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hi there,

nice designed and built theme. The only problem is that I cannot find the foreground-color-white.html template. It does not seem to be included in the zip file !


Hi m_lazarid,

We will take a look and see why thats not there. But in the mean time, for the white foreground color to use, you can us on any of the pages just include the white.css as your last css declaration in the head.


Hi there, nice theme.

I do have a problem, the images don’t load up I just get those spinning wheels for image loading indicators just they keep spinning and no actual image load or display.


Hi silvrsentinel,

What browser are you seeing this in? Can you send us a link to your site?

COntact us at http://themeforest.net/user/goThemeTeam


Hi again, it only happens on Internet Explorer, on my personal PC its version 8 running windows 7 64bit but I have tried viewing the site on IE 32 and 64 bit and makes no difference.

Also tried to view the site on my media PC and it has Internet Explorer 7 and it does the same thing.

Thanks for your quick reply!


nlath Purchased

I purchased. I did not found any working example of contact form or where to add my email address. Please help.


Hi nlath,

We can help you over in our support forums. Be sure to bring your purchase code to register (My Account -> Downloads -> Grounded HTML Theme -> Licence Certificate -> “Item Purchase Code”).

See you there!

Best regards,

Theme Team

Is this a Wordpress theme? If not, do you have anything similar that is already a wordpress theme? Thanks. Great template.

Hi, Is this a word press theme or just a site template? It’s under site template (which is what I want) but see references to WP in the demo?



This looks like a great theme and I was seriously considering a purchase but then tried the live demo and found all sorts of issues. Many of the example pages just result in a page full of code. There are also no examples for most of the features. This is just not enough to be able to make a decision.

I think your demo could do with some more work! If you are able to sort the above problems I think you would sell a lot more of this template.




The blog section has the codes I see, we will change it as soon as possible in the live demo. Thanks for sharing!

Best regards, GoThemeTeam