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Great template. To make the images you use retina ready, just simply double the pixel size of the images you use. Save them and define the width attribute to each image a what you want them to be viewed at

e.g. header is 500px, save it at 1000px and then simply give the image the width attribute of 500px. IT still works as being responsive but it crisp on anything.

He benlow24,

Thanks for the explanation, Before we implant this trickery, we have to test our e-mails on Litmus.

Thanks again and regards,


Great design. I have uploaded the template into Campaign monitor (easily), however I cannot add a new section or delete any of the layout that are there. I can edit the content within each section, however as the layout is it set, it is very difficult to customise to my requirements. Please advise

He silkhospitality,

Thanks for purchasing Grit. Apparently we did not add extra section tags for Campaign Monitor. I’ll look in to this to see what can be do and update if possible.

Thanks again and regards,


I do agree its a great design. Wanted to know if the issue with tags have been rectified before purchase.

Thanks, Mo.

We haven’t intergrate the duplicate tags for Campaign Monitor yet, with the template whatsoever.

Kind regards.

I am very keen to purchase this template – can you please confirm the status of the tags issue.

Many thanks and keep up the good work – great templates.


Hi Gareth10,

Thanks for your comment. We haven’t intergrate the duplicate tags for Campaign Monitor yet, however, the template don’t have any issues.



Ok thanks for the info

did you notice the updated template has some issue on the top right corner of the “GRIT THE REVOLUTION” image? I wish could upload a screenshot, but you should be aware of it, as you developed the template.

Please fix it ASAP!

On to it now. Thanks for the notice. :)

Hi dokodotcom,

It’s updated now. you can re-download Grit 2.3.


thank you very much! downloading it now.

it seems that the template is not in the center on mobile devices. can that be fixed?

We sent it through our email marketing program. I emailed you a screenshot last week. did you receive it? let me know if you need any other information

Hi Kevin, is there any update on the issue? If you want, I can also send you a test email from our program. Please let me know.


We can discuss your template issue on Skype, as it’s a faster way.

Skype: k.groenendaal


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How can I get your support? Thanks ;-)

resolved in 10mins.. perfect support ;-)

you should check your mail settings anyway!

I am stuck with this template and need some help.

I used the template builder to create a structure and imported that structure into MailChimp.

Once in Mailchimp, any duplicate section is blacked out with this message – “Editing disabled: Duplicate mc:edit ID”.

I’m trying to understand how these mailchimp IDs are generated. They seem to be pretty random 4-digit numbers such as – mc:edit=”mailchimp9446”

I went in and tried to edit the code by replacing the duplicate sections with different random numbers, but that did not work. In reading MC, it may be that we also need the “repeatable” tag in there to allow for repeat sections.

Is there someone that can help me with this? Right now, this template is not usable for me.


Template editor 2.0 automatically generates mc:edit tags with a unique ID. This way MailChimp reads each module as a separate one.

However, mc:repeatable=”TABLE” and mc:variant=”header” should be added to each module you’d like to duplicate. But I believe our former developer had done so.

I am unaware of the ‘Editing disabled’ MailChimp message. I cannot believe why they are giving us Developers AND users a hard time.

We’re looking into it.