 { font-family:'Clicker Script' !important }



Could you tell me why the comments section breaks up comments into separate bubbles if a new line is started when someone leaves a comment? For example, see the following image… that should all be in the same bubble??

Ohh I see. I’ll fix it soon on your site.

Okay, please check now. I hope fixed it now. Removed some P tag styles and bind it on container div.

Thanks a lot

Yet again, you’ve sorted it out. This is by far the best theme with the best after-sales support I’ve ever received, and I’ve bought a LOT of themes.

Thank you, Themeton.

In porfolio page, I want to arrange the article title by row, it’snt absolute now. Please tell me how to get it!

How did you show your portfolio items? By page or page builder element or …? I need to know where we need to make changes

I want to show by page builder element: thumds-nail and title

can you help me to make changes? plz!

I just wanted to say that we have been really impressed with the Gravity theme, it more than fulfils all our needs and certainly exceeded our expectations for quality and ease of use. We’re not very technical as we’re a marketing consultancy rather than a creative agency but we have to say the support service delivered has been exceptional. The video’s are great and when we’ve struggled ThemeTon have been absolutely brilliant. I guess it must be a pain dealing with guys like us who haven’t got a clue, but the support has always been understanding and explains what to do in ways we can grasp.

We can’t thank them enough and will recommend them to anybody looking for a WP template.

Kind regards

Zein Marketing

Thank you really much. I hope this quote helps many customers :)

Can I use my own custom icons in the service columns? If so, how?

- You can create custom service item with custom icon by column element.

- Also you can bind custom class for your new service and bind icon image with your column element.

- Probably I need to update column service item with custom image link

Which one do you prefer? Please let me know and I’ll try to help you

Thanks friend.

The ability to attribute a custom icon/image would be great. For now, in each service column, do I just give it a different class then in the CSS; add a background image for each new class with their specific icon?

I see. It looks common issue. Will update with this feature. Thanks

Hi sir,

quick question. Is there a way of setting my own image icon for the column service boxes which you can create using the Page Builder please?


Doesn’t support custom icon seems lack of our service element. I’ve answered some customers that “We have a chance to create custom element with column element”. But recently I tried myself with column element and I couldn’t reach exactly same as services.

So now I’m thinking about update of this. Do you have another issues or requests for elements? Please let me know and I’ll try to include them on next updates if they are doable.

Thanks friend

I am interested in using your theme however I would need this to function with WPML for multi-lingual support so I am wondering if your theme supports placing the language selector/flag icons up top somewhere? Did you already specify usable module locations or would this have to be coded?


- Theme has translation files (po/mo).

- Theme has top sidebar as you can see top socials. You can put there language widget/flag. I think wpml is a better than other plugins. If there have problem for translation, I’ll help you

Thanks for interesting


Love the theme! Could you please help me with two issues -

1. How do I change the overlay colour when an image is hovered over? 2. I have added a custom menu to the footer but unfortunately, there is a pale grey border around it. How do I remove this?

Many thanks and great work,


1. Now this color comes from main aspect color that you selected on Skin tab of theme options panel. So you can overwrite it with your custom style as following
.image-overlay {
    background-color: rgba(0, 221, 255, .7);
First three numbers are rgb color of your color. And last (.7) value is an opacity fill.
Simply you can set bg color with hex code like background-color:#edfeac;. But it doesn’t look transparent.
You can convert your hex color to rgb with this site,

2. Ohh I see. Please use this custom style there

#footer .widget ul li {

Add those custom styles on Custom CSS field of Skin tab. If you have another questions, you should let me know and 2nd issue fixed on next update

Thanks a lot

I just wanted to say thank you for the great theme and the excellent support!

Hello, I am getting close to the end of my sites development. EVERYONE should know, this theme is awesome! I do, however, have a couple quick questions:

1. when you hover over a portfolio thumbnail, you get two icons that pop up to chose from. one is to view the portfolio page and the other is to enlarge the thumbnail image. Can i disable the second option. I do not want people to be able to view that thumbnail, instead i want it to direct them to the portfolio page itself.

2. How do i customize the color of the subnavigation. When you hover over about us on my main menu for example, the drop down sub nav is our team and our office. The background color is the same as the header background – can i give it a custom color instead?

Thanks so much!


1. You can find some tip from this FAQ link

2. It is hard to add option for that. Probably it requires 10 or 20 options (background color, border color, text color, link color, link hover color, active color ….). I can add all those options there, but most of the time customers don’t want to set all those boring detailed options. So I have few line css code for you. You should customize your color attributes there and add it on Custom CSS field of admin panel
#menu ul ul li { 
#menu ul li.sfHover ul li a, #menu ul ul li a {
/* Link color */
#menu ul ul li a {
  color:#FFFFFF !important;

Thank you for your compliment :)

Last question I think. On each individual portfolio page, on the 4th column there are titles: 1.categories 3.client 4. Used Tech.

Can i change the words used tech to something else? I want it to say Project Overview.

Thanks so much!!!

Looks you need to change simply those text on single-portfolio.php file.

Thanks :)

Correct thank you.

Hi @themeton

Thanks to your great support I bought your theme again because of the update to allow for video portfolio items.

I am having a big issue though because in your update, the code is very different from what is on the gravity demo site. For example, here: you can see there are defined spaces for Description and Details, as well as forward and back arrows. This does not exist in your update.

There is also a bug in the theme settings. If I select to Disable showing featured images in the single portfolio, it doesn’t work and is ignored.

Please, if you can, fix these issues, or tell me how to fix them.


- Details: Portfolio single page has an option to select layout. Have you checked those options, specially “FULL WIDTH CONTENT?” one. I think it causes by those.

- Arrows: It is my bad, I deleted when I updating it. I just turned back and now it is showing.

- Image visibility option: There have an logical problem. So I have questions.
  • What would be fine if featured image turned off? Now image has 8 grid and sidebar content in 4 grid. They need to turn wide to 12?
  • Is this option needs to work on every featured content? Including video, image slider etc.


Hi @themeton/

Well, I have manged to fix the problems myself – had to custom program couple elements to make the page look and fell like i wanted too.

Now , i notice that maybe you would consider to allow tags on the portfolio items , as well as maybe creating “poplar portfolio item” widget …

Just an idea for you :)

Again – AWESOME support!

Thanks so much.

Popular means most visited. right? So I think there have so many plugins those count visits and shows by them by widget.

Thanks for the suggestion :)


For some reason my site isn’t taking the fonts I am choosing through the theme settings. Instead it is going back to a standard font – this happened before and went away. Now the problem is back, any idea how to correct this, and do so permanently???

Thank you very much.

Theme options panel generates this file automatically. Please check FAQ (support) page and get a tip to write it. Thanks

if theme options panel generates this file, wouldnt i see it? Can i have your email to send you a link to the site. My theme is not responding to any of the google fonts. Thanks.

Please send me a mail from my profile page. Thanks

Is there some class or way to avoid some specific text being centered when viewed on lower resolutions? (i.e. mobile)? section Vacantes don’t want it to be centered.

Thx in advance!

I don’t see any centered text when I check your site on mobile. Can you show me it?


I’m sorry themeton. I was able to apply a left align to a custom class but being 2am I forgot to tell you. Thx a lot