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Hi pixlstore! Really great job. Thank you very much.

Have a question: template ready for WordPress 3.8 ?


Hello antoniliyn. Thanks!

We will be releasing a new theme update hopefully by end of this week. It will be ready for WordPress 3.8, supports WPMU DEV: WHMCS Integration Plugin and much more!

If you would like to see a particular new feature on the next theme update, send us a feedback or request to support@pixlstore.com .We appreciate it.

HI Support, Sent a few emails about colour slide change. Are you guys on holidays? Sorry i dont mean to bug as i really like your product just needed the instructions that i was promised? thanks


Sorry on the delay replying to your support. I will have the instructions sent to you tonight :)


thanks, i appreciate it

bari86 Purchased
1) look at my website. http://marihost.com/features/ i cant get the table to be center. is there any issue with your theme with TablePress? because i tried to center the table but i cant.

2) i need to change some of the text size and color. can i do it without editing the css?

3) look at the menu on the top of the website. the color is barely visible. i need to adjust the opacity of the color. if i scroll down it change to blue nicely. but not at the top. the menu font also too small.


Hello bari86. I just had a look at your website and have a fix for the issues listed.

Can you please send me an email to support@pixlstore.com so I can provide better instructions. Thanks.


Hello bari86. Have not receive email from you.

To center the table:

1. Open file http://marihost.com/main/wp-content/tablepress-combined.min.css 2. Find .dataTables_wrapper .tablepress {} 3. Replace the code with the one below for the fix

.dataTables_wrapper .tablepress { clear: both; margin: 0 auto; }

Unfortunately at the moment you will need to use style.css to change body text size and color.

Change Header Background Color
- Open file http://marihost.com/main/wp-content/themes/gridhost/style.css
- Find .site-header {}
- Replace the background attribute with the one below

.site-header { position: fixed; width: 100%; height: 60px; padding-top: 20px; background: rgba(11,107,191,.9)!important; z-index: 99; -webkit-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; -o-transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; transition: all 0.4s ease-in-out; }
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Hello,please how can I change the color of the border of the input on the contact form ? We can not see them on 95% of the screens. I looked for on the css but I can’t find it. Thanks for your help !


No problem. I’m writing an email to you right now.

rashel Purchased

Thank you very much for your help : effective and quick ! Great to work with people like you !

I can not access the demo


Hi gabrielrv18. The demo site is working again now.


has import demo?


Yes, the XML demo file are included. We have documentation on how to install and setup the theme as well.

If you have any problems, we’ll help you to setup the theme at your server.

Question, is the domain checker that you have showing under the slider integrated with whmcs installation? and how is it?


Hello cantigas27. Thank you for your interest.

Yes the domain checker is integrated with WHMCS. It is done via Zingiri’s WHMCS Bridge plugin.

We have documentation with step by step instruction on how to setup the domain checker. See screenshot: http://d.pr/i/8jCv


I have a question. Is the “Lookup” for a domainname also for .be, .nl and ohters??

Thank you, David.


Can someone reply me on my message?

Thank you, David.


Hello David.

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your interest.

Yes you can setup your own .be or .nl TLD for the domain lookup form. You will have to do it in your WHMCS admin module.

Checkout this site: http://whmcsdomains.com/domain-registration/ They have a good list of all available TLDs that you can use.

nokia80 Purchased

hello, I have something weird customers can order at checkout but I only see grid host page and nothing else, the best assessment is by but customers can not pay

Hello I purchase theme GridHost I have several questions:

1. How can I alright a Logo to the left? 2. Are you have rtl Child theme? 3. I get turquoise line on main page but I change all colors and turquoise color are canceled. How can I remove this? 4. How can I make bigger space between content text and browser window border Examble: http://www.wbit.co.il Thanks


Thank you for supporting our theme.

I have received your email as well. Let me go through your questions and provide a response for you.


I am interest in GridHost template, but I need know if is possible when I edit it, remove the dropbox for select languages. Is it possible?

I see in the demo that when I change the language for Portuguese, the menu is put in another position. I thing it is a bug, right? Because I will use only the portuguese languge.

Thank you


We will definitely let you know when the new release is available.


Thank you and I am waiting…


The new theme release is now available for download.

