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Hi Jonathan and thank you for this theme.

Is it possible to have the author name showing next to the date? I ll be really greatfull if you could tell me how.


Hi and thanks for the purchase. Yes absolutely you can have this. If you want this on the blog index page you would need to edit all of the content- files (content-video.php, content-audio.php etc etc) and then you would also have to update single.php, you only need to use this tag <?php the_author (); ?> place that code where ever you want the author name to appear. You will probably want to wrap this in a div so you can style it as well.

Great !! Merci

:) No problem!

don’t bother the previous comment I found it! Tx

No worries – glad it’s all sorted.


Can some one please send me the short code for the ‘tabs’ please ?

Thanks!!! n

If you are in the visual editor, click on the orange biputton, click tabs and then you can place your titles and text in the appropriate fields.

Please do you have some tutorial or some steps to customize this theme?

Thanks Tony

Hi – not to customize as that is the buyers choice and really depends what you want to do :)

Customizing is the same as other themes, you alter the style.css or edit the php templates depending on what you wish to accomplish.

We provide a custom css box in the theme options for custom CSS if you don’t wish to commit to the style sheet or the correct way would be to create yourself a child theme – details of loops, PHP and creating a child theme etc are available at the WordPress codex website.


I understand, I just find everything, but please last thing: Where can I find or do slider “code”?

Hi, it’s a plugin, therefore it’s part of the plugin code – may be it’s best to use the support center so you can ask more detailed questions and supply links to your live site so I can better understand – here’s a link:

Many thanks


Hi, great Theme, but there is no Auto-Resize for the Pictures? I Have Big Pictures in my Storys and know it looks like sh… :-)

You mean your thumbnail size wa set as something else before you switched themes? You can get the plugin regenerate thumbnails to help? If you need further assistance, please go to and open a ticket, give us a link to your site and we can try to see what’s going on. :). Thanks for the purchase and the kind comments.

Hello, pre purchase question, is there a way to mix Journal and portfolio items? I am going to buying to use as a design/photography page and would love to be able to mix both of these


When I purchase could you send me simple instructions on how to do this? So that it still looks like the front page stylewise


Sure – if you go to – I’d be happy to post some content examples for you. :)

Awesome, shall be getting it tonight!

Hello Jonathan! I am wondering when it comes to updates. The July update says to replace ALL files. Does this mean I then have to re-customize my entire web site? I want this site to last a good, long while so I want to stay on top of updates but just don’t have the time to reconfigure the whole site once again.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi – yes indeed replace all files does mean exactly that – you should really be using a child theme for customizations for best practice as per the WordPress codex site for development. If however do you mean your content and admin settings, then they will be automatically in place anyway as all you are doing is replacing the actual theme files, not touching your content etc.

Hope that helps!


Hi, Just wanted to say that not only are Jonathan’s themes outstanding both from a design and code standpoint, the support he offers is outstanding. My experience has been very good. Highly recommended! Susan

Aw thanks Susan – that really means a lot to us we really do try hard to make sure everyone is happy!


What a wonderful theme! I’ve had less than an hour it is already customized for one of my new sites. I just wanted to congratulate you for your excellent work!

Hi @pixeletcetera thanks so much for the purchase and it’s great to hear about your experience – this is exactly what we aim for with our themes – should never take someone half a day to switch themes and customize – awesome news and thanks for the feedback!


Hello Jonathan,

I’m glad that I’ve purchased your theme. It works fast and looks damn good. I found a little bug in your theme. Every time I stick the browser window (latest Google Chrome) to the left or right site of my screen, the layout crashes in the footer section and the page looks like this:

Would be great if you could fix it. The problem just appears when sticking it to the left or right, not when I resize it manually. Strange!

Also could you please remove the button (and menu) in the upper left corner, the footer and the colored bar on top of the page. The theme looks will look much cleaner (in my opinion). Would be great if you can help me with my few little problems.

Greetings, Pierre

Hi and thanks for the purchase – the removal of things is customization and isn’t covered with support sorry – you have to roll your sleeves up and do that yourself or pay to hire someone but the alterations you want for yourself seem pretty simple and you should be able to make those easily.

The ‘issue’ simply looks like you are between media queries, therefore again there isn’t anything to fix. I’ve tested here and only see that if the window is between media query sizes only which is correct as it’s a responsive theme not a fluid design.

