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Does the theme support single pages only? E.g. a blog or a contact page, separate from the home page. As I can’t see on in the demo. If yes would it be possible to send me some links to them?



No this is a single page template with no other pages I’m afraid. You would need some HTML knowledge to build another page.


Okay thanks for the quick reply

Awesome, good luck;

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme (seems really nice from live preview), but I’m having difficulties installing it. I don’t seem to be able to figure out where to place the theme, common sense tells me to put root folder from downloaded rar (root folder name guardian-files containing folders such as css, documentation, font, etc plus two files index.php and index.html) to regular wp-content/themes folder, but although WP is able to detect theme as installed, it considers it ‘incomplete’ (reason: Stylesheet is missing.) Am I placing the folder wrong, or are there additional files to download? I have tried several ways on both localhost (xampp) and standard internet domain.

Thanks for your response (quick reply will be appreciated and will probably result in positive rating)


Thanks for buying! This is not a WordPress theme, it is a HTML theme so it cant be used with WordPress. You need to upload the files to a server and change the HTML yourself to make changes.


Thank you, sometimes the solution is so obvious you don’t notice it :) Anyway I have worked with the theme and I must say you’ve done very good and clean job. As soon as i find out how, I’m rating your theme 5 stars :)

Thanks very much. Glad you are finding the theme useful.


Just a simple pre-purchase question.

Can you advise how the contact form works? i.e. what to change to use my e-mail address.



There is a PHP file in the theme that needs to be opened up and withing that file there is a comment showing where to change the email.

Your server will need to run PHP for the contact form to work.


It seems I’m having problems with the “our services” section of this template.

In order for me to see other sections e.g. employment, mediation, online, etc. I would have to hit the reload button just to get it work.

Could it be possible I can contact you via email?

Thank you.

Tried using your support system for help on my matter but it doesn’t work. I guess that is why there are zero questions in your support forum. If you want my purchase code please ask and I’ll kindly give it you.

My problem involves content-fade-panel not working properly. It only works if I refresh the page.

Would like assistance towards this matter please.

Thank you.

Great template btw.

Hi there

Sorry you are having trouble. Can you let me know what browser and operating system you are using? Also, do you have a sample page where I can see the issue?


Hello 2scope,

I appreciate the reply.

Windows 7 Firefox and Chrome (all updated to the recent version). All works well with IE which is a surprise.

Just want to add that I did not have this problems before.

As with the site link, do you have an email or a nonpublic place I can send it to?

Thanks again and happy Holidays!

Yes, please send to andy[at]2scopedesign.co.uk

Happy holidays to you too :)

Hi, great template. Just can’t seem to get mailer to work. we changed out line 46 of mailer.php to our email address and are using the index.php page?

We aren’t receiving an error on send. The server definitely supports PHP and we have several other accounts using PHP forms which send a contact via mail. Any ideas? thanks, -andy