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Hi Jonathan! I purchased your theme and I am busy building my site – really enjoying it! However, it seems somehow that tags are not displayed for my posts – am I doing something wrong?

Hi – we don’t display tags on the posts (see live preview) only categories. If you wish to place them in there simply alter the loop to include tags – it’s actually designed this way – if you need help with that please use the contact form on my profile page for support as outlined in your help PDF file – many thanks!


Cool theme!

I’m having trouble replicating the first post “A PHOTOGRAPHERS DELIGHT.”

When I add sliders to a post, they show up under the date field. How do I get to the sliders to be at that top of the post, like in A PHOTOGRAPHERS DELIGHT?


Hi and thanks for the purchase!

Did you choose the correct post format? That is, a Gallery Format post (as shown in your help file) with images just attached to the post – what that means is just click add media on the post and then drag / drop your images and then close the box and post) – the most important thing is choosing the post format on the right of the edit screen and selecting gallery (each one does something different, again as per the help doc).

Please note that support is provided through the contact form on my profile page as per the help PDF file, if you need further assistance.

Thanks so much and don’t forget to rate the item if you get a spare moment!


Hi Jonathan, I fixed my problem by reading the other comments. Thanks.

Ah just replied :)

Hi Jonathan, I have a quick question for you. I purchased gutenburg and I am trying to figure out how I can make a full screen featured image background for portfolio. I was playing with style css with no luck.

z-index: -999;
 min-height: 100%;
 min-width: 1024px;
 width: 100%;
 height: auto;
 position: fixed;
 top: 0;
 left: 0;

Hi – unfortunately customizations are not part of support – however if I follow you correctly you would want to use a full screen background image that stretches but only on the portfolio page? If so you would edit the correct php template and check the name of the page wrapper then to that class you would offer a background image url to your image and then height and width 100% and then use cover for the background so it stretches etc.

Here is a link to a full screen background image tut:

Alternatively there may well be a plugin that can help you do this.

Also, please note support is offered through my profile page contact form rather than the comments here – if you have further questions please submit using the form – thank you!


How do i set the text at the bottom, where the demo says “Interested in working with us?” As of now it is blank. Couldnt find it in the documentation, thanks.

Hi – as per your help PDF file it’s a widget area – we also provide this info in the included widgets.pdf file – if you need support please use the contact form on my profile page as per the instructions.

Thank you.


this solved it, thanks for the quick reply

No problem! Don’t forget to rate the item from your downloads page if you get a spare moment.

Many thanks


thanks for the kind comments! :)

Hi Jonathan!

There seems to be a bug for the MacBookPro with Retina display. Please test it. The logo disappears and the footer looks different.

Love the design and I’d like to buy!

Hi and thanks for your interest. I don’t have a MacBook retina but I have tested on retina display with no issues. Try removing the buy bar at the top – sounds like its not loading the retina js for you.


I tested it yesterday on 2 retina’s, 2 locations. I also removed the buy bar with same effect. I know it worked just fine before the last update.

I tested it with 15-inch ones.

I just purchased your Gutenberg theme and the social media icons do not appear (though if I click in the general area it does link properly). I tried visiting your plug-in site and it comes back with the 404 Not Found error.. is that why the icons do not appear? The [creativsocial] sort code is in place. Please advise – thank you!

Secondly, I would also like the left hand bar to be out by default.. could you please tell me what the CSS would be for that? Thanks again!

Hi – support (as detailed in your help doc) is via the contact form on my profile page – sounds like you are running on godaddy who do not have support for SVG set on your server – which it should be – therefore I can give you the code to drop in your htaccess file once you contact me please.

The 404 error is because I haven’t setup the page yet.

The icons are served from your server inside the plugin – calling from my server for every user would be suicide :)

Many thanks


I’m having problems with the footer. I’ve copied the widget text provided in the documents (amending the image links ofc) but it leaves me with a large white gap.

I don’t get a seamless background of colour as in the demo.

Would you please just go over the footer instructions and mention how it needs to be added.


Hi sound like you just need to adjust #page_wrapper in style.css. It has a margin bottom of 500px. You can use firebug in the Firefox browser to adjust and then make that change in style.css.

If you need further assistance/advice please use the contact form on my profile page with a link to your site.


Hi Jonathan,

your demo does indeed show the Logo and other pictures for a second and then they disappear on the 15” retina display. Maybe you’ll have to define @2x images for that. Is it possible to add retina pics to your site or can you fix this somehow? The theme seems like a must-have to me :)

FYI the images re-appear when you scale down the size of the browser window. Strange!

