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This theme is very easy to use once I figured out how the filters worked. I love the transitions between the filters, and I was able to update my portfolio site in under a day! It took some time tweaking the order of the different sized images, but I love it! I needed a refresh on my site pretty quickly, and I didn’t need a Wordpress template since I don’t blog or post things frequently. This page is perfect because it’s very easy to update, responsive, and looks very elegant :) Thank you!

Thanks so much, glad you like it! :)

Hi ppandp, In the Firefox 28.0 the slider doesn’t work. Only at me?

Hm, the demo works fine here. Did you check the demo or your new website?

On PC (firefox) the slider in demo too doesn’t work (at my computer). I, now in business trip, will return I will try on MAC and on PC (firefox) of my friends. I will report results…

Everything works for my friends. I remove a question. Thanks for a template.

i have a question for map! i just want to change to ‘google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP’ but when i changed roadmap? then drop us a line texts all disappear in contact form! how can i fix it?

sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean. You want to change roadmap to something else?

Can you please tell me how to change the size of the slider on the front page? I want it to appear larger from left to right. Please tell me the size options and where I find them. Thanks :)

col(umn) tile, not title… it’s the size of the tiles. if you change it from col2-3 to col1-1 you will get what you want; given that you include images that are 940px wide.

Yeah thank you, that works perfect! :) Can you tell me what typo is used for the logo? Greenwich Village on the top has two different typos – can you tell me the names? Thanks a lot!

They should be listed in the description pdf file. They are the same as the body fonts.


I bought the Wordpress version of this theme. Can you kindly tell me what font is used to create the logo ‘greenwich’ and ‘village’ as it looks soooo nice and I would really like to recreate something similar for my site.

Thanks and great work!

Open Sans and Merriweather, both Google webfonts. Hope this helps

Sorry, it’s Lora, not Merriweather.

Hi i puchase the theme which i find fantastic .. the only problem with the last IOS the site keep carshing .. both ipad (3rd generation) and iphone 4s .. i have about 12 pics in the home page slider … is there a flexslider problem ? i dont think 12 pics are too muc also they are very light

Unfortunately, the browsers in the latest iOS have been stripped of most of their cache, causing occasional crashes in several sites, including this template. 12 pictures is too much in the flexslider in combination with the isotope filter. Let’s hope for apple to fix this.

dont worry sort it out embedding a diffrent slider …

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: filter_var() in /home/hosting_users/autumnlight/www/contact.php on line 9

this error from form mail when i click sending button how to fix it?

already replied

i got nothing….can u send me again? plz? derecious82@naver.com

Hi, I’ve just bought your theme but I’d like to know how to set the menu as your example http://themeforest.net/item/greenwich-village-responsive-html5-onepage/full_screen_preview/6800734 3 menu items right, 3 menu items left and logo in the center. thx valentina

Since you don’t have a purchased button next to your name, I am asuming you bought the WordPress version. If so, please contact the developer / author of that version, thanks!

Thanks for a great theme.

Could you let me know what to change in the contact.php to send the user to a separate thank-you.html page? If I add header(‘Location: thank-you.html’); when I send the form it stays on the same page.

I need this for my Google tracking.


Hello, why to delete the div with the map the hover effects stop working?

Can you send me the link to your website, so I can check out the problem? Thanks

I just delete the div with the map (I think)


Ok, try removing this from the bottom of index.html:

<script src="js/jquery.gomap-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


Did that solve the issue?

I just finished my wife’s website INTACTO . We congratulate you on an oustanding job, we love the GV template both in design and how it works.

Only one issue we are not sure of, would you have any comments / suggestions to improve page speed?

Hi, sorry for the delay. You should make the images smaller (300×300). That should reduce the loading time significantly.

How to set the flexslider from ‘slide’ to ‘fade”

Page speed is still difficult (all pictures checked).

In jquery.isotope.load_home.js line 5: change the animation from slide to fade. Hope this helps.

It will have an impact on page speed if you have too many pictures or include them in too high dimensions/resolutions.

Hi There,

I purchased the WP version of this theme and I am doing some customizing and need to know where you originally got the sharing social icons from. I am trying to add a matching email icon but Tom doesn’t know for sure where I can find it and suggested I drop a comment to you here since you are the original author. Here are the icons I am trying to match:


Your help would GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. I was really hoping to get the name of the package. I like the design and want them to match.


No mail icon there though…

Thanks! I see that.. Oh well!

Great template. I have a problem on phones, though, because even though I’ve changed all the page and site titles (and customized the template) it shows “Greenwich Village” on the phone instead of my client’s name. I’ve looked everywhere, and can’t find where this title is. Can you tell me where to change that? It’s fine on desktop browsers. http://www.davidnorthconstruction.com

I see David North… on my iPad and iPhone, maybe it is a cache issue on your end?

My client says she’s finding it through a search on her iPhone5, and it’s showing Greenwich Village. My iPad & tracfone show David North. I told her about the cache but she doesn’t know how to clear it. I’ll try to help her with that today. Thanks!


Why is it the Drupal theme of Greenwich Village doesn’t exist anymore? I need the drupal version, the one-page isn’t necessary, it can be a multi-page site, but with the same look and feel. Can you help me?

Regards, Frederic

Hi, I didn’t see that it was missing before your comment. I will ask the developer. Would WordPress be also something for you? The WP version of this template is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/greenwich-village-one-page-wordpress-theme/7472860

Hope this helps. Thanks

Hello, I’m working with Drupal. I have no skills with WP. Is it still available in Drupal?

It will be updated and be back available for sale in a couple of days.


bcab Purchased

Hi, Is there a problem with slider in chrome browser?

I found the problem. You have to remove the div class images around the images in the slideshow.


bcab Purchased

yes it is. now is perfect. thank you

Sure! :)


I’ve been using this template for few months and I absolutely love it! Very easy to customize

Recently I’ve been getting spam emails through the contact form. Is there a way to add a captcha or something to prevent spam?



I would need to see your website to check which version of the contact.php file you have. Thanks

I sent you the latest version of contact.php by email. It has a spam filter in it. Thanks

Hi, in the documentation you mention the following regarding adding tiles:

How to add another tile/column? Here you can choose between 1/3, 2/3 or 1/1 columns.

Under about us for example, I copy paste one item (portrait picture), and paste in order to add another tile, and it is always added ontop of the first tile.

How to we add tiles to specific locations? All tiles in About page have the col1-3 class.

Can you please explain this?

thank you

That should include the spam filter.

OK, so it is not like a captcha system? Because there is no such field in the current form. thank you

No, but it automatically detects if it is a human submitting the form.

Hi – your instructions on changing the Navigation Font using the WP Google Fonts plugin don’t seem to be working for me. I used your code: #header.navbar .nav > li > a, #header .dropdown-menu li a { font-family: ‘Allan’, arial; } and substituted Allan for our font, but the change is not displaying.

It seems you have purchased the WP version, please contact the developer of this theme for help. Thank you