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Awesome work! love the color tone. Good luck with sales :D

wow simply clean template… awesome job again..

New great project from Kriesi! For a long time I watch for your works. Very much impresses!

Awesome like always! Bookmarked…

But… Why do all your themes look the same now? Same header, same fonts, same colors :(


Well basically this is because I leave it up to the user to style the theme within the backend options. But I ll probably come up with something different during the next weeks ;)

3lab Purchased

Hi Kriesi,

Thanks a lot from the happy 1st purchaser. :-) The theme looks well styled, really functional and with much love in details. Thumbs up for your brilliant work!


Thanks dude, glad you like it ;)

Gotta agree with PixusDesign, all your themes look the same now :(


Beautifully styled. Nice work. :)

Can all portfolios be sortable or only the 4 column?

Also, can a video post have video that takes up the entire full width but at same time have an image placeholder on the portfolio page?


Allp portfolios with 2,3 and 4 columns can be sortable.

Adding a fullwidth video and an image is not possible, what you can do is add a fullwidth image and link to a video, it will then open in a lightbox

Clean design with great features! Good luck with it.

Great work as usual Kriesi.

Hi Kriesi, Can the banners (home and interiors) be set to autorotate images? Great template.


Lot of question above but i add mine :

Any chance for a wp3 custom menu support for header ?



the menu is controlled by the wordpress menus option in your backend if its that what you mean. If you want to add another menu its a small customization that can be puled off with some knowledge of css. If you need help with this just ask here: http://www.kriesi.at/support/ ;)

Looks great man :) Is it possible to add a Digg this button or reddit button under the date and retweet this button?


Definitley possible since the box is coded to expand with more content. you just need to add them to some of the template files (index.php, single.php)

I love your themes, but this style look like the ones I allready have…

I will like to see, some new ones…

But still nice…

Wie immer sehr schönes Design ;)

Thanks everyone for congratulations and suggestions! :)

Will agree with the others…very nice theme…but a lot like your others. Was expecting a bit more from the great Kriesi ;)

Brilliant. You are very inspiring!

Great look. Kind of addicted to the unlimited customizations :P

Keep it up.
Bookmarked ;) Chris

Bug: You might be aware of this, but when the menu is supposed to drop down over a video; the menu drops down beneath the video.

If you don’t understand what I mean: show the 4 column portfolio. Now drop down the menu. You will not be able to see the Portfolio drop-down, since the small youtube video is on top.

Other than that it looks great as always. A couple of very nice touches.


hm, works fine for me. Which browser and OS are you using?