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Clean design) GLWS

Thank you so much :)

Dark but nice! Congrats, Pixlstore for this well-designed theme..


(By the way I think it will be good if you use more dummy images for previewing purpose to help pre-buyers imagine the site..)

Thank you :) Yes you are right! I should use some dummy images for the preview site.


Very good theme. Congratulations!

I have a question before buying template. Will you release a responsive version of this template? If yes, in how many time will you release this?


OK. I will waiting for the responsive and when it is ready, I will buy this theme. Now I have bookmarked on my account to not lose the link :)

Awsome KevinP_2012 :) Thanks!!

Just updated this theme to be responsive :D

I think you should made two color themes, one light and dark, which really doesn’t matter for me, I change the color to my liken no matter what color it was. But you might made more sales with two demo colors so people can see in two ways instead of one. I not much favor for dark themes myself.

I’m also in for the responsive theme as well… :) I buy now if it’s not too many files to change when the responsive comes out. let me know how many files would have I to change if I buy now..

Bookmarked for now.

Thanks Ace47 for your comments :) I think I will need to refine this theme a little. I’ll release a responsive theme with one dark and light in 2.5 weeks. Working also on a Wordpress version also atm.

Best wait for the responsive one to be released first before making purchase.

I will wait then,

Just updated this theme to be responsive :D


I have bought the server images, but what about the feature images, are they included because i can’t find.

Hello Pulseeey,

Thank you for purchasing this theme. The featured image PSD file is included and located here at psd/server_features.psd .

The server images are not included. The non blue server images are modified for demo. Use the Hue/Saturation option in photoshop to generate various server color/styles.

If you need me to recreate these images for you, I’ll be happy to help. Email me at support@pixlstore.com . Cheers!

Hi, thanks, i have just saved the images from the demo and used them to save us both time.

Oh and i was talking about these images http://rapidgrab.net/i/1b122a.php

Hello. Awsome :) Oh those images are actually could be found in Graphic River. You mite need to purchase those first before using. Do you want me to get you the links?

Thanks a lot!

Grabbed it and hoping for futures upgrades.


Thanks so much KozmaOne :) Yes, there will definitely be future upgrades for this theme. I will be releasing the responsive version next week with some color options as well. Stay tuned!

Hi, thanks a lot! I’m very excited to check it out when you release it :)

Thanks for this theme. It looks awesome and I’m really happy with my new website.

I’m glad you liked the theme :D Thanks! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi pixlstore

I’ve sent you an email could you please check it out


Okay. Reply sent :D

Damn you replied less then 30 minutes. Many thanks I’ll try what you suggested :)

No problem :D Just updated this theme to be responsive!

Glad to see you turn this theme into responsive, however I see a couple of issues with style sheet and hover issues with theme.

I notice that you forgot to test theme in other browsers since, the issues I’m talking about are mostly gone with chrome. You need test theme with Firefox, Windows, you have issues with style sheet and menu hover.

I have a android phone and I’m seeing alignment issues with price tables and theme slightly off. If you can fix this I be glad to purchase this theme because I like it.

Just food for thought, before you launch your next theme you might like to thoroughly test and test, because you will get rated real quickly if you theme not 100%. I see you have 4 stars with 3 votes only 11 purchases which is not good. It’s good to get rated with 11 sales with all 5 stars which usually don’t happen that quick with 11 sales.

However, I will support you with this when you fix these issues. :)

Thank you Ace47 for your comments and advice. Really appreciate it. I will definitely look into the issues stated and hope can get it fixed quickly as possible :)

Just updated the theme with the fixes :D

Very beautiful, thanks.

Looking forward your fixes.

Just updated the theme with the fixes :D

Thanks a look. I keep my fingers crossed :)


I wonder about the folder called “fixed” shall I use the template within that folder or the template within “responsive” folder? What’s the difference between them please?

Many thanks in advance

Thank you

How is your website setup going on? Do let me know if you require any help :D

Hi, Thank you for asking. I have started a little to remove the information from my current website to yours so hopefully if all goes well it will be up at the end of the month.

Hello, if you access the site from FireFox, the slide in the main page DOES NOT WORK. Why?


Can you redesign Light Theme? Is good clean design but, too much white, the icons is also white and is hard to perceive. Maybe if you change that i will buy this theme.


Hi SnAFKe. We are currently working on a more cleaner, error free V2 of this theme. It will be based on http://foundation.zurb.com/ framework. We hope to release the HTML and Wordpress together by May 18th. We apologize for the inconvenience caused :)

I support your idea SnAFKe!! (-: I think impoving the white version of the template would be great!! The black version also needs a bit of time to get improved..

Any updates?

Hi Eurhost. We are currently working on a more cleaner, error free V2 of this theme. It will be based on http://foundation.zurb.com/ framework. We hope to release the HTML and Wordpress together by May 18th. We apologize for the inconvenience caused :)

Perfect!! I hope to update my site soon with that updated design soon! :) (I have the HTML version)

Hello pixlstore: Any updates for the new theme? Is the v2 going to be online before the 18th of May?

Perfect!! Hope it looks great but not too different from the theme now online!!

Any updates? :)

Should the v2 not be released for tomorrow pixlstore?

Is this template ever going to get updated pixlstore?

Thank you!! :)

The theme has been updated. You can download now :D

Downloaded! It’s really cool! Thank you!!+

Spanish : No me gusto la actualizacion . creo que perdio el estilo llamativo que tenia antes. me gusta mas la version anterior .

saludos cordiales.

Hola vitwebhosting: Está bien, tampoco se pasa :P La verdad hay que mejorarla mucho más, por ejemplo, el slide de los servidores no es de los mejores que haya visto.. Hay algún error tambien en la misma web, pero supongo es porque pixlstore la actualizó todo lo más rápido que pudo, supongo se irá mejorando poco a poco :)

Thanks!! Hope you keep updating! Didnt know you understood Spanish :P

I don’t :P Google Translate is handy lol already working on next update :)

Amazing! Thanks for everything!! :)