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love it, one question before purchasing.. is there a “block”ish portfolio view? in your demo i love how it looks but it’s great if you have only a few portfolio items.. i have around 15-20.. let me know!

Hi and thanks for the comment – as it’s a journal based portfolio in this design as they are basically posts – you can have as many as you wish in the theme, as many categories also, we provide pagination on each page (and inside the post page also), the display count is based off your usual post count setting in WordPress (5 per page, 55 per page your choice) the content shown is based on the more tag so it could be title, image then title image etc or more detailed – kind of your choice.

I basically designed this theme to be just like it is for portfolio items, I wanted people to actually read more :) hence the ability to showcase a nice large image, strong title and teaser content to make them click thru.

Many thanks!


Great looking theme, I have to say!

I’m this close to buying it. Just one quick question: what about fonts?

Google selection? Is there actually an option to change fonts?


No we don’t provide a section within the theme to change fonts, but you could use a plugin. And yes, the fonts used are called from google in the header.php file.


I had a black border on my Google map on my contact page. I needed to add custom CSS for: { border: none; }

That doesn’t seem correct – especially as your demo site has no border…

Hi – the styling for the map is via the plugin settings page – at the very bottom of the WP menu in admin is MapPress – click this and set border color / thickness etc or choose none for no border under the Map Controls section.

I hope that helps and thanks for the purchase – please don’t forget to rate the item – thanks!


Ah, I missed that, thanks.

No problem! :)

Hello again,

On your demo site the images/media you add to your blog are ABOVE the title and text of the blog entry.

The title, date and horizontal line is always above my image/media and I cannot seem to find out how to swap them round.


It’s automatic if a featured image is set – please use the method outlined in your help file for support which is offered through the contact form on my profile page – that way you can send a link to your site, I can request login details if required all in privacy – thanks!

Just a thought, we use the more tag (default WordPress function) to bring in the content for your index page, possibly you are not adding a more tag at your break point you wish to display on the front. Just thought I would add that as it just crossed my mind :)


Thanks, that more tag is the info I needed!

Jonathan, I have almost made everything just the way i like, and am very pleased with this theme, thank you so much.

I do have one question, i like the line on the top, but would like the pop-out sidebar with the orange tab to go away. I’m not overly familar with coding, so if you could lead me to how or where to go and disable that, that would be wonderful! thank you again

Hi – I think I’m understanding you correctly – you don’t want a sidebar at all on your site? If I am correct there, you just need to open header.php and look for this (and delete it):

<!-- Start of slide out div --> <div class="slide-out-div"> <a class="handle" href="http://link-for-non-js-users.html"></a> <?php get_sidebar ('page'); ?> </div><!-- End of slide out div -->

Hope this helps.


that worked perfectly, thank you! :)

A genuine work of art – just a quick pre-purchase question re: site title/logo.

On iPad (retina) is it intended that the site title shrinks to smaller than the menu text? (screenshot – ) – I really like the proportions you have when viewing on PC…

And what font did you use for the site title – it works beautifully with the theme!

Great work!

Hi and thanks for the nice comment – the font used for the logo is that used for the content (Open Sans from google web fonts) for consistency :)

As for the site title, that is your browser – there isn’t a way to style a site title in a browser window I’m afraid. Do you mean site title, or do you mean the logo – if it’s the logo looks like whatever browser you are using didn’t load the retina sized logo correctly – we test in safari on iPad (both retina and iPad1) and Chrome on both devices (not sure what that browser is you are using sorry – don’t recognize the dark gray / black interface).

Many thanks


Sorry, yes I meant the logo !! – it’s basic iPad Safari (Private Mode) on the latest iPad OS 6.1.2 – just found that the logo resizes correctly if you refresh the site… So I’m sold! Wondrous work

ah yeah could of been the server being busy and the latency being a little large – awesome news – thanks so much!

Hi I bought the item. I’m now checking if and how to create a template that not have the footer sliding. (no orange part in the bottom) (or with an alternate footer)

Can you help me out, i cannot seem to find it…

tx ine

Hi and thanks for your purchase. To keep the footer from sliding, that would be the CSS.

We actually disable this when you get to the responsive, so if you open style.css and scroll down to the @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) and cut these 2 classes out of this section

#page_wrapper { margin-bottom:0px; } #bottom_nav_wrap { position:relative; }

and place them above all the media queries so it’s this way for all screen sizes.


oh and how to make the footer higher (cannot find where to edit that part in the css)

The footer height is dynamic, it’s as big as your items that you place in there with some padding in between.

Please remember this is a comment section, if you need support, follow the link in your documentation to the form on my profile page.


Hello Jonathon, just setting up the theme now – I’m applying it to an existing theme with permalinks already set as postname ( postname /) – I need to keep this structure for incoming links – will there be any impact on site functionality?

No – there shouldn’t be any problem. We just suggest our way for better SEO.

Thanks for your purchase and good luck with the site! :)


Purchased the Gutenburg theme this morning, had it up and running in less than a half hour on my site. This is a refined and tasteful design, and one of the best I’ve seen for WordPress. Thanks for a great effort!

:) Thanks for the very kind comments! Good luck with the site!

Like Abqstyle, had this theme up and running fast on my site. Brilliant. Just wanted to share the css code users need to add to custom css to get any hyperlinks text to show in the sidebar (by default they’re invisible as they’re the same colour as the sidebar)

.slide-out-div a, .slide-out-div a:hover, .slide-out-div a:active { color:#fff; text-decoration: underline; }

The only other thing I’m struggling with is using the visual editor to stylise (e.g. make bold) text in lists – for some reason the css strips this out… (e.g. the capitalised titles are bold, but showing as normal)

Thanks, but that’s not it – it’s the theme’s style sheet – since everything is perfectly formatted in the feed (click feed to see) – and even if you do as suggested, when the strong code is added manually – it doesn’t show – the theme’s css seems to override this…

Hi – I’ve looked at your link, all fonts have different weight values. There is a font-weight set in the CSS on ol li – font-weight of 400. And you have

<strong />

wrapped around what you want to be bold. “Strong” is used in the reset and doesn’t render anything. You can add a class of .strong to the CSS and say font-weight is 700.


