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Is there any way I can get the live preview files to work off of as I like the entire layout but am having a hard time reproducing them. Thanks!


Hi @sheepdogfitness,

Please post your question from your purchaser id and kindly be elaborative.



I am not sure where to find my purchaser ID but I can provide the transaction ID that I received from buying the theme. The transaction ID is 0482b9aae05a11e2952c842b2b692e1a. I purchased the this theme for wordpress and I wanted to see if I could get the html files used to create the theme in the live preview as I like the entire set up as it is. I would like to make my own changes off the entire theme you have created which would be easier and quicker than creating a site from a blank page.

Bentatts Purchased

Any news on when the WP version is coming back?

Bentatts I am still waiting for a response as well….......*tumbleweed*

any idea when is WP version coming up?

still waiting for wordpress

Hey, I see I am not the only one who has bought wordpress version of the theme, to find that it doesnt exists on themeforest anymore..

Theme is not finished, lots of bugs..

Twitter uses old API, facebook suddenly stopped working all together.

Calendar doesnt have an ability to set event say two times a week.. :)

I really hope that you will get it back in order.

P.S. would be great to have support for woocommerce


I can’t believe how unprofessional you guys are! you have had 100’s of purchases and you can’t even be bothered to acknowledge your paying customers.

This is a warning to ALL potential purchases from Chimpstudio AVOID AVOID AVOID

I have left several messages on here and a direct email politely requesting when we will see an update of the wordpress version and they won’t message me or any other customer back

If you want a poorly built website with NO customer service OR support then go ahead!



How do I change the “coach-instructor” slug?

thank you!

When will the Wordpress version be available? Or is there another way to buy the Wordpress version of this theme? Contact me please by info@mitchellonline.nl

Hi, great websites!! i’m interested in the Gym Extream html website ($16), i have 2 questions…


1- can i put the facebook plugin on any page or it is only able to be on the contact us page?

2- I see it says in the description box that the layout is fixed, if i use a html editor, would i be able to change the layout? For example, on the main page, below the main picture, there are 3 image boxes, i want to delete those 3 image boxes (don’t need them) and move up the 4 image boxes that are below the 3 image boxes. Also i’m using pagebreeze or expressions web 4 html editors, can these programs do that and if not what program do you recommend? Thanks Mike

I just want to make a comment here in relation to the WP version. I’m still waiting patiently for it for over a month now but I have not experienced the same non responsiveness that some others here have experienced. Support are usually back to me within a day or so in relation to my queries however I do find the delay in the WP update rather tiring. I would also like to add that as of yesterday support have stated that the theme should be available here on TF within 48hrs. If their last estimate is anything to go by I guess I will be waiting a bit longer BUT at least they are responding.

Hi! I have bought your site template. It´s GREAT! But i have a problem. I´m editing it whith dreamweaver but i don´t khow one thing. How can i make work the blog? How can i write an entry as a normal blog? I need your help please. thank you!

I`m gonna translate the theme to brasizilian portuguese and there is just one file with arabic. Is there a .pot?


@luizsobral may be you bought WordPress of this template,but you commenting on HTML Section, you can download different language files from wordpress site.

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I noticed the contact us form does not work?

There is no css or js file to edit to add my own email address for the form to send it.

I also noticed the “Submit” button for the contact form does nothing at all.

Do you have a fix to this?

I have worked on this website and nearly completed and just noticed the contact us is not working!

Website is a waste without a working contact us form.

Pleaseee HELP!!!!


HAI kemsta. As you know its a HTML template, so it has nothing to do with PHP. To have all these functions, you need to add PHP functionality to make it work.

kemsta Purchased

Hello, i have bought several HTML templates and they all contain a working contact form. Will you be adding this anytime soon? very disappointing there is no working contact form. Please help!!!!


We will be considering it in our next update which will be released in a month or so. We value your suggestion and say thank you for passing it to us. However, as mentioned above, HTML template do not include such functionality, we do not mention it in product and never claim having so.

Thanks for the update, in the update you have made php files but there are no html files. In the Theme Forest Files Included Layered PSD, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files .Thanks

Hello, great theme I purchased under BootcampMontreal, my client. 1 – What are the settings and type for the exact slider you use in the demo? What is the best slider image size? What is the exact code used on the homepage? I wish to add the same middle column and unsure how. Thank you and please reply once you are able.


Are you talking about HTML template or theme? There are default settings provided with the HTML template download. The image size for slider is 980×380. What code you are talking about? you can find code in index.html for home page.

Also, I cannot see purchased tag against your name. Please login from the account you used to buy the template and comment from that. I will be able to help you ten.

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Is there any way to show the full slider background image when in mobile/tablet widths? It just keeps the height and crops the width. That’s not a great design IMO. Is there an easy way to change that besides using a different slider?


Yes, it is possible to achieve this functionality.There is change required in responsive css. Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support and provide your ur, login information and ftp details, it will be done.

” We will be considering it in our next update which will be released in a month or so. We value your suggestion and say thank you for passing it to us. However, as mentioned above, HTML template do not include such functionality, we do not mention it in product and never claim having so.”

You have updated in 14 March 2014 What about contact form php?. What about fullwith page?

Thank you in advance.


Sorry, I don´t understand what ticket number you say. Must I open a ticket in your support page?.

Thanks again.


One more thing, can I use the pictures included in the template?.


If you have not already created a ticket, please create a new one at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support

Hello, we want to buy this template but we have one question.

On a smartphone I can´t see the whole calendar on the schedule site? there are only the days monday thuesday and wednesday? were is the problem here?

thank you for your response ….


Can you please tell me which height you are using for your nivo slider?


in the nivo slider we don´t made any changes. we took your template and only replaced your images with our pictures.

you can take a look here: http://kampfkunstschule-mikoyan.de/

Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support and provide your url and login details. Support team will look into the issue and will sort it for you.