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great concept — any chance of making it responsive?

Hi, that will be the next step but it will take us 3-4 weeks since we are working on some wp and ecommerce themes right now.

Very nice idea! Good luck


wordpress version ?

Hi, we are working on some other themes right now but we can do it with this one too since people are asking about it. However it may take us some time for that.

One question. Would you prefer just plain WP or with Woocommerce theme?

Nice, I like it.

Great template! Good luck with the sales. Waiting on the WP version :)

Thanks! Would you prefer just plain WP or with Woocommerce theme?

I would be great with Woocommerce :) Keep me updated!

waiting for wp version. nice work dude

Would you prefer just plain WP or with Woocommerce theme?

Very nice, I love it! If you did converted it to a WP version I would buy it in a heart beat. Good luck with sales.

I would prefer WooCommerce, but would settle for plain WP too…

I also would not mind the HTML now if you will prorate the price when you do have WP available… :-D

Well, you can buy just to support us :) Anyway, WP version will not be available for the next 2 months for sure.

It is perfect , congratulations, but, it is ironic , a store of mobile web design template that isn’t responsive? any chance of making it responsive?, please make this minimal update, or a WP version and, would be super duper excellent !

Actually, the idea was for this to be a template for marketplace that sells mobile version of the websites and not the full sites, so if you think about it, it suits the purpose well :) Responsive version is planned but won’t be done in a month or two for sure since we are working on some other WP themes before we come back to this one.

Hi, I bought this template. I need body_home.jpeg and body_inner.jpeg without MOBILE text. I couldn’t export these files from psd.

Can you send me these files? pls help me..

I just uploaded a new version of the files but it needs to be reviewed by themeforest staff. If you are in a hurry just send me an email and I will send you the files. You can also email me through the system here on my profile page, that would be the best way.


Good news! You can download new files, and find it all in folder psd>edit. All files are named exactly like the pics you may need to edit.

Thank you, its GREAT! :)

2months completed , can we expect wp now ?

Hi, thanks for the interest. We are still working on our WP framework, and first theme should be completed this week. Then we will work on this one in the next month. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but we need to make this perfect :)

Hi, I need sub-menu for TEMPLATES title. I will create some categories. Can you help us pls?

Ok, it is done, you can check it out on the preview page:

We will submit it now and update files. If it takes too long, let me know by contacting me through contact form on our page and send me your email so I can send files:

Thanks a lot bro! I send an email to your address..

New files are approved, and you can download new files on ThemeForest. regards!

Hi, 1. You know, we can preview photo when hover on zoom icon. but ? dont need click that so photo is opening with a new web page. How can ? disable this option?

2.Im using sub-menu. but ?f I add second sub-menu title like “Templates” its not working stable. Can you help?

Maybe you can update a stylish new menu :)

Hi, right now disabling click cannot be done without modifying the whole js file, unfortunately. We will take a look at the second level navigation and let you know.

are you there?

Hi, actually, we used Bootstrap 2.3.2 so you can easily implement anything you may needas shown on this page:

To use second level categories, just use as explained there.

This is how any link in menu list with second level submenu should look in our html theme (styling already in your bootstrap.css so just change html):

<!- Second level submenu -> 
<li class="dropdown-submenu"><a tabindex="-1" href="#">Category Three</a>
<ul class="dropdown-menu">
<li><a href="mobile-templates.html">Second Level Category One</a></li>
<li><a href="mobile-templates.html">Second Level Category Two</a></li>
<li><a href="mobile-templates.html">Second Level Category Three</a></li>

I will send this update to TF right now, if you need the files sooner let me know through contact form.

Here is a preview with 2nd level: Click here to view

Very Nice Job !


Another nicely done!;

Is this responsive?

No, it is not responsive. May be in the next version but not soon