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I have a problem when i add three buttons for the app… the Q bar code from the ones above appear behine the buttons that are up.. how can i fix this?

Many Thanks

How do I fix the email subscribe box? It still doesn’t look like it does on the muffin knight page. Also, how do I remove the basic social share buttons on the bottom left? I have added some different ones on my own and don’t want the duplicates.


alokc83 Purchased

HI Can you fix. It seem this theme has backdoor. I am getting email from my webhosting that they have found malware. I only have wordpress and your theme installed on it. if needed please do email me. I can’t go to my server every two week and clean it up. Thanks.


LeafThemes Author Team

Hi there, this theme is malware-free. You site may get hacked due to “weak password” or other cause. Please consider using this plugin: https://th.wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/

Hi, and thanks for the great theme.

It appears I installed a plugin which seems to have broken my thumbnails, not just the existing thumbnails but even the new ones that are created when new images are uploaded. Specifically the thumbnails for the mobile phone image, 209×371 pixels each. After “rebuilding thumbnails” using a plugin, all my thumbnail sizes went back to the original image sizes (larger), and I can’t get new images to create the thumbnails.

I’ve since removed that plugin, but the damage is done. Any idea where I would look in the scripts to address that problem? I’m great with php, but relatively a novice at Wordpress and how the hooks work.

Thanks for any help.

Could you let me know your website URL please.

Is it possible to post the URL privately? I’m not at liberty to post this publicly.

Please send it via contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/wegrass

I have been thinking about using a custom background picture behind my applications like is shown in demo, but I was wondering if you happen to have the exact sizing that I should use for such a task?

There is not exact size, you have to try to find what is best for yours. The one I use is 2000px x 640px


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I think it is fair to say that this theme is no longer supported. It has been a couple years with no update. You should let us your plans so new people do not buy it and us that have it should make plans to migrate to another theme.