Gotcha – great, thank’s will do – great support!

Hi Jonathan! This is amazing work – so beautiful! Incredible clean design! I am very interested in purchasing it. I just have a few questions: 1: On my macbook retina pro, in google chrome the scroll is VERY sluggish. I found one of your clients using this theme:, and that page scrolls sooo slow in google chrome for me. In firefox/safari its fine – any idea why this is? 2: Does this integrate with the various retina plugins for wordpress? E.g automaticaly sending an image @2x image if the user display is hdpi? 3: Your image slider on your demo front page – does it support various sized images? E.g can I mix landscape orientation, portrait orientation, panormas in the same slider? I see that all your images in your demo is sized at 980×551pixels 4: The various fading/animation effects – is it possible to change the animation speed in the control panel, or would I need to play with the styling afterwards?

P.S Did I mention I REALLY like this layout? :)

Hi and thanks for the questions and kind words, here’s some answers for you:

1 – Not sure why you are having issues scrolling only in chrome, works fine here and we use nothing but macs – we use chrome extensively and don’t see the issue – maybe make sure you are up to date?

2 – no need for a plugin we already have the retina.js built in serving @x2 images as per the live preview and the item page description.

3 – yup height is set as auto – whatever you put in it – for aesthetic purposes I have mine all the same.

4 – all the transitions are of course in the style.css – alter to your hearts content :)

Many thanks again!


Using Version 25.0.1364.99, latest version. Your mac is that retina + mountain lion too? Found this bug report maybe its a chrome+retina issue in general:

My setup is latest mac osx and latest chrome, macbook air, imac 27” (latest) imac 27” previous version, imac 21” (several years old) ipad1 and iPad 3 Retina even chrome on iPhone4 and iPhone 5 no issues.

Looks like it’s maybe that reported issue they are working on by the sounds of it which is specific to retina macbook pros – I’m sure they will get a fix here soon.

Hi I purchased your theme and LOVE it. As of this morning, it stopped working correctly. None of the pages are displayed correctly.

Question: Have you seen this before and is there a quick fix?

heres the url –

SORRY. The issue was on my end, NOT with the theme. It looks like everything is fine now.

No problem!

Creativ social icon won’t show up… please advise


Hi and thanks for the purchase, please contact me via the contact form on my profile page for support as outlined in your help documentation – please provide a link to your live site, and also steps you have taken to setup the social icon plugin supplied (i.e. you have actually placed your social icon links in the plugin setup) – you can also pass along your WP-admin login details so I can take a look and attempt to assist.

Thank you!



I have one question: Where can I change the space between the Logo, Menu and the box?

best Hoai

Hi and thanks for your purchase. There is padding on this div so you would want to go into style.css and find the class (or you can place in the custom css). The current styling for this div is #top_logo { display: block; padding: 70px 0; width: 100%; }

You see the padding is 70px 0. This is 70px top, 70px bottom and 0px on the left and right.



i am really new to this whole process, and this question might be really stupid, but i have had 0 luck with setting up the footer. Where in the help file or in the walk through does it say how to do that, or can you help please?

Hi and thanks for the purchase – the footer is a registered widget area (go to WP admin and your widgets area and there is one called Footer One) – we mention the widgets on page 29 of the help doc pdf file and also reference the widgets.pdf file where we show our setup for that particular widget (and the others).

Many thanks!


Hi, Love the theme, its super creative and your documentation and short codes are really helpful. Also Appreciate your quick reply to my email when i was struggling setting up the theme on my website.

Thanks for the support and the theme, KP

Awesome! Happy to hear you are all setup and thanks for posting about your experience, greatly appreciated!

If you didn’t already, please don’t forget to rate the item on your downloads page.

Thanks again



Wonderful theme! I have a pre-purchase question: I love the footer (as many before have mentioned is awesome)! However, the footer is disabled when viewed on iPad. Is it possible to have the footer visible when viewed on iPad?

Thanx in advance and good luck with future sales! /Mona

Hi and thank you for your kind comments. I’m not sure what you mean about the footer being visible when viewed on the ipad? Do you mean make it solid rather than a peak-a-boo footer? We make the footer static when you get to the iphone size, which of course can be done on the ipad size, it’s just a matter of cutting the styling out of 1 media query and moving it up to start at an earlier media query.


Very nice theme! Two questions before I buy: I noticed on my iPhone that on the Journal page – page 2 – the link that is being displayed under the “Amazing portfolio” post is not responsive, it doesn’t shrink with the rest. Can that be fixed? Also, is it possible if you tap on a displayed phone number on a cell phone to call the number right away?

Thank you so much!

Hi – for the content-link.php (which is the link post-format) we extract the first link placed in the content. Then we echo that link out exactly. There is some styling you can apply in the media queries to correct this, but it makes the link really small (making it 10px font-size and removing the letter-spacing). I have just been looking at this this morning (actually) and found what I need to do to correct this so the link URL and the link TEXT is echoed correctly. :) If you look at the live preview, you can see this correction. I have to place this update in the queue to be approved by the Themeforest review team.


Thank you for your fast replay! Can you also post more than one picture in one journal post? I like the slider but sometimes I like to show 2 or 3 pictures. Is there a fixed size for posting pictures? Or what dimension are recommended?

yup you can have as many as you want on the post page – any order, any shape (obviously there is a max width but you can use portrait or landscape format images – many thanks