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Hello, is there any place where I can find a changelog of the changes maded in each update of the theme?


Hello Igor, I hope this finds you well. For some reason (I’ve checked as much and updated as much as possible)...my site in responsive mode is not full width anymore. When it is in classic and wide, then it becomes full width. It has always worked in full wide and responsive settings, but not anymore.

I’ve made a screenshot for you here: http://www.ednewsdaily.com/igor/

Can you please advise?

Thank you, Robyn

How do I make posts to be featured on the home page like on the demo? When I choose ‘sticky’ in the editing post, it just shows it as a usual post on the home page.

I have already created my site using your awesome theme. The thing is that I did not export your dummy materials, so my page just looks as a blog page with 10 (I chose 10) post snippets on the front page.

How do I make my home page look like your demo – where I have some posts that are featured at the top of the page and the post snippets below?


Hi, the security plugin Wordfence found a critical problem in the Grimag’s STkit plugin. Here is the report http://screencloud.net/v/6VX5

I want to report this and know if I should be concerned, thanks.

it is possible to get an archive of the site, as in the demo?

I am having an issue using forms with this theme – the input fields have no border, making it very difficult for a user to fill out the form. Another commenter mentioned that the demo site has the same issue with the Contact page.

I’ve tried to see where the issue is in the CSS but haven’t been able to find it yet. Is there any fix for this issue?

I’m using Gravity Forms so I don’t the issue is coming from that since the demo site uses Contact Form 7 and shows the same issue.

Thanks so much.