Guesthouse - Hotel & Sport Center 2in1 WordPress Theme

Guesthouse - Hotel & Sport Center 2in1 WordPress Theme

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Guesthouse Version 2 is a specialized wordpress theme for Hospitality Sector and Sport Centres or any other website that needs reservations.

You can use it for any Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Hostel, Campsites or any Sport Center offering Golf, Tennis, Squash – anything you can think of. Both Rooms module and Sports module can be renamed directly in our admin panel therefore you can use this theme for ANY simple reservations website. Rooms and Sports can be easily administered via our admin panel. Theme will automatically generate nice page for every room or sport. All rooms will automatically go into slider. What more, customers will be able to use simple order form to send enquiry to the hotel or sport center directly from the website. Theme has very clean design that can be easily changed to your needs using our premium admin panel.

Theme fully supports WPML Translation Plugin which allows you to create a website in any language.

Theme also supports Automatic theme and plugin updates via AIT Updater plugin. It’s no more necessary to download the theme manually and upload it via WordPress admin. Automatic updates save your time, your website will be always up-to-date.

New Features in Version 2:

  • Mobile version – adaptive design
  • Ability to set up Sports center website, sports reservations that can be used for golf, tennis, squash, etc.
  • Sports module will work together with Rooms module.
  • Standard slider on any page.
  • New shortcodes to list Rooms and Sports from any category on any page, what more – in two different layouts ;)
  • Many small or advanced improvements based on previous customer requests.
  • What is really sweet both Rooms module and Sports module can be renamed directly in our admin panel therefore you can use this theme for ANY simple reservations.

Theme is built on our robust MVC framework that means that HTML design is completely separated from other PHP! Making updates cannot be easier. Template & MVC framework will be under continuous improvement.

Guesthouse Wordpress Theme comes also with customer support and after purchase service. We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions in a professional manner. Purchase this theme with confidence knowing that we’ll always be here to answer all of your questions.

Main features are:

  • Special admin section to create hotel rooms. Guesthouse Wordpress Theme will automatically create special page for each room and add in room into slider.
  • Simple order form – customers will be able to send enquiry form to the hotel.
  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • HTML5 wordpress theme
  • 100% Translation Ready easy translation to any other language, gettext PO file is also included. Just have a look at our demo site.
  • MVC templating engine html templates are completely separated from PHP files, you just have to see it ;)
  • Easy administration only with options you realy need
  • Two main layout styles – wide or narrow
  • Slider with custom built modifications – check our demos site for preview
  • Over 20 Slider effects can be changed in our admin panel
  • Many portfolio layouts check it out here
  • Unlimited color settings for almost everything using our easy to use admin panel
  • Everything is styled – tables, headers, paragraphs, images, lists, etc. You won’t need to fix it yourself!
  • Many many shortcodes for professional looking pages in no time
  • Shortcodes generator directly from WYSIWYG editor
  • Facebook Comments on any page or post
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Frontend Themebox that will allows you changing colors directly from frontent while you’re looking at it ;)
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • 70+ custom build admin options it’s possible to change them globaly or localy per page
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps ready
  • AIT Dashboard Documentation, FAQ, Theme support and recent updates accessible directly from our wordpress admin panel :)
  • Admin branding allows to you to upload yout own logo, colors & texts into admin.

What will you also get?


