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Neat. But I can’t find where to change the time for the launch. There’s an image of some code but no info about where to find this code. ?

Oh, never mind. I found it in the custom.js file.

This is actually very well document, I was just an idiot and failed to notice an entire folder devoted to documentation for the site! So I wanted to post this to make sure everyone who reads your comments knows that there is nothing wrong with your nifty little site. :P

Okay I do have a question still about the newsletter submission form. I don’t see how this is going to work, where would I change the email where these submissions are going? Or is this not a a real form?

Thanks for ur Comments :)

Subscription form is just an html element, so to make it dynamic you have to integrate it with some subscription script/service.

Finally, coming soon page that step out of line. Good work strangerr & have a good sales


Thank u very Much for ur comment mate :)

Looks so prof. Good luck man in your sales.


Thank u so much Arkada? :)

anjuwaa Purchased

hey man, thanx for the good work, its classic. I was wondering if u could provide us with some script that would save the email addresses submitted through the form in to a database. preferably a mysql database. happy holidays!


Hi Anjuwaa, thanks for your kind words. I can give you a direction on how to implement such functionality. Please check this tutorial – http://www.thetechlabs.com/interfaces/a-simple-php-mail-contact-form-with-mysql/

massoud Purchased

hello, could you give me an example of script for email, I dont know how to setup my email in this theme please.

Hello there.

I bought the grungy underconstruction page but I am not very experienced in this field, I don’t know how to install it.

I used wordpress, what I know, but the file size is too much (wordpress says not more than 1500 kb). So i went to my FTP , I put de folder unzipped in the “theme” folder in wordpress (www/wp-content/themes), but it didnt work yet.

Can you tell me exactly what to do? Thanks!

Regards, Dani


Sent u an email

hi, I love this template, going to buy it and the full site HTML version template. Just wanted to let you guys know though – the live preview is linking to the wrong coming soon template – it goes to a template called Patience or something like that, which looks nothing like this one. I hope there are some plans for the future to make the full HTML GrungExperience template responsive, that would be AWESOME!! :-)


hi Ruby and thank you so much for ur interest in my work.

we’ve made a mistake on the URL. please check it out now i’ve updated the link. http://premiumlayers.com/demos/grungycomingsoon/

as for your comment regarding responsive version of Grungexperience, unfortunately we are not available to do that since we are extremly busy with our upcoming projects.

Thank u so much :)

Waaawo, I like this one, its a great design.


Thank you :)