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i have just updated the theme and now the homepage slider just spins and nothing loads – i have created new sliders and tried them but it has the same issue.

Please shoot me a ticket with your login information so I can take a look:

Having the exact same issues – site seems to have other function problems as well. Have tried updating WP, plug-ins, even reloading the theme. Home page is a mess.

Please shoot me a support ticket with your login information and I’ll take a look for you:

Hi, how can i show time and date in event calendar widget?

Right now it only displays time, sorry about that. I’ll see what I can do for a future update to include the date as well.

The widget is really meant to display “today’s schedule” which is why it doesn’t display the date at the moment.

Hi, Is there an RTL version to this theme ?

Sorry not yet.

I understand that the Woo Commerce plug-in is not integrated by default. Is there any problem that you’re aware of if I were to add it? My client really likes this theme, but they need a shop.

You would probably need to create some custom page templates to support WooCommerce, but it’s definitely possible!


Presales question here.

How easy is it to add custom fields to each event? I would like to add a field below the description area for example.

Thanks, Keith

You would need to customize the plugin a bit to get new fields in there. So in short, not that easy. ;)

Pre-purchase question: is it possible to change the colors used for the calendar? They don’t match the rest of the color scheme (nor my client’s branding). Thanks in advance!

Yep, when you create your calendar categories you choose your own colors. :)


DutchPC Purchased

I would like to translate the time-stamp in the widgets, but i cant find the file(s) where i can do that. I use the gymboom facebook feed. The time-stamp is in English and i want it in Dutch.

And i was wondering if it is possible to create some kind of users in the events calendar. Each user can add events in 1 specific category. I have 3 categories; football, rugby and tennis. It would be great if a football player can add events just for football, rugby player just for rugby,...... You get the point.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’d like to show the theme to a potential customer, but unfortunately the demo site seems to have stopped working properly. Here’s what I get: I tried on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) as well as on different operating systems (OSX, Windows, Android), it still won’t show up correctly. I’d also like to know if the theme supports Wordpress 4.3.

Sorry about that, should be working now:

The theme needs an update to fully support 4.3, but I should have that out within the next week.


lspiro Purchased

Hi Support,

Does the theme support Wordpress 4.3?

I’m releasing an update this week to support it. Sorry about the delays!


lspiro Purchased

Thanks for the update! Just a question: If I am using the Envato Toolkit to update the theme, how come the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin does not appear on the Install Plugins page? Thanks in advance.

Shoot me a ticket and we’ll figure that out for you. Thanks!

Visual composer download failing. Msg: Downloading install package from http://boxycdn-plugin...... . Download failed.Forbidden

Why is this the case? All other required plugins installed and activated just fine. thanks in advance

Try it one more time, I had to change something on the sever.


I sent you an email regarding installation support, could you please give me a reply?

Regards, Alex

All requests like this are handled via our support desk. Shoot me a ticket with your information and I’ll give you a hand:



When I want to update to your latest version of Gymboom my website is completely ruined. All lay-out is gone and my slider doesn’t load anymore. I put back my backup. Wordpress is updated to 4.3. Visual composer update doesn’t work because I don’t see the plugin in my plugin screen.

Placing a ticket doens’t work because I get an url error. My url doens’t seem to be valid.

Sorry you’re having issues with the update! I’m not aware of anything major like this happening. Can you try submitting a ticket again and just put the URL in the comment field to see if that works.


Hi. Revolution Slider 5.1 is out. Is it possible to have an update of Gymboom ? Thx and regards.

Yep, I’m working on getting the new version uploaded. Try it again in about 15 minutes (shoot me a ticket if you don’t know how to update):

5 Month ago someone asked about showing time AND date in Event-Widget. We would need that as well.

You replied that the widget is meant for displaying todays schedule but that doesn´t work as well because there is no option to limit display to todays dates only so the widget is pretty pointless unless you have the same events EVERY day Thanks