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Yeeeeaaaaah! its a theme that I was waiting for a long time, thanks!! good luck with sales

Thanks. It’s also WPML ready, it’ll be perfect for Spanish market ;)

Great feature :)

Good luck with sales!

Thanks :)

Well done! Love it. Good luck with it, I’m sure it will be of use in the future for me.

Thanks, looking forward :)

Hi, great theme. Congratulations. :)

Is there a way to change the slider effect (i.e. fade effect) or put a static image?

Thanks ;)

Yes, over 20 Slider effects can be changed in our admin panel.

No words. Love it.

Thanks mate :)

Nice stuff. Good luck with sales!

Cheers :)

Are there plans to do something like this but for a travel agent/tour operator? It would be very easy to do!


We plan to develop few new features into this theme if sales will be good. Please send us PM with your requirements and we’ll discuss it internaly. Thanks.

Certainly looks promising! I have no doubt that I’ll pick this one up in the very near future.

Well done!

Thanks ;)

Same here… great theme – I have a client who might need a makeover for their hotel website. Bookmarked!

EDIT : Is there a way to have a multi-language site with your theme? Or is there a plugin for WP that might help me? Client need En / Fr website…

Thanks. Theme is 100% WPML ready and will be certified by WPML soon. You can test it direcly on our demo site, just click on language icons to switch to different language.

Switching to a different language works fine, browsing the site in the choose language is something else…

Exemple; I am on the contact page, I click the flag icon and switch to the other flag. The page reloads with the chosen language, but the menu is still in english and if I click on any link, the page that will load will be in english… is this how it is suppose to behave?

Because, when I choose to navigate a website in language x, Ihate to have to switch each time I change page.

Aaaa, thanks for spotting that. We forgot to turn on german navigation after we installed the site on the live server. It’s fixed now. Theme is 100% WPML ready, it’s also certified by WPML team: http://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/

Isn’t CSS cached or something in your browser, we made a fix for it in v1.1. Thanks.

Well, it works but not 100% as it should I guess. Or at least it looks awkward… Now when you press on the X to open it, if you leave your mouse cursor at the same spot or inside the box you opened, the X stays under header as you can see in my screenshot.


Also, the top black bar looks weird to me, but that’s just me. I think it’d look better if the orange would just finish on top, but who am I to tell you what you should think looks better or not. But I appreciate the fact that you keep working bugs out.

We made few more fixes, have a look at preview now. Update is submitted to themeforest, should be available for download soon.

Really nice Template! Love the Slider and Book Now Menu! :) You also develop this for normal HTML User?

Thanks, theme will be Wordpress only.

awesome work, dude(s).

Good luck with sales.

Thank you!

Can i also use this without WP?

Unfortunately no, it’s WP theme, Wordpress is required.

Hello and congratulations to this work! i have a presales question. Possible to have the slider only at the “Home/Start” page, not at the subpages or posts.

Thanks and good luck! rrwp87

Thanks. Yes that’s possible. On every page you have the following options:

- Hight slider

- Small slider

- No slider :)

This a fantastic work with you! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you! :)

I love it too and and will certainly be buying it! I am sure you will do well and I love designers who come up with something fresh :-)

Cheers Big Bambi

Thanks a lot, it’s a first hotel oriented wordpress theme here. We’re glad you like it.

very good work and surly needed here! Great idea, helps a lot of ppl.

Thanks! ;)

Great theme! Bookmarked.

Pls allow some presale questions 1. Does the calender show availability like if room is already booked a new customer can’t finish his request? 2. How deep goes the translation possibility – I’m having in mind a small guesthouse in a rural area with elderly and family customers. For those I would like to translate the months in the calender as well. Possible? 3. Slider can go on any page? – I prefer a slider to the gallery per room.


1. Sorry theme includes only simple enquiry form, it’s connected to room types you added in admin. Complexity of Hotel booking engine is way beyond the wordpress theme, and to be honest it would not come for $35 ;)

2. Theme is 100% WPML ready, everything is translatable

3. Yes


Fantastic theme, and very unique. Bookmarked to keep an eye on this for advanced functions as below..

Does this have a custom email that will send the booking info to the customer. Does it have a reminder email of the bookings made to the customer for follow up close to the date of booking?

A good booking system will have all these same like the theme here for table bookings for restaurants http://themeforest.net/item/feast-facebook-fanpage-wordpress-theme/461906.

Having the booking app is really popular with my clients now for table bookings. Will be great to see this magnificent theme use the same type of advanced functions.

Do this and I will be using this for all my future B&B and Motel sites.

Would be great to see the next theme you do for adventure tours with the same type of functions. ;)



Thanks for your message. Regarding booking form, theme includes only simple enquiry form, it’s connected to room types you added in admin. Complexity of Hotel booking engine is way beyond the wordpress theme.

How can i update the theme 1.0 to 1.1? thnaks

Hi, You can use FTP to overwrite all files or upload new zip file into wordpress. Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at: http://support.ait-themes.com Thanks