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I could really use some help! I didn’t realize that the white box would cut into my banner I am uploading. Can I get rid of that? Also, can I get rid to the red box (what would be a logo)?


Just commenting again so I can get replies.

Thanks for the theme.

I’ve been working with it for several days now and I’m having a few little glitches. I don’t know if this is the support forum for now or what. The support links above are broken. Should I email you?

1. My footer link colors keep changing from white to the Accent Entire theme color (blue). It lasts for several hours and pageloads then changes back to blue.

2. My sidebar gets pushed below the content and comments. It’s still on the side, but it is blank until the very bottom, just above the footer at the end of the post. http://ryanrench.com/?p=2893 Some posts work and some don’t. One of my testers worked for a while and then stopped working. I’ve deactivated all my plugins and the problem persists.

3. Some of my featured images don’t work. http://wp.me/p3vcev-Ju This particular post used to work and I haven’t changed anything with my media folder. It just stopped working with no changes in plugins or anything. Not sure if that will be an issue in the future, or if others have had that same problem.

I love the design and chose it over several other mosaic themes. Thank you for the help. RR

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I’d better (personal) on a blog.

I wish I could move the left side of the article (author + date + key + words …) at the bottom of the article or in the best place that you recommend so that the width of a 468px article but is 698px .

Thank you for your return to this change. Sincerely, Fred

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Hi there. Could you upload a new xml for the demo content? all the links in the current one give 404s. Lovely theme by the way. Many thanks!

People, DON’T BUY THIS THEME! It’s rubbish. The theme doesn’t know the difference between the Home and Posts page (yes, the settings at ‘reading’ are correct!), so it mixes them up. This cannot be fixed in any way. Also the way the interface works is terrible, I’ve created many websites with difficult themes, but this one tops them all… It’s horrible. Also, when you need help, there is NO SUPPORT SYSTEM! And to make matters worse: the website of the creator is no longer online. Grrr. Just spent 40$ on absolutely nothing…

Hi, I just have one question about your lovely theme, Does the slider work by displaying latest posts automatically or do I have to create slides manually?

Many thanks.

Unfortunately I purchased this theme without reading the comments here. I have had no luck reaching the author and this theme is broken. I am not having much luck with the Envato team either getting them to give me a refund. Has anyone gotten this theme to work for them?

Hello aOne,

I’ve purchased the theme and I like it very much. However, when I installed it onto Wordpress and tried to add things to the blog sidebar using widgets, I noticed that all that content information was pushed below the comment section and thus making the whole thing look off. How do I fix that?

Also, is the HP Slide supposed to be where I control the slider on the homepage?

Thanks in advance,


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Whoa! Are what gelukfotografie and SteMiranda say above true? The author seems to have been good about responding to people up until about 9 months ago, it appears. aOne, awhile back, you posted that the update that would make this theme fully responsive was just a matter of a week or two away. That never happened. Do you still have plans to release a version that is fully responsive? Hopefully I’ll hear back from you.

Any idea on when your releasing the new responsive version of this theme? I would like to purchase it.

I was wondering if the three boxes on the home page below the Hero slider are configurable to link anywhere? ex: I want to use them as a sort of quick Navigation to specific categories.

thank you


Hi St8us,

you bet they sure can! :)

Your image cheat sheet describes 3 different sizes for portfolio images, yet there is only one area to upload a featured image that covers all 3 images being displayed. How do I size the images differently for each display area? Thanks


Hey bbenscoter22 ,

If you upload a large image size the theme will crop the others for you automatically. I used a 850px by 850px image on my demo I believe.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you still need help and I can take a look at your site/admin panel and see what’s up :)


That’s just it, your guide says one thing and the admin displays another. It is quite confusing to set up a site with mixed directions. I don’t want it to crop my image, I would prefer to have control of the imagery in each of the 3 display areas, as the cheat sheet alludes to.


hmm let me take a look at the documentation. I appreciate you pointing it out to me. I will work on adding in an option to have control of the images or have them auto crop. :)

I would like to substitute using Google fonts for a standard webkit. I added the webkit code to the stylesheet and updated the font-family declaration to the new font, but it is not taking affect.

If that is too difficult, how about adding more Google fonts to the list in the admin panel?



Hey bbenscoter22 ,

Sure I can guide you through that no worries. Would you mind shooting me an email with your blog url? Using either my profile page or aonethemes.com/ticket-support to get in touch. I have an upgrade that will be including all the google fonts coming up. I’ve been updating the framework and grid system for this theme so that will be out in a bit. Just need to work out a few mobile/responsive issues and swap over the options.

I look forward to helping you though :) Just send me your URL so I can take a look!

Thanks! :)