Hey guys … purchased the theme because I thought it would save me a lot of time coding it myself and it probably will in the end, but, the responsive aspect really isn’t functioning in the header at all on mobile phones … I thought maybe it was just the option of wanting a logo but it is the same with just text … everything collides up there … most folks are going to need their logos to work up there as well and for sure most of them will be taller than 60px … it would be good to see it coded to adapt for allowing realistically sized company logos up there in the branding~ I’m just going ahead and making a lot of these changes on my own but also with the slider, the hidden arrows show up in my desktop browser as broken links and the size of those replacement arrows really badly overlaps everything on mobile … just some areas I’ve found so far where you might want to do some work~


Hello 10sexyapples,

Thank you for supporting our theme and the feedbacks. We appreciate it.

We will definitely address the header / slider issues listed for mobile phones and get fixes for it before next theme update.


Sounds good and I’ll just continue to report bugs I see here … first one … subitems in menu won’t appear to the left if you are in the far top level menu item … they just become hidden. It also appears that the domain lookup gets borked if you are using an SSL url~


Probably not an issue for most but wanted to let you know anyway … if a menu list is longer than the page it also becomes inaccessible.


When i click on check the domainname, then it goes directly to the template of the WHMCS page. We want it to see it in GridHost template.

How to do this?

Thank you, Dave.


Hello Dave. Sorry for the late response.

Can you email us the URL of your site. We will have to investigate this issue first.



Our link is: http://www.belcohost.com

Login with: private7 pasw: user7

Regards, Dave.

Hi, Can you please email me the login for client and support? I’d like to check it out in full.

Thank you. :)


oo i’ll send an email to: support@pixlstore.com


Thank you for your interest. Just replied your email.

One thing I think that needs to be mentioned is the requirement that all pages of your wordpress website have to be SSL. The WHMCS Bridge plugin you use instructs you to set your wordpress url to HTTPS not HTTP, thus making the entire wordpress site served from an SSL. This isn’t your fault, but people should still be aware of this. I wasn’t very happy about it when I realized this, but again it’s the bridge not your fault. Other than that I think the template is amazing, so I’m going to rate it a 5 star because I won’t hold you responsible for something that isn’t your fault.


he also goes on to tell you in order to use his plugin and SSL urls you have to set your wordpress url in the configuration to https://yourdomainname.com not http://yourdomainname.com which makes your entire wordpress site use SSL, this makes the site slower as it has to encrypt the site before loading it. You have to use SSL if you’re taking credit card payments on site, so therefor using the WHMCS bridge forces you to render the entire site in SSL HTTPS.


Thank you for your clear explanation.

I just went through the forum and you are right. Can’t use both SSL and Non SSL pages together! The entire WordPress site and WHMCS installation must be in HTTPS for the Bridge plugin to work properly with SSL.

We’ll purchase an SSL certificate and further investigate this issue. Also will test the WHMCS Integration plugin by WPMU DEV if it’s possible to mix SSL and Non SSL pages.

We appreciate your input regarding this matter.


WPMU DEV is the way to go, works much better with this theme!

Is there is a demo of the whmcs integration somewhere showing cart, customer area ,domain ?

right now i don’t see any whmcs integration on the demo and many theme claim to be whmcs integrate, but they are badly since whmcs bridge just don’t like all theme design


Hello. Thank you for your interest.

We are about to update this theme. I’ll redirect you to the new link for the WHMCS Integration demo. Our theme supports integration for the following plugins:

WHMCS Bridge – Zingiri http://pixlstore.com/gridhost2/whmcs-zingiri/ WHMCS Integration – WPMU DEV http://pixlstore.com/gridhost2/whmcs-wpmu/

Username: demo@pixlstore.com Password: 12345

Will keep you in the loop when the updated theme is available for download. We look forward to your feedbacks.

nokia80 Purchased


when the new update is ready/ i can’t whait :)

nice update


The new theme release is now available for download :)

Nice theme!

Just checked the new version demo, looks good. Waiting for the release to buy a copy.


Thank you. The new theme release is now available for download.


Thanks, just downloaded it.


I received the email about the new release of the theme.

Please, how can I update without loose what I did and modify?

Thank you.


Hello sborgesd.

You will not loose the post, pages, menu items, custom fields, categories and tags. Anyways, I would recommend to export these data via Tools -> Export as backup.

The settings in theme options are changed in the new release. You will loose these settings. Example: If you have used custom colors in the previous release, unfortunately you’ll need to redo those settings again.

Let me know if you need any further help.

Still waiting to get help with the theme already sent you a email still nothing back.


Sorry for the delay in getting back. I will go through your email and provide the necessary support.