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MStreit Purchased

Same here – WYSIWYG doesn’t work anymore (WP 4.0).

JJ-MAGZ Purchased

Any plans to bring this thing up to WP 4.0? Its a very good theme for people who like easy setups - please make an effort.

is this theme going to be fixed? I was happy to find it as it’s perfect for my client – but your reviews have went down hill and does not look like you are responding to your buyers. ???



I’m really sorry.. this theme not compatible with latest WordPress 4.0. We’re doing huge changes to make it works on WP 4.0 but we can’t estimate when the updated version available, we’ve to do so many changes & script updates for latest WP 4.0 compatibility in Grider theme


has this ever been fixed for 4.1? thanks,

Hello the WYSIWYG is not functioning. Please help!


A Quick fix for the WYSIWYG.

Open file: /wp-content/themes/grider/functions/shortcode-button.php

Replace: $themeshortcode = array ( ‘grid’,’dropcaps’, ‘divider’, ’|’, ‘blockquote’, ‘pullquote’, ‘testimonial’, ’|’, ‘list’, ’|’ , ‘pricingbox’, ’|’ , ‘button’, ‘alert’, ’|’, ‘accordion’, ‘tab’ , ‘toggle’, ’|’, ‘googlemap’,’youtube’, ‘vimeo’, ‘newimage’ );

With: $themeshortcode = array ( ‘grid’,’dropcaps’, ‘divider’, ’|’, ‘blockquote’, ’|’, ‘list’, ’|’ , ‘pricingbox’, ’|’ , ‘button’, ‘alert’, ’|’, ‘accordion’, ‘tab’ , ‘toggle’, ’|’, ‘googlemap’, ‘newimage’ );

It seems a couple of the shortcode buttons are causing the error and not allowing the WYSIWYG to load. Please note this is only a quick fix but at least it will allow you to use the theme you have paid for.


nameez Purchased


I just purchased this and noticed the issue with WYSIWYG bug is not fixed yet. I saw this but thought you would’ve fixed this as so many clients have reported it.

Can you please let me know how to make the visual editor work urgently.


nameez Purchased

Why no response from the developer regarding the WYSWYG editor? This is very bad customer support..