  • v2.51: 14th of August 2015
  • v2.50: 9th of June 2015
  • v2.49: 12th of May 2015
    • Added: Support for AIT Announcements Bar plugin
  • v2.48: 23rd of April 2015
    • Important security fix
  • v2.47: 24th of June 2014
    • Adaptive gallery fix
  • v2.46: 25th of April 2014
    • Fixed not displaying shortcodes due to accidental use of php short tag
  • v2.45: 24th of April 2014
    • Fixed AIT shortcodes buttons not displaying in editor in Wordpress 3.9+
  • v2.44 – 28th of January 2014:
    • updated translation POT file
  • v2.43 – 22nd of January 2014:
    • Fixed datepicker problem
    • Fixed modal windows content
  • v2.42 – 30th of November 2013:
    • Fixed accordions and tabs
  • v2.41 – 19th of November 2013:
    • Fixed jquery issues with new wordpress
    • Included contact form 7 dynamic text extension (no need to install plugin anymore)
  • v2.40 – 25th of July 2013:
    • Fronted notices fixed
  • v2.39 – 20th of July 2013:
    • Basic WooCommerce support added
  • v2.38 – 26th of June 2013:
    • Updated twitter widget to work with new API 1.1. See our FAQ for help with setting up
  • v2.37 – 20th of June 2013:
    • Small theme bug fixes
    • Fixes for adaptive design
    • Fix for special characters on theme folder
  • v2.36 – 6th of June 2013:
    • Small javascript fix
  • v2.35 – 12th of March 2013:
    • Search results fix
  • v2.34 – 13th of February 2013:
    • Themebox fix
  • v2.33 – 12th of February 2013:
    • Wordpress Multisite fix
  • v2.32 – 7th of February 2013:
    • Themebox fix fix
  • v2.31 – 30th of January 2013:
    • Small shortcodes fix
    • Themebox added in again
  • v2.30 – 23rd of January 2013:
    • Wordpress 3.5 theme initialization fix
  • v2.29 – 14th of December 2012:
    • WPML Compatibility fix
  • v2.28 – 13th of December 2012:
    • Wordpress 3.5 fix
  • v2.27 – 25th of November 2012:
    • Table prefix fix
  • v2.26 – 22nd of November 2012:
    • WPML reservation box fix
  • v2.25 – 1st of November 2012:
    • Few fixes
  • v2.24 – 30th of October 2012:
    • Javascript url fix
  • v2.23 – 24th of October 2012:
    • Content color fix
  • v2.22 – 18th of October 2012:
    • New Twitter widget
  • v2.21 – 12th of October 2012:
    • Htaccess fix
  • v2.20 – 25th of September 2012:
    • Mobile version update
  • v2.19 – 20th of September 2012:
    • Google maps in Tabs fix
  • v2.18 – 5th of September 2012:
    • Few bug fixes
  • v2.17 – 3rd of September 2012:
    • Tabs & Accordions fix
  • v2.16 – 31th of August 2012:
    • Slider reservation form fix
  • v2.15 – 28th of August 2012:
    • Permalinks fix for custom types
  • v2.14 – 21th of August 2012:
    • Permalinks fix
  • v2.13 – 16th of August 2012:
    • Small CSS Fixes
    • Room Viewer fix
    • Searchform fix when disabled
    • Fix for .po .mo files
    • double escaping & fix
  • v2.12 – 28th of July 2012:
    • Small CSS fix for contact form
  • v2.11 – 27th of July 2012:
    • Javascript fix – date check function
  • v2.10 – 23th of July 2012:
    • Fixing sections order issue
  • v2.9 – 11th of July 2012:
    • Fixing slider for adaptive design
  • v2.8 – 10th of July 2012:
    • Fixes for iPad
  • v2.7 – 3rd of July 2012:
    • Admin Updates
  • v2.6 – 22nd of June 2012:
    • Booking form fix for IE8 and IE9
  • v2.5 – 21st of June 2012:
    • Fixing issue with author/tag/archive blog pages.
  • v2.4 – 21th of June 2012:
    • Adaptive design fix
  • v2.3 – 20th of June 2012:
    • Fatal error fix
    • Fixes for IE9
  • v2.2 – 14th of June 2012:
    • Fix for Android devices
    • Wordpress SEO plugin fix
    • Theme updates notifications
  • v2.1 – 22nd of May 2012:
    • Javascript fix for small slider
    • CSS fix for Mobile version
  • v2.0 – 19th of May 2012:
    • Mobile version – adaptive design
    • Ability to set up Sports centre website, sports reservations that can be used for golf, tennis, squash, etc.
    • Sports module will work together with Rooms module.
    • Standard slider on any page.
    • Many small or advanced improvements based on previous customers requests.
    • Important note: Local & global slider settings will be reset after theme upgrade. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • v1.6 – 19th of April 2012:
    • Javascript fix for order form
  • v1.5 – 18th of April 2012:
    • Shortcodes related buttons in WYSIWYG editor can be turned off via config.php
  • v1.4 – 20th of March 2012:
    • Admin tweak for Hostgator hosting provider
    • Ability to turn off Ait Admin sections using config.php
  • v1.3 – 24th of February 2012:
    • IE8 javascript fixes
    • Rooms section global/local settings fixes
  • v1.2 – 9th of February 2012:
  • v1.1 – 31th of January 2012:
    • Fixes for Google Chrome browser
    • SEO related HTML improvements
  • v1.0 – 30th of January 2012:
    • Theme release


Have you created nice website with this theme? Let us know! :)

Background color combinations included in the package:

White, grey, black, light blue, dark blue, light green, purple, gold and yellow. You can easily replace the background image in order to get other colors like red and violet as well.

GuestHouse Template can be used for any hospitality business:

Hotel, hospitality, Bed and Breakfast, B&B, Restaurant, travel & tourism, food & drinks, guset house, manor, resort, camping, campsite, hostel, blog and many more. Bundled offer, two sites sport and hotel in this bundle.

Note: Images used on our demo sites are proprietary images and are not included in the theme package.

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