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Hello, I purchased Gridlocked back in 2012. I am trying to start it up again but am having some issues and would like access to support. It is not showing up that I purchased this item but I do have the email receipt I can forward to prove I purchased it. I am having trouble getting the license code. I get a 404 page. Not sure how I can proceed to the support forums. Please advise. many thanks!!! -Heather

Hi Motionham,

If you purchased from theme forest, you would need to contact theme forest directly as they control TF accounts. ;)

Thanks for the quick reply! I have sent them a bug and am waiting a response.

Hi, great design. Could I have a Vimeo film pop up like a photo does? on your Vimeo example when i click on the thumbnail it takes me to a page.

What I’m hoping for is a simple interface of thumbnails to active the films, a little text underneath but no links to open pages. Cheers J.

Hi, so if i use prettybox as an example, will the site interface have the same easy setup or will I have to do some extra manual code to get a Vimeo film to pop up?

It would depend on the plugin – I would advise going over the plugin’s documentation first on how it integrates into the theme ;)

Hi guys, I need a little help. I’m your theme on my portfolio and I having trouble to loading the first image on every portfolio page.

The first picture load with the minimal height even i put the height size when i created the post. I buy the theme here on Theme Forest.

Can you help me?


Hi Rodrigoap,

Could you post your url so that we can check out the issue, thanks ;)

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme and was wondering if you have any plans to update it to Wordpress 4.1? If not would it work with Wordpress 3.9.3?


Hi Stug41,

All our themes are 4.1 compatible ;)


Any idea why masonary grid portfolio homepage isn’t displaying correctly on iphone? It looks fine on desktop.

Thanks, Chris.

Seem to only be on mobile, images are stacking and not formating correctly. Any help appreciated, screenshot image here on dropbox

All was working fine, no changes to code. Tried updating to latest version of theme (1.5) but still same issue. Thanks

This is because you’re using a much older version of the theme – upgrading will sort the issue out. You can find the latest version of the theme in your theme forest account ;)

Hi Orman, thanks for your feedback. I didn in fact try to update to latest version of the theme (1.5) but it did not resolve the issue. I have alos noticed that the blog is displaying incorrectly on desktop version with similar problems. Seems to be something to do with the white container boxes but can’t see what the problem is. I have tried to removed all custom CSS code but still no joy i’m afraid.

Any help would be appreciated, I have a few people looking at the site at the moment as i’m pitching for work so getting a bit stressed as you can image :(( Thanks again.

I started to look into the issue but the login info is no longer working – could you check and resend it thanks ;)

Hi Orman, I have sent you new details to login. I have just checked these and they are working fine. A couple of things i found: When i run chrome developer console it throws up a few errors relating to jquery migrate, I can send you screenshot if you like. Also, when i look at the scripts for your demo site on blog page it seems to include different js scripts to what’s included in the theme files (eg you have masonry.min.js on your demo site whereas I have jquery.masonry.min.js whithin my site) and other little things like that. Thanks, C.

Have replied via email ;)

how can i change the background?

how can i make portfolio items more bigger like here

i mean they are more bigger than 230px

Hi elem1s,

The page you referred to is actually blog posts which as design slightly differently. You could add this to your custom css box and alter to suit – as the theme uses masonry you may need to clear your cache for it to work correctly:

.tax-skill-type .hentry, .hentry { width: 230px; height: 290px; }

can you install 4me the theme? The wordpress is in greek language, is it problem?

Hi elem1s,

There is a tutorial here on how to upload the theme zip file:

All you need to do then is add your content ;)

I’m using gridlock template. The posts are overlapping and I can’t find a solution. Pls can you check my website

thanks a lot

Could you email us your url and login info so that we can check out the backend, thanks ;)

Where I can find your email please?

Here’s the link to our contact form: ;)

Hi I love the theme the only problem I have is on internet explorer some of the light box images on the blog are spreading out over the margins. While it works perfectly on chrome oX and firefox I really need it to work across all platforms. Could you please advice on how to fix this.

Thanks in advance

A similar problem than fnc’s here: the posts overlap vertically, especially on Chrome and Safari (Firefox ok), although for instance comes up fine. Reloading the page or resizing the window often clears the problem, but the first landing is almost always wrong. The site is:

You neeed the login info?


Can some please post the solution for the images overlapping.

Hi having some trouble with off centre images, how do i get rid of all the white space surrounding it in my first link on my page ..regards

Hi same problem : images overlapping with fiferox and chrome.

My website :


Hi there,

Great theme! When there are lots of posts, activate a pagination or load more posts in the same page?

Thanks, Guilherme


I need your help. In portfolio (blog) page, I have trouble to loading the first image. The first picture load with the minimal height.



Hi. I want to change the main menu order. I have the menu like the demo. First the pages and in the second place, the skills. But i want to put first the skills and then the pages in the menu. Is that possible?

Thank you very much. Is very important to me.

Hi there, I didn’t buy this theme, but I have to help a client that has this theme installed, Im having an issues with portfolio images not showing when first viewed, just the loading things and hen maybe the top slither of an image when I click the next image that image loads and i can click back to the first image and it loads. what could be causing this? cheers

I think it is a browser issue, as IE works, but having issues with safari and chrome


chenxudo Purchased

Hello, I’m doing a portfolio site with gridlocked and I have a big problem. When I open a portfolio like “catalogue” for example, the first image of it looks little and almost covered by background. I’ve put the auto height and check everything. It doesn’t work. I tried with every browser and all of them make this problem. Chrome show it just the first time you open the website. photo gallery shows the same website:


chenxudo Purchased

my url:


chenxudo Purchased

Hello! I am happy with gridlocked its a beautiful theme. However, there is a serious bug in this theme. and I notice other people had same issues before that first picture the slide show is missing due to the misfunction of auto-height wasn’t activated . I am a student trying to use this as a portfolio to find jobs and it bothers me . I really need to make it work. cheers!