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How to add filter portfolio items by category in admin?

Page builder has Portfolio element. Then this element has filter option by categories. That’s it. Please watch portfolio element screencast from documentation page.


no, I want to add filter categories of portfolio in portfolio manage. It’s not page builder.

What “portfolio manage” means? I don’t understand your question. Can you explain it little bit clear?

Hi there,

How could I change the link of the author name at the bottom of blog posts please? Currently it links to the Author page, but I want it to link to the authors twitter name using the following code:

<?php the_author_meta(‘twitter’); ?>

When looking for the place to make this edit in single.php, all I find is:

<?php about_author(); ?>

Where is the file I need to make the appropriate edits please?

Thank you.

Manual editing method:
If your want to change those link on blog page, you should replace those links on loop.php file. There has 4 the_author_posts_link(); function occurs.

On single post page, above function exists on in line 52. Also author box function exists on framework/inc_content.php file and line 635.

WP function method:
If those manual editing is hard to you and on many places, probably we need to use php method as

add_filter('the_author_posts_link', 'the_author_twitter_link');
function the_author_twitter_link() {
    global $authordata;
    if ( !is_object( $authordata ) )
            return false;
    echo the_author_meta('twitter');

Add this code on functions.php file. Note: It isn’t completed and tested well!

Thanks a lot

Hi there, I know you’re theme doesn’t say it is compatible with woo commerce but I took a chance and bought it anyway. I can only find one issue and that is that one button is grey and the writing on that button is white. Its very difficult to read, and it’s the only 1 button that is styled this way. I used another theme before, and this button wasn’t any different from the rest, with your theme it seems to be. I know you don’t support woo commerce but I thought I’d give it a shot asking you. Great theme by the way!! My page in question is:

Still have the same issue, This page: is fixed, but clients rarely see this page, the most seen page would be this:

I don’t know how you configured up you site. Have you set woo pages there already and completely?

Yes as far as I am aware, I have set woo commerce up completely and 100%. I have also asked on there community forums, and the answers I got pointed to the theme. Nothing helpful though, just ‘it’s a theme issue’.

Also, is it possible to change the background color of the page title area under the menu? It’s currently plain white, I may want to use our corporate color on this area.

Please use this custom style there
#feature { background-color:#CUSTOM; }


Hello, The Google+ social widget Acconutn ID fails me. You can check my URL: My Google + Account ID is “114193448176864388728”, and the link shows this: https / / which is a broken link. Can you help? Thank you.

Looks now you set it there correctly. Thanks

Hi there!

Quick question… the search function appears to only display results from posts and not pages. How can I include content from pages in the search results?

Many thanks, Sue

Please open up the functions.php file and remove exclude_pages_from_search function at bottom of that file.

Thanks :)

Thank you once again for the great support and quick response. :)

Thank you for noticing :)

So here is the update of script that opens single portfolio page straightly. Update it into your theme folder and clear cache of your browser. It will have be an option on next update


My wordpress recently self updated, and since then, if i’m trying to use the icon for the theme to add your shortcodes, or try to use the page builder and click on the ‘gear’ the pop up windows where we should be able to edit attributes seems to pop up, is grayed out and does not work. I need to tab through to I highlight ‘done’ or ‘cancel’. Any idea’s how to fix this?

Also, I’ve found more buttons for woo commerce that aren’t formatted right. Can you have a look at these for me please?

‘Proceed to checkout’ button here: and the ‘place order’ button on this page:

Looks this version has high z-index on that gray overlay.
Please add this simple style in framework/post-type/style.css file
.ui-widget-overlay{z-index:80 !important}
There need some small css glitches but above style solves big problem

Thanks :)

Can you advise on fixing the css issues on those buttons? Getting those fixed will allow me to be a step away from launching my site. The 1 step stopping me is a woo commerce issue which I am waiting on help for from them. Thank you for all your help ;)

First I see this on both of those links,
Then I wondering what are you talking about. So now I added some items on the cart and see button issue.

As I advised you before we need to set color on this button again. This is combination of hover and out together.
.woocommerce a.button.alt, .woocommerce button.button.alt, .woocommerce input.button.alt, .woocommerce #respond input#submit.alt, .woocommerce #content input.button.alt, .woocommerce-page a.button.alt, .woocommerce-page button.button.alt, .woocommerce-page input.button.alt, .woocommerce-page #respond input#submit.alt, .woocommerce-page #content input.button.alt, .woocommerce a.button:hover, .woocommerce button.button:hover, .woocommerce input.button:hover, .woocommerce #respond input#submit:hover, .woocommerce #content input.button:hover, .woocommerce-page a.button:hover, .woocommerce-page button.button:hover, .woocommerce-page input.button:hover, .woocommerce-page #respond input#submit:hover, .woocommerce-page #content input.button:hover
{color:#666 !important}


Hello all,

Probably you see some problem on pagebuilder If you’ve updated your wp to 3.6. Looks this version has high z-index on that gray overlay.
Please add this simple style in framework/post-type/style.css file
.ui-widget-overlay{z-index:80 !important}
There need some small css glitches but above style solves big problem. Also this issue updated next update.

Thanks :)

On my laptop, using the latest version of FireFox I need to change this line of code:

to this:

In order to use the page builder feature. Where do I make this change? I can’t find the code.

Sorry I don’t see anything after ”:”. Please send me them again.