Hi – we already define 2x images, we even contacted the retina.js author who doesn’t know why macbook retinas have that issue. You could just use @2x images and then the retina.js wouldn’t need to load. That would be my only suggestion as it’s a single device only and at this point no actual bug can be found I’m afraid.

Hey – Looking to buy this theme and wondering if the bright orange colour theme can be changed or removed? (Particularly the small thin line at the top). Thanks!

Can it be removed as well?

sure – just edit the css and display: none;

Where can I go to change the color of the orange slider tab on the top left for the sidebar?

I changed the accent color in “Theme Options” – but it didn’t change that little square tab with the three lines.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – as it’s just an image you can simply change the contact_tab.gif in the img folder of the theme to whatever you would like there – obviously the PSD files have this inside of them in case you want to use that as a starting point or reference.

Many thanks and if you require further support please use the contact form on my profile page as per the support section of the help PDF file.



Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for making this work of art. This golden ratio thing really works, and your simple but beautiful design is really distinctive between many other obviously over-designed WP themes. Cool.

Question: on your demo homepage, the background of the main text is light grey. How can I let that happen too, or have a background in a different color? (right now everything on the home page of my client is light yellow:

Thank you for answering!

Cheers, Ayla

Hi Ayla, we use a forum for our support questions now, please visit here: You will need to enter your purchase code, but after that we can assist you better on the forum with screen shots etc etc.


Will there be an update coming out soon, to support retina displays?

With my site – when you visit it on a Retina Display – the logo image disappears.

Hey Chris – this is actually an issue with only the Retina devices and css transitions – if I remove those transitions from the theme then everyone will suffer – that doesn’t seem fair :)

Therefore if you would like to use the support forum I can tell you what you should remove from the css and things should be good on your site – basically for some weird reason the the retina devices (not all and not all the time) have issues when we transition in the logo in a css fade while trying to run the retina.js I believe.

I will not be updating the file as Retina just doesn’t account for a large enough percentage of buyers and users at this point – maybe in the future they will fix this, or I will update.


I signed up at that support forum, but I don’t see any option to create a ticket about the Gutenberg theme.

Could you please just post what I need to remove… here so that everyone can see it that are having a similar problem?

We only handle support questions via the support forum so we can pass screen shots etc. Once you sign up and log in you are given a screen that prompts you to open a ticket, but you need to verify your purchase first. Here’s a link to that


How can I change all the fonts to serif instead of sans-serif?

Hi and thanks for the purchase – you would edit the style.css as normal, and change all the font families – it’s actually a google font not just a sans-serif font – many tuts on the web can assist you with coding css and how font families and font stacks work if you’re not experienced.

Many thanks


Is there no quick way to add something to css to overwrite everything?

You can use the custom css box in the admin panel.

Although swapping out a font family in the style.css should take your computer about 2 seconds – find > replace.


I love the look of this theme, but I am not big on the intro animation, is there a way to turn off that fade-in?

It is really the only thing keeping me for purchasing right now.

Yes, this is done with CSS transitions and they are located in style.css – you could just remove this from the css.


How can we disable the Blog part of the Alternate Homepage template but keep the Projects part?

You would need to edit the alt home page PHP template and remove the section you no longer wish to display – we comment the code well so you should find it quite easily.

Hope that helps!


Hey! I love the theme. Before I buy, though, I have a question. I really like the grey-ish background under posts. Is there a way to set a custom color background for pages?

Does the page color cover the logo/nav section too? I want that to remain white, but normal page contents to be set on a different color.


That can be colored however you want also – it is it’s own div section so however you wish it to look really.

Ah, nice. Thanks. I’ll be buying today most likely.

I’m really enjoying the theme thus far and it’s nearly complete. One question: can you please point me to where I can delete the “our latest work” and “our latest articles” sections from the alternative homepage? I don’t want that information to get gathered and appear at all; I just want the page to end after the three columns of text.

Hi and thanks for the purchase and kind comment :)

You will need to open the alternative home page PHP template and remove the loops from the template – we comment the code very well so finding the sections to remove should be a simple process.


Hi Jonathan I love the look of your theme. The only thing that is making me hesitant about purchasing is the layout of the Portfolio page. At the moment it’s in a blog-like layout, where I would prefer to have thumbnails. I’m just wondering if it’s anything that you’re considering on an update, or if it would be an easy work around (I’m thinking not!). Great work though – I hope I can make it work for me. THank you Vicky

Thanks for the kind comments but that was our I te toon by design so we have no plans to change the layout of the portfolio page. :)