Colors are there to be changed, if you prefer an all white theme then simply customize :) As you said, opinions are personal.


PS – this is where you go for support, that is listed in your documentation, the item preview page, the support tab of the item and my profile page – here’s a link:




Couple questions before i purcahase :

1. Am I able to add a bg image? (and pattern if needed)? 2. Doe this theme play nice with Wooommerce?

Thank you. I love your unique style.

Thanks Sir – much appreciated.

It’s actually a partnership between myself and my wife – I design, she codes. We are also the ones that support the products, we find it works better so we can take the feedback, see the issues and implement fixes as quickly as possible when needed or add in new things suggested.

Again thanks so much I really appreciate the comment!


That is SO cool! I noticed that about you and you’re wife a while ago while looking over your site/bio. Wasn’t sure, but you confirmed it.

My wife is lost when I try to share this stuff with her. :-) Must be kinda nice to have your best friend relate to your passion.

I gotta say, . . . I’m blown away with just our few interactions. I have worked with a dozen different support staff with different theme developers and you my friend are a breath of fresh air. You remind me of Brian Gardner — a genuine (and talented) guy.

Keep it up. I WILL be back to get a theme or two shortly and help spread the word!

:) Thanks very much man – it means a lot!

Hi Jonathan,

In the online documentation for Gutenberg, there is mention about a right sidebar page template (Default template). I couldn’t find such a Page in the demo, so I was wondering whether there is such a template in Gutenberg (I’m hoping there is one!) or whether this was an error in the documentation.

Thank you!

Hi – yes, you are correct, it’s a mistake in the documentation, but we do have it down for a future update :)

Amazing theme. Does it integrate nicely with wooCommerce?


We don’t have any styling included for WooCommerce plugin but it should work without issue as we code to WP standards, it will just look as it comes from the Woo guys.

We didn’t feel that this particular theme, which is really geared towards the blogger, would warrant WooCommerce styling as a feature sorry!



thank you for your wonderful theme. But I found no solution for this problem:

There is no automatic wordwrap for long texts in pages and posts (at least I found none). If I write a longer text then the normal wide without a paragraph – it’s going a very long way until it breaks into the next line. But I want it to break after the standart wide.

Please help me!


Hi – and thanks for the kind comments. Please can you follow the link in your documentation to the support center and open up a ticket with a link to your site showing the example.

I am having difficulty displaying an embedded video on the blog main page. The video is appearing in the individual post and I have selected “video” for the post format, but when I go to the blog main page, there is a blank screen where the video should be. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi – help is only offered via the support center by opening a ticket as detailed on the item page, the documentation help file, the support tab of the product and finally on my profile page.

If you would like to open a ticket and offer a link to your site and some details etc – you may have a plugin that is causing issues at a guess.


Very clean, minimal and elegant. Excellent coding like all of your themes. Good documentation and great, quick support when needed. Continued success Jonathan and Barbie.

Ah you sure know how to treat an author :) We are thankful having you as a regular buyer Bob – much appreciate your kind comments – here’s to continued success for us all!

Jonathan and Barb

Pre-sale Q: Would it be easy for me to raise that logo image a bit, and add a title headline for my blog just underneath it? Basically, I want to add my own logo image, and then title the blog with a custom header font (all of this above the navigation UI buttons). Can this be done relatively easily?

Sure the logo placement would be a simple CSS tweak, the title could be added to the header I’m thinking. Even though it’s really customization we could certainly guide you thru this no problem via support if you decide to buy :)

Hi Jonathan.

Google told me that my website is not mobile friendly.

Will you make an update for that? Thanks

Greetings – as I don’t know your site URL I can’t see why you received a message stating so as you sparked my curiosity and I tested the theme just now, as it should be 100% mobile ready, and my test of the theme in the demo is 100% perfectly fine in Google.

I would check it’s messages on the test to see what possible alterations you may of made to cause your particular site not to pass – maybe a plugin, but not entirely sure.

To confirm the theme is 100% mobile friendly according to the google test.


Thank you. It’s ok now. It was just a problem with my robot.txt

Wonderful! :)


I would like to ask if there is a way how I could disable “responsive” feature for this theme?

I would like to see the exact same look on tablet and so.

Thanks a lot!

Greetings, I would not recommend doing this, however you would need to either remove all media queries from the style sheet, via a child theme, or remove the meta viewport from the header file, again this should be done via a child theme. I hope this helps!