This code:  

<div id="cb_container_dialog" class="ui-dialog-content ui-widget-content" style="display: block; width: auto; min-height: 0px; max-height: none; height: auto;">

When Changed to this helps a lot:

<div id="cb_container_dialog" class="ui-dialog-content ui-widget-content" style="display: block; width: auto; min-height: 0px; max-height: none; height: 600px;">

You can view what I mean here: 

I guess it is related WP3.6. Please update the theme, latest version has tons of updates and fixes


I’ve noticed a lot of the pages seem to be putting


on the code which causes some layout issues. Are you aware of this or what causes this? I had a new homepage I made, and some of the images were out of alignment until I removed the ‘
’ and it seemed fine after that.

and < / pre > that should say

I don’t understand what you mean. Also you comment looks incomplete. Please watch this and try to select you home page there. Thanks

1. This theme is great and you’re doing an amazing job with support!

2. The pagebuilder editor isn’t working properly. Everything is mashed to the right barely viewable in a 30-40px gap. Any idea what’s going on?

3. On an individual portfolio page, can you add/replace/subtract fields in the “Details” section?


1. Really appreciated.

2. Please update the theme. Latest version has tons of updates. Hope your problem solved with this enough

3. Please try to add those manually there. Change isn’t hard to do.
– So please open up framework\post-type\portfolio.php file and add your custom fields as line in $portfolio_settings array.
- Open up the single-portfolio.php file and print your custom arguments like
- If you can’t do those there, please let me know and I’ll help you
- Don’t forget to make changes in your child theme, because it is helpful to save your changes on every update of main theme

Thanks a lot

Dear customers,

Recently I’ve updated the theme. If you have problems related WP 3.6, please update the theme with v2.0. I hope this version fixes every problems of page builder (fixed everything I saw). Also there have bunch of updates then please check the changelog of item description.

Also there updated Service element with custom image option and fixed twitter element and widget. Hope you like these updates,
Service img:

Of course you should tell me if there have problems. It is an honor to me assist you always.

Thanks a lot

Hello Themeton, i write also here in order to help also others if they have the same problem of mine.

i have updated to version 2.0 and i have these problem that i had not earlier

1) i cant see team images in homepage (bottom of page) 2) same problem for images inside portfolio

3) i dont need zoom button on portfolio image so i added .hover-zoom { display:none } .hover-links { margin-left:-11px }

but i have still, both button…

pls let me know thank you

1 and 2 ok (which file you have changed?)

3) ok but how i change the margin left? i need to move button a bit…

1. The framework/aq_resizer.php. But never mind, it will be updated on next update too.

2. Do you remember this FAQ answer. We need exactly this style. Just play number value there


ok thank you)

Hello, I am a little new to the “Updating” process. I thought there would be an update in my Wordpress CMS Dashboard for the new Gravity 2.0 theme. But there was not. So I re-downloaded the theme and tried to install the theme manually but it said the install had failed. I am having the same issues as most of the people above with the compatibilities for WP3.6. The Page Builder does not show up, even when I insert the:
.ui-widget-overlay{z-index:80 !important}
Into the framework/post-type/style.css file. Could you please let me know what I should try next?

Thanks P.S. I love this theme! I just need to get it working again.

Please read this update instruction.

Hope that helps you. Thanks TT

You totally solved it, thanks!

Lots of problems after upgrading WP and Gravity :( Tabs are not working (check for instance the mission part is supposed to be in tabs), team images are not working (I read about aq_resizer.php and restored the previous version and it worked again), Service column are throwing ”: Undefined variable: html in …/wp-content/themes/Gravity/framework/pagebuilder/items/column_service/init.php on line 156”, page builder is adding extra p and breaking the design (check “Let us handle needs to be in the same line of the right image but before the shortcode is adding p :(

excuse me themeton, I’ve got lost… I appreciate your help… so you already edited some other files? what should I edit on scripts.js?

(it’s weird that filezilla didn’t tell me anything about a failed file transfer)

Oh, I see… I’ve just edited the js file and uncommented if (badIE == false){ ... and now I understand what I did wrong, I didn’t update the child header.php. thx a lot!!

can the footer and header colour be changed so it is a custom colour? and can the text for headings and the navigation be edited too?

You can change header bg color with an option. Footer requires custom style but very simple. Top and menu border colors have options.


Layer Slider. Having an issue since installing Gravity 2.0 with layer slider. The shadow on borderlesslight skin is now in front of the slider???

Can you send me your site address here or via mail? I wanna inspect it and give you a solution. Thanks

Portfolio featured image does not seem to be appearing since I installed Gravity 2.0?

Please send me your site address. Thanks

Under the “Portfolio” I’m using the portfolio plugin. When you click on the individual item, it takes you to that page. But, in the breadcrumbs, when I try clicking “Portfolio” it takes me to the 404. My guess is permalinks are naming things ”..porfolio-item/project” instead of just ”..portfolio/project” ?

Sorry for multiple posts…

I want to get rid of the multiple rollover options when I hover over portfolio image. In the portfolio gallery, I want just the “” icon to appear and when clicked it will take me to the individual page. Then, on the individual page, when I roll over the main image, again, I want just the “” icon to appear and then that will expand into the lightbox. What do I need to do?

I think there we need to bind taxonomy page link or your portfolio page link. Also we can remove it simply. Do you prefer which one of these?


Possibly remove? So long as the images on the portfolio gallery take me to the individual portfolio pages when clicked and then large “featured image” on the single page expands into a lightbox when clicked.

Hope you are using latest version of the theme. So please go to the Additional options tab of ThemeOptions panel and you’ll see the options those for overlay icons.

Please use this option for your need :)