Grill Parallax Restaurant & Events

Grill Parallax Restaurant & Events

Grill is a Restaurant theme designed in the parallax pattern. This theme is perfect for Restaurants, Grills, Cafe’s, Bistro’s, Night Clubs and everyone in the entertainment industry.

Restauranteurs and foodies will find that the built in functionality will elevate their establishments and give it the additional online edge that’s so needed in this world.

As always you can count on Net-Labs for stellar support and assistance wit hall your queries.

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August 18 2104  - version 1.2

fix - on some server configurations the menu items gets deleted after save
fix - calendar description showing twice in single day calendar events
fix - descriptions not showing in wordpress native gallery when using the lightbox
fix - Lightbox show clicked image first.
fix - woocommerce shop sidebar widgets.

June 30 2104  - version 1.1

fix - hiding the loading animation on follow on pages
fix - Better email header handling for reservation emails
fix - Factoring in of the utc offset for the countdown timer
fix - Improved Date handling for weekly events.

May 18 2104  - version 1.0.1

fix - Changing the calendar month in the admin defaults to 1 Jan 1970.
fix - Booking calendar shows a string conversion error on older versions of php
fix - Driving directions showing incorrectly when latitude and longitude is overridden.