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mmm…why I can’t reach the live demo…

can you reach it now?

ok it’s fine now…well done and GLWS

Thank you

Great Style! And the contactform works perfect….. 5 stars! :-)

Glad you like it! :)

Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Looks amazing to me. The design is just great! GLWS!

Thank you :)

Wow great job!Good luck :)

Excellent work! Good luck with sales!

Amazing, one day will be my webpage !

Sounds like a plan :)

yes sir !

Great design! Congratulations. I just NEED it as a Wordpress theme. Do you think is it possible?

Good news! Do you know when this version will be ready? Thank you.

I hope next month, will let you know, when I have an ETA. Thanks

WordPress version is now available. Check the item detail page for the link, thanks!

Very stylish design. Got a question prior purchasing: how easy is to change the preloader? thanks in advance

Hi thank you. It very easy to remove or replace the image and change the background color. If you need help implementing a different preloader, just drop me an email through the contact form on my profile page. Thanks

Just want to make sure the blog has no CMS functionality? I will wait for WP. I hope the WP version is just as lightweight :)

Do you think the WP version will be ready March 1?

No, sorry, probably more like the end of March.

WordPress version is now available. Check the item detail page for the link, thanks!

Hello ! Great page ! How is administrated the blog ? Will you working on a wordpress version ?

thks !

Thanks! We will probably be releasing a wordpress version next month.

WordPress version is now available. Check the item detail page for the link, thanks!

hi. i’m purchased your theme. but, nothing both “style.css” to ”.xml” file. so, i’m hard, theme install. help me. i don’t speak english, want to understand.

my e-mail adress : olacue@micimpact.com

This is only a html template, not a wordpress theme?! :/

WHAT!!??? no.. no TT i need to your theme.. so i purchased your theme. please

Great theme, THANKS! Just one question though… If I would like to make one html page for each part (about, portfolio, blog, contact, and so on), how should I do it? I am familiar with Dreamweaver, but haven’t figured out how to do it. Thanks

Will reply to your email. Please don’t double post your question. Thanks

hi, my name is “olace” but i lost ID Password. so, different ID USE. help me. send to me xml file, style.css file olacue@micimpact.com

Hi ppandp,

Good work. I’ve seen in comments that you’re converting it to a wordpress theme. How can I be informed about it?

Thanks in advance

Do you have a new estimation about the WP theme release, please?


end of april the latest:)

WordPress version is now available. Check the item detail page for the link, thanks!

Hi ppandp! Excellent work! It is a bomb!!! Thank you

Please don’t forget to rate the template, many thanks! :)

Hi ppanp..

Love this Theme!

I do have one issue that it’s crashing my iPAD. It just won’t load.

Is there any chance of you checking this out? Please..

Domain: www.giabathrooms.com.au

Is this a Responsive Issue or Javascript…

Thanks Heaps Guys!!!



Hi PaulC246,

Recent browser memory reallocation in all iOS versions is causing occasional crashes. You are either using too many pictures or the image sizes are too big. Try optimizing that.

Hope this helps.


great theme

I was wondering if it’s at all possible to add 2 more fields to the contact form..

a phone number field


an address field

i can pay you if you want

many thanks!!! Paul

Phone is already a field? I can add another address field for you if you send me the index.html and contact.php files by email – info (at) ppp-templates.de

is it possible to add a video (youtube embed) in the main picture slider and deactivate the slider on the home page?

You can only have videos in the popup lightbox unfortunately. Deactivating the slider is no problem tho.

cool. thanks a lot for that. one more thing before i make up my mind. is it possible to have more text and just have that content scroll on your about us page (http://www.ppp-templates.de/gv/#filter=.about) for the individuals’ bios that open when you click on them?

You can only use the space behind the squares. Hope this clarifies it.