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As wise as Treebeard :)
Pure Elegancy, congrats ! Wish you the best with sales.

:) thanks man! appreciate the kind comments!

Love the style. Jonathan I’m a big fan of yours!

well thank you very much :)

Great theme


Superb, high quality theme, the attention to detail shines through. So many aspects to admire, all the best with sales ;)

thanks very much for the kind comments! :)

I love. Clean and elegance, good luck with your sales.

thanks kevin!

Fabulous work! Congratulations!

thanks – appreciate the kind comments! :)

Great work again! Congrats mate :)

thanks man!

Gorgeous work, as usual! Your design sense really makes you stand out, Jonathan.

thanks – really appreciate man! means a lot to us!

Good looking theme! Wish you many sales ;)

thanks man! appreciate it!

Stunnnning, you’ve truly outdone yourself!

thanks mike! really appreciate the kind comments brother!

Fabulous work!

thanks man – appreciate the kind comments! :)

Beautiful :)

Thanks @vtimbuc – appreciate your comment :)

very nice theme. can the orange sidebar always be out instead of having to manually click on it to expand? thanks

Hi, sure you could do that by altering a little code.

Wow, did not expect that shadow in the bottom!

Surprises everywhere right ;)

Great work on the footer. Love the effect. Good luck with Sales – this one should sell well!


Thanks bud – yeah I’m really pleased with this theme – so happy a lot of other people are too!


Real nice theme! Sorry to be fussy, but on the article comment form the word ‘comment’ is not inline with the other headings (name, email, website) – would this be possible to fix?

Not fussy at all, it just disappoints me that the time I spent fine tuning this and I didn’t even notice – will absolutely be fixed – will be in the queue a little later – thanks for reporting the small alignment issue though!

best. footer. ever.

best. comment. ever.

agreed. the footer is definitely special!!! only for geeks though would it be so cool… but it’s cool!!

the only thing i’m a little ‘meh’ about is the unnecessary & distracting orange border at the top right.. can that be removed?

overall i do think that this is a really cool, unique theme. i hope you do well with sales!

Hi, you can change all the orange elements to any other color via the theme options (as described on the description page) if you don’t want the bar to show, then simply display: none in the css style sheet or provided custom css box in the them options panel, or edit it out of the header :)

Thanks for the comment!


First of all, great work with the footer. Pretty neat idea.

I was wondering if will it be possible to have a sortable portfolio page? Thanks.

Thanks for the kind comments! ;). You can add in the code u would need for a sortable portfolio but that would be a customization. Please contact me via for the form on my profile page if you would like a quote for that.


Hi Jonathan.

For now I am making do with a couple of breaks, but I was wondering what the easiest way to resize the gap down the bottom of the page, with the hidden info on orange, if the amount of content down there is lesser than that in your example page?

Is this easily reduced?

Cheers, Matt

Yes just a simple CSS tweak – please use the contact form on my profile page for support as outlined in your documentation – thanks.