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Looks clean and nice :)

Looks as nice as the WordPress, me likes. Good job done :)

Nice template! Congrats :)

Some really cool ideas , congrats , wish you the best with sales :)

Great looking!! Also the pug is just awesome :D


lol thanks :) and yes, yes he is! :D

awesome work here.. good luck!

Hi everyone, I can’t seem to get the jQuery banner working properly. This file is missing:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/jquery.scrollintoview.min.js”></script>

Hints, anyone?

Thanks in advance.


You can just clear that line from the header :) No need for it in the files. I accidentally left that in there but removed the file in JS/. Sorry about that :) I am updating the files now :P

@ everyone above: Thanks so much for the nice comments :) Very much appreciated!

ryan2771 Purchased

Am I missing something, or is there not a “send” button for the form on the contact page?

edlaagn Purchased

I purchased the HTML version, but am disappointed with it. The formatting is awful; I’m just going through now taking out masses of white space and tabbing everything in, and I have a load of extra closing <divs> that are closing god only knows what. So nice template, but be prepared to have to format it and possibly debug.

Does this actually work? I mean, the “live preview” site has a trillion broken links, ‘portfolio’ functionality that does not work, images that go into a “dummy image for preview” page that seems out of whack with the rest of the site, etc. Does this work like the WP Template? I really like the template but really hate WP and would rather work on html/CSS/Js, etc but I need to know whether this thing works before i buy it. . .