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Wow wow, I saw this page like 2 months ago, now I got a lot of comments!


That should be in the Docs, if you can’t do that send me a PM. @akaalvin: I admit it, the menu is not easily customizable. @websiteking: Check at the end of this comment. @crunchaweezy: The trick is doing a new images for the menu with Photoshop and then change the HTML , if you need help, please, send me a PM. @crunchaweezy: Ooops, I’m late, you already change the template, that current that you are using now is better for your business, but, thanks for your comments. @Strober: I don’t know what that supposed to mean, but I’m always available via Skype, MSN , Yahoo, or via email, just go to my website, I don’t read everyday this comments. @jcharo: Check at the end of this comment.

Ok, thank you all, here is the demo.

Demo: http://tinyurl.com/demvcz


where did you get that awsome wood tex ..?

I just checked out the demo that you posted at http://tinyurl.com/demvcz…

Does this mean that the HTML /CSS is included with the download, or is it PSD only? Just curious because there is not an actual “Live Preview” button with the design.

I’m interested in purchasing if code is included.

i need help with this! the additional php files are not loading…which makes this purchase pointless…i have sent an email to developer and no reply back. help?!?

Dude, you’re awesome :P

great design! Nice colors and a great background were chosen here. Very nice!

So, does it include html and css files?