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How can I disable the sliding footer and remove it completely?

Hi – I would need a live link to the site to help you out there. Can you please use the support forum


I tried, but you don’t have this theme on the list of themes for support, at your support forum.

The live link is

Gutenberg is actually listed there, we just double checked it. All support is handled through this now. So if you have any other questions after this, you will need to use that support forum.

Ok, you need to make a couple more changes to style.css or place this in the custom css from theme options panel. First, #bottom_nav_wrap {display:none;} #page_wrapper – remove the box-shadow calls in the css .accentbottom {display:none;}

Making these changes will remove the footer COMPLETELY, but if that’s exactly what you want to achieve, you should be good then.



Is it possible to install WPML Plugin and manage languages??


We code to WordPress standards so you shouldn’t have an issue – other buyers have done this with our other themes.

I just cannot guarantee as it’s not been tested.


Hi, the slider is positioned too low on mobile and ipad. How van i fx this?


Hi and thanks for the purchase – if you wish to alter what we have provided for mobile then all css settings for media queries are in your style.css towards the bottom – well commented.

To assist you I would recommend using firebug in firefox to decide what it is you wish to customize (just note that using a full browser and dragging it narrow isn’t the same as looking on a mobile device itself), personal customizations however are for the buyer to complete rather than support which is limited to theme installation and it’s functions.

I hope that helps.


Thanks for the great support jonathan in our further email conversations. All works grat now!

Hi there,

Downloaded this today. Is there a readme file or FAQ somewhere? Struggling to get anywhere with it.

Sure that’s more about my lack of knowledge than your theme, but can’t seem to find a guide of any sort.


Ah thanks Jonathan. I did wonder if that might be it. I can’t seem to get back to the download page though. If I click on the link to the page it immediately starts downloading the Wordpress friendly package…

Hi, top right of this page (or any) is your username, click the username, a drop down appears, click downloads :)

Perfect. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

Hi – Great Theme! I love the clarity and that it’s nice and easy on the eye. Just one pre-purchase question:

Does the theme come with the option to have the very top/header in the same style as you have on with the slightly deeper horizontal bar that has the social icons and the sign-up/log-in links?

Many thanks

Hi @sizzles and thanks for the question. That top bar on was a plugin from code canyon, I did some styling and added a few things but it’s a great plugin and I can confirm it’s amazing value – here’s a link in case you decide to purchase the theme and grab that at the same time:

Hope that helps!


Great thanks!

Hi again Jonathan,

Trying to open a support ticket but can’t find the purchase code required. The License Certificate link does not appear on my downloads page as shown in your screen shot.

Is it the order no. listed on the invoice?

Hi, go to your downloads page – click download button – choose license – open license copy license cert and place in space provided at the support center.

Apologies. Got it. Thanks Jonathan.

Hey Jonathan. I am this close to pulling the trigger on purchasing Gutenberg WP template. Stoked with a design based on the Golden Ratio…good stuff! My question is why does the logo at the top of the page disappear in Chrome? Safari, Firefox and my Android phone all place it perfect. I am using the most up to date Chrome on a Mac.


Hi! Are you by chance using a retina mac book pro? If so that’s the issue as there is a browser bug (it’s recorded) on running retina JS with transitions on the page – it’s easy to remove if a large portion of your visitors are using macbook pro retina and if you decide to purchase I can help you remove the fade in / css3 transitions no problem.

Thanks for the question and feel free to post anymore.


I am indeed on a retina mac book pro. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Your customer service and helpful responses are second to none!

No problem at all :)

Hello – I’m enjoying setting the theme up, lovely to use. Is it possible to select whether or not to allow comments on pages and posts? At the moment I can’t seem to find a way to do this or to totally disable comments – I’ve tried all the usual settings in WP but no luck yet.

Many thanks

Hi – yes choose to turn off / on comments as normal at the bottom of the edit screen when creating a post.

Hi again – please ignore my question above!

One question before I buy this amazing theme: the “Read More” button below every post seems automatic, can I remove that and put it in any paragraph I want? (in a easy way)

This theme supports the ‘more’ tag, so where ever you place the more tag is where the read more will appear.

Now the actual text ‘read more’ is in every content-**.php template so if you wanted to change the actual text, you would need to edit : content-audio.php, content-gallery.php, content-video.php and content.php.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jonathan! I purchased this layout a while back and I really love it. But the transitions combined with retina.js gives a lot of issues with slow response time so I wanted to disable these. I have commented out all these lines in styles.css (all the 80+ occurrences): transition:all .2s linear; -o-transition:all .2s linear; -moz-transition:all .2s linear; -webkit-transition:all .2s linear;

But it doesn’t seem to be removing the transitions – is there some javascript i need to tweak? Cheers, Michael

No, the style.css is the only place that uses the transitions. Can you open a ticket at and provide a link?


Hello This theme is really nice. I like it a lot because it’s so simple and very elegant. The attention to detail shines. It’s the first time I discover a theme and plan to use it as it is. Nothing that I would change.

:) Thanks very much for the kind comments! It means a lot to us!

Love, Love, Love this theme. Thanks so much for the support during setup as well. A total WP newbie like me was able to customize without too much hassle. Getting lots of complements from associates, colleagues and clients. Thanks to the whole creativ team!

That’s awesome news and thank you for letting others know of your experience with us – we appreciate you as a buyer also :)


Real quick question…which document contains the head code? I need to add <link href=”profile_url” rel=”publisher”/> Thanks!

header.php :)

Hi there, I’m curious to know if there’s a way to see actual sites that use this theme? It’d be great to see it customized various ways! Thanks!

Hi – unfortunately not – buyer information is confidential and not supplied to authors and many buyers use our themes for their clients and prefer to keep that confidential also.


I understand. I just thought you may know of or come across a few sites that have used it. Thank you for replying.


Very nice theme. I’m curious if I can change the Logo so that it can use a larger size on a static home page and use a smaller size on all other pages?

Thank you,


Hi – no you could not do that with WordPress as it uses a header for each page and therefore it’s the same header / logo on every page.

Many thanks


I want to update my version of this theme (I’m on 1.0) – what’s the best method so that all my Theme Options stay the same?

Your settings are saved in a table on your database and will not change, so your safe :)

Thanks. Also, can I adjust the amount of Portfolio items on a page (before pagination occurs)?

Hi – this is a setting in WordPress ? Settings > Reading number of blog posts – just set that for portfolio and blog post count prior to pagination.



Great theme!!! Is there a chance to get a HTML-only version of this template (no WP) ?

We are in the process of reviewing this decision now :)

I will definitely buy it :-)

Hi – how difficult is it to implement Adobe Edge Web Fonts in this theme? And is the footer area widget ready?

Thanks for the quick reply. So the footer does support multiple widgets if I understand correctly?

Anyway, great theme. Purchased.

Yes, the footer has a full sized widget area, you can use shortcodes to break it up into columns or just use the full width. Thanks for the purchase!

Wonderful design. Love at the first sight – although I customized it a lot to meet my needs.

Only one point: with older IOS-hardware (IPad 1 and 2, Iphone 3s) the slider crashes Safari with more than a few images. Changed to another plugin.

Hi and thanks for the purchase, hmmm I have an iPad 1 and no issues – also tested on an iPod 3rd gen with no issues – make sure it’s not another plugin maybe.

